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Chapter 162

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Chapter 162 The Destroyer

“Zilard… no, you once served this castle, as a magic engineer, Lambda. The purpose of that man.” (Sirius)

A genius magician engineer of Sandor in the past… he was that man. Even though he was a commoner, he learned magic formation and magic tool on his own, and it seemed he spontaneously made magic tools. Lambda’s abilities were recognized and he was brought to the castle later. He contributed a great deal to Sandor’s development by creating efficient magic tools. He was said to have become the chief executive of magic tool department at the young age of twenty.

However… that successful career didn’t last long. It was found out that Lambda was using the properties of the castle as research expenses without permission and pursued human experiment by kidnapping innocent people. Enormous wealth had been used, and thanks to the support of the surrounding people who were jealous of his abilities, he was sentenced to death and disappeared from the history.

When I plainly said him that he was that Lambda, the man named Zilard gripped his cane while floating a confused expression.

“I am thinking about what were you saying… am I that Lambda? I thought Sirius-sama is a bit smarter than that…” (Zilard)

“Are you for real? I also know that Lambda, but hasn’t he died long ago?” (Luca)

“Haha! In that case, Zilard is already an old man, yes? As the champion of the Fighting Festival, aren’t you a bit too much by thinking so!?” (Hilgan)

The three people here were surprised, but my thoughts wouldn’t change. When I heard from Freesia, the information seller, it was a story of almost twenty years ago. Hence, if Lambda were alive, he should be pa.s.sed fifty years old already. However, no matter how people look at Zilard, he was a man around twenty years old. There was a limit to deceive the age.

More importantly, the capital punishment given to Lambda by Sandor was called [Banishment]. It was a punishment exactly as the name suggest. The place to be sent was the Demonic continent where a lot of monsters roaming. The criminals were carried in a small boat while being tied up. Since there were no equipment given and they were sent to the monster’s nest in a restrained state, it would be normal if they died, but…

“Of course, I am aware of what I’ve said. But among the criminals who were banished, Lambda was the only one who had different circ.u.mstance.” (Sirius)

The executor would wait on an offsh.o.r.e ship during the punishment, and it would be completed after confirming that the criminal attacked by the monsters. Originally, it should immediately end because the criminal would be attacked immediately at the beach of the Demonic continent, but Lambda’s restraint was undone at the same time of arrival, and apparently, he ran away to a nearby forest while being chased by monsters. Of course, there were also many monsters in the forest and the executors couldn’t verify. Therefore, Lambda was deemed to have died because he was a.s.sumed not having experience in battle. There was no way he could survive.

In those days, those who envied him were altogether to see the punishment until the end, and that information were conveyed to Freesia from those people to the harlots. In other words… no one would think Lambda was still alive, but no one could confirm his death.

“Anyhow, it is because the man made magic tools. There is a good possibility that you survived by using magic tools which you brought secretly.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama. You sure have good imagination. No… it might be possible for you to say that because you don’t know about the Demonic continent.” (Zilard)

Far from being surprised, he was looking at me with a pitiful expression. By seeing this matter from the side, it couldn’t be helped to perceived that I was deluded because I didn’t consider the different in time period.

As a matter of fact, this was my intuition. However… it was intuition that had been forged after crossing border line between life and death many times. It was impossible to ignore it and I gathered information personally, but it was changing to confirmation in this case.

“It is a continent without any human intervention. There will be things that we don’t predict will happen.” (Sirius)

“Haa… I understand. For argument sake, if Lambda is still alive, what is he doing now?” (Zilard)

“Are you asking what a man who come back from h.e.l.l will do, yes?” (Sirius)

Lambda was a criminal, but in reality, it was highly likely to be false presumption. He wasn’t good at socializing, and he was a weirdo who only thought about magic tools. In fact, he was a kind mind who thought about family. Although his room was prepared in the castle, he stayed with his parents’ house.

Besides, Lambda was promoted from being a commoner to the chief executive to develop magic tool. I could imagine that… there were many people who jealous of him and I also couldn’t refute if his family was being taken hostage… To sum up, that was what I was going to say.

“Doesn’t that make you think Lambda returned to this country, changed his name and appearance and looking at opportunities for revenge?” (Sirius)

“Hmm… that is a bit high-handed, but I can’t say that it’s not true. However, I think it’s impossible to say that I am Lambda right?” (Zilard)

“Wait a sec. Since you are a guest, I want you to stop from a.s.suming that. Don’t you lump him as a criminal when he supports Sanger-sama more than anyone else!” (Luca)

It might be because Luca couldn’t stand it and she adored Zilard, she began to scowl me while releasing bloodl.u.s.t. She was certainly correct. I had no evidence that Zilard was Lambda. Zilard seemed to have prepared to sort inhuman measure by asking me for in order to make Sanger to be the king, but I noticed something out of place.

“Are you sure that you supports Sanger-sama? Based on my observation, I can’t think nothing else but half-baked support.” (Sirius)

“I can’t ignore that. For the sake of Sanger-sama, I–…” (Zilard)

“Even though you have the abilities which made you to be called G.o.d’s Eyes, why aren’t you still eliminating other obstacles?” (Sirius)

I was convinced when he told me that he knew very well about plants. I had no doubt that this man was monitoring people by checking the location of people from the roots of the plants extending to every part of the castle and the country. If he could grasp the position of the opponents, he ought to be able to manage some of them by grasping their weaknesses and wrongdoings. However, these people were still acting on their own and did something to bother Sanger.

“While saying you have the obligation to make Sanger-sama to be the king, you are obviously doing it in moderation. No, should I say that you do so with some kind of intention?” (Sirius)

Although he had the readiness to ask me to, there were many other peoples he ignored. It wasn’t Fort who tried to bring revolution. To tell the truth, I felt something different when I thought about this man. I felt uncomfortable enough to the extent of considering the whole situation again, and as a result of verifying the situation…

“You aren’t only supporting Sanger-sama, but you also cooperate with those who oppose him, right?” (Sirius)

Besides giving information to both sides, he didn’t only intensified the strife due to the succession right, but also manipulated the overall flow of situation. To be brief, the ident.i.ty of mastermind mentioned by Freesia, the information seller, was this man. If he was the man, the whole situation would make sense.

Next, it was the purpose of doing this. If he was aiming at the throne, it was easier to let Sanger to become the king. Since he already gained sufficient confidence from Sanger, there were many ways to do it such as manipulate from behind the scenes, manipulating him to write the will of succession with poison drug. Yet, what this man had done nothing other than creating confusion in the country.

“You are breaking the country where you live. Thinking of the possibility of hating Sandor, it makes sense to me that you are Lambda.” (Sirius)

Those who had abilities and capable of making magic tools would be able to do such a thing. They were those who had strong grudge against Sandor or specific person. Based on the fact heard from the information seller that his death wasn’t confirmed, the possibility of him to be Lambda was the highest. When I waited for the other side after having to explain until now, what I heard was a modest applause.

“What a wonderful deduction. Yes… you were right. My purpose is to confuse the country.” (Zilard)

“Zilard! Is it necessary to say that…” (Hilgan)

“Since he has noticed so far, he should also know the truth. However, there is only one difference. I am not Lambda. I am a spy deployed by a certain country. Although such things aren’t true, I have no choice but to do this because my family is taken hostage at home–…” (Zilard)

“Can you stop trying to deceive me?” (Sirius)

A foreign spy? That was more realistic than my conjecture, so the possibility was high. However, as one of those who lived in similar world and who had been opposed similar kind, there was no way the talk about being a spy was true. His ident.i.ty was…

“You are… those who desire destruction. I know well the eyes that secretly harbor dark feeling deep inside.” (Sirius)

In the first place, the reason why I started thinking like having delusion was because I knew a man who exactly similar to the man before me. He was an avenger who tried to destroy the world by standing at the top of a large company. He even sank himself into mud to accomplish his purpose to despair everything. Yes… that man before me had the same eyes with the avenger who I fought in the previous life just before I died.

“If you don’t want to answer, I will answer it for you. Your true purpose as Lambda is to destroy this country.” (Sirius)

If it was about revenge, usually it would be a specific person, but as for Lambda, the target of revenge was the whole country. While currying the favor from Sanger, one of the evidences was that he operated behind the scenes.

When I said plainly and confidently, the man before me put his hands on his mouth to hold the laughter.

“Hehe, hahaha! To reach that conclusion with a few clues… you are quite something.” (Zilard)

“Are you finally admitting?” (Sirius)

“Yes. As you can see, I am Lambda. I wish for the destruction of this country. Nevertheless, it’s been a while to be called by that name.” (Zilard)

Zilard… no, Lambda floated a crook smile like a crescent moon. That smile was ruthless and atrocious. Indeed, this was the true nature of Lambda. He exposed an unfamiliar atmosphere without reservation with eyes that hid murky darkness like a bottomless swamp, but the ones who affected most with the sudden changes were Luca and Hilgan who stood next to him.

“A-are you fine with this? Could this man…” (Luca)

“Aah. We can’t let him alive and return. I’ll dispose this guy. After that, you have to give those women to me, alright?” (Hilgan)

“Both of you… calm down a bit. Even if he knows my ident.i.ty, he can no longer do anything.” (Zilard/Lambda)

Unlike those two, Lambda kept his body on the chair while floating a relaxed smile.

“It is too much content for a mere adventurer… No, you are an insurgent who killed the heavyweight of the country now, and compared to our words as the heroes of the country… who do you think they believe more?” (Lambda)

Although he requested for, it was me who actually did it. As for the matter of Lambda, the people of this country wouldn’t think that he was alive and returned from the Demonic continent. Therefore, if they acknowledged the matter, it would be an act of exposing the country to shame. Even if the matter was true, my argument would definitely be ignored.

“Plus, I have a secret plan to make you say nothing. I think you understand it, so stop from doing something unnecessary.” (Lambda)

“Secret plan… is it? Do you mean this medicine?” (Sirius)

“Yes. The things that erode your wife will not completely disappear with that medicine.” (Lambda)

Although the will was still there, it seemed the effect that obeyed only the instruction of Lambda would remain. I had antic.i.p.ated this midway, but it made me so angry when he explained so. My bloodl.u.s.t was unleashed instinctively, but Lambda, who lightly accepted it, said unexpected things.

“But, you can’t do anything else now. I don’t mind if you become a hindrance, but don’t say anything. Just take your wife and leave this country.” (Lambda)

“…So you are going to let me pa.s.s, huh? I was thinking to cause you much more nuisance.” (Sirius)

“My plan is in the final stage. When it’s end, it doesn’t matter what happen after.” (Lambda)

Indeed… he didn’t really care as long as he got his revenge. I didn’t know his plan and until what extent he was going to do it, but there was no difference than revenge since there was no reward. Besides, rather than using my power, he asked me to leave this country. I supposed the preparation of the plan was completed. There were still many unclear points, but my purpose at the present time had been reached.

I told Lambda, who was looking distant, while suppressing the bloodl.u.s.t.

“It may be out of pity, but it is an impossible talk.” (Sirius)

“Oh my, can’t you believe me? I don’t know your feeling, but there is only one way you can choose. How about looking at the face of your wife once more, and think about this again?” (Lambda)

“That’s not it. It’s already too late.” (Sirius)

Then, as soon as my words ended, I heard intense footsteps approaching this room. As Lambda, who noticed the ident.i.ty of the footsteps, calmly put the mask of Zilard, the door of the room was opened by a kick.

“…Zilard.” (Sanger)

The one who expressed that was Sanger who had a complicated face. It might be because he ran here hard, his breathing was intensely disturbed, but after resting for short time, he pressed on Lambda.

“Sanger-sama, do you have something? I thought you were having tea with these people–…” (Lambda)

“Did you… really mean what you said about this country?” (Sanger)

“!?” (Lambda)

I supposed those words were totally unexpected since the smiling Lambda looked disturbed now. He was probably so desperate thinking why. To begin with, the room where the disciples and Sanger having tea was far enough from here. It was impossible for voices here to reach there unless I shouted.

“Hey… tell me! You tell me! Are you… are you…!?” (Sanger)

“Please calm down! How on earth is this–… kuh! What have you done!?” (Zilard)

Of course, Sanger was angry as if he heard our conversation. Lambda, who couldn’t say anything as Sanger held his collar with such an emotion, remained still.

“Sirius-sama. Everything goes as planned.” (Emilia)

“Aniki, if you want to punch that guy, let me do it.” (Reus)

“Both of you, don’t be too impatient. Fia-san is still not well, you know.” (Reese)

“I’m fine. There is no problem as long as I run lightly.” (Fia)

“What are you talking about. Listen to what Reese says. That kind of careless is not good.” (Lifell)

“Hime-sama. You also did something similar in the past, right?” (Melt)

Following Sanger, my companions with the exception of Karen, who I entrusted her to Hokuto, also appeared, and behind them, there weren’t only Princess Lifell and Melt, but…

“I thought that somewhere was suspicious, but I didn’t expect he plotted such a thing.” (Julia)

“Dear me, this situation is unpleasant more than I expected.” (Ashley)

There were also Julia and Ashley, the eldest daughter and the second son of Sandor King. In a situation where all children of the king were here, the confusion that Lambda having right now seemed to be extreme.

“Wha-what is this!?” (Lambda)

“Don’t look away! Didn’t you say you’ll make me the king… and you’ll be my sword!? Are those lies?” (Sanger)

“Aniue. I understand your feeling, but calm down a bit!” (Julia)

“Silent! You all keep silent!” (Sanger)

“Never mind that, let him go. If you do that, the talk won’t proceed, Anija.” (Ashley)

Sanger was raging that already out of control, but it might be natural for him to be like that. He trusted that man more than anyone else, and he was betrayed by the man who he treated like a friend. Anyhow, Sanger was forcibly pulled apart by his sister and brother. It seemed Lambda couldn’t completely grasp the situation yet, I started explaining after confirming that Emilia stayed next to me.

“You still don’t get it, aren’t you? The conversation up to this point is leaked to everyone.” (Sirius)

“There is no trace of activating magic…” (Lambda)

“I had activated it. However, it is a magic that you can’t even imagine.” (Sirius)

It was a magic of wind that deliver voices to people at distant place. When it is activated, the flow of wind and mana were born. He would noticed immediately if his intuition was sharp, but the magic that I used was an extremely fine [String] that could pa.s.s through the hole of a needle, and the flow of mana was almost non-existent.

Moreover, with the roots of mana were growing innumerably in the castle, it would be impossible for him to notice the mana thread that lost between those plants. Even if he noticed it, it was impossible to imagine that I could do so far with mana thread alone.

“[String]… is it? Will it be possible to do all that with a single thread…” (Lambda)

“Of course, no. The mana thread is connected between the manastone I have and with her magic tool… Emilia’s magic tool.” (Sirius)

“Yes, like always.” (Emilia)

After activating the magic tool shaped like a gramophone that Emilia had in hand, I moved the manastone from the belt and when the manastone was carved with magic formation that absorbed the surrounding sound…

[As you can see, the conversations around this manastone can be heard from this magic tool.] (Sirius)

“Wha!?” (Lambda)

Before this… I used this tool like a wiretap with the same manastone during the turmoil of Mira’s Doctrine, but I could only hear to those whom I connected the [String]. This tool was a subst.i.tute of that measure. The idea was there, so I made a magic tool exclusive for the reception portion in order to let people around it could also listen.

“Heh… they really heard me, huh? I also want to have one.” (Zilard)

“When I though how everyone mocking about destroying the country, but they had no choice to believe when they knew it with eyes and ears.” (Sirius)

“It is a magic tool that seems to have various uses. It seems that his time is a good opportunity to save the country.” (Emilia)

It might be possible if I was the only person who knew this, but it would be impossible to escape if all of these were heard by the royalties.

“…There is such a magic tool, huh? No wonder you were obedient.” (Lambda)

“The more you relaxed, it will be easier to be careless. It would be even more after grabbing the weaknesses that can’t be undone.” (Sirius)

He wouldn’t admit that he was Lambda just by asking him. That was why I pretended to obey him, letting him caught off guard after thinking that he had grab my weaknesses. To be honest, I didn’t feel comfortable when doing it, but it was also worthwhile because I managed to make him confess what I wanted to hear.

“Wait a sec, Sanger-sama! He is the one who killed General Fort! The head here is the evidence!” (Luca)

In exchange to Lambda who didn’t say anything, Luca appeared before Sanger and appealed by pointing at the beg dyed in red. I closed the opening of the bag since everyone came here, but they would be able to see what was that red stain and smell.

“You…” (Sanger)

“Everything was inspired by the men there, and he told Zilard-sama without fail.” (Luca)

“Yeah! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has threatened us!” (Hilgan)

“Do you believe this cruel man compared to us who have been supporting you until now!? No, it doesn’t matter what happened to us. At least, please believe Zilard-sama as your friend–…” (Luca)

“You guys, Fort is not dead.” (Julia)

But… that rebut was toppled by Julia’s words.

“If it’s about Fort, he is sleeping in the room where we were. I hear that he will not wake up for a while, but everyone has confirmed that he is in a good health.” (Sanger)

“That can’t be true!? The head here is surely…” (Luca)

“Move!” (Hilgan)

The irritated Hilgan tried to pick up the bag, but I got it earlier than him. Perhaps, he tried to display the content, but it was something I didn’t want to show to the ladies in the house.

“Don’t worry, this is a fake. It took a lot of time to prepare it, but it looks real, isn’t it?” (Sirius)

This wasn’t Fort’s head. Actually, it was the head of a humanoid monster who had a similar physique to him. Of course, as soon as I got that, I heard the man… err rather the woman, Rose, who was at Freesia’s establishment, was excellent in doing makeup and tinkering dead bodies. So the head I had was done by her.

With Fort’s characteristics outline and scar made, when Rose finished up touching the head with hair and blood I got from Fort himself, as long as people didn’t see it in close vicinity, they wouldn’t know that it wasn’t real. People tend to judge other people with noticeable features rather than the whole face. If there was a conspicuous scar similar to Fort, it would be easier to believe. And when it came Lambda, I had to conversely use his abilities.

Lambda was quite relax from the previous time probably could sense the reaction of Fort being alive. When he noticed that Julia’s words were the truth, he hit the desk with his fist.

“…How!? Although I was pretty sure his life has disappear… why there is a reaction!?” (Lambda)

“Of course, he was dead. But temporarily…” (Sirius)

I thought of using poison that he gave me, but what I used regenerative activity which was done to the utmost limit… and it become a so called suspended animation which also could be done by medicine.

It was something that I made so that I could pretend to be dead and attack the enemies in their unguarded moment, and to escape from enemies eyes in hostile places. Actually, it was still in the process of improvement and there was a risk that if I used it poorly, I might lose the life, but with precise treatment done immediately by Reese, a person could be resuscitated without after-effects. In other words, there was no point in using it if Reese wasn’t there. Well, it was a pretty dangerous bet, but I managed to trick him somehow. Furthermore…

“In such a situation… No, could it be…!?” (Lambda)

“It seems you notice it. You probably think that you are in advantageous spot because you have a hostage, but you basically got it wrong.” (Sirius)

The matter which most concerned was Fia, but in fact, there was no problem at all. He was probably confidence in the result of his research. Well, it might be because of researchers’ nature, but he should have considered the possibilities of not getting what he wished for.

“Unfortunately, my wife is different from ordinary Elves. What you made her drink is not working at all.” (Sirius)

It was because in her body, there was a seed of sacred tree or Shishou, a nonstandard existence… The seed that given to the next sacred tree provided divine protection that protected the host. In fact, far from not getting sick, Fia was very resistant to poison. To sum up, no matter how many plants he studied, it wasn’t easy to screw up the divine protection of the sacred tree which stood at the top of the plants.

“Eh… does that mean Fia-ane was pretending to be sick?” (Reus)

“Yes. He had told me that I shouldn’t get out of the room as much as possible when he saw the condition of my body. Well… it’s also true that I got a hangover.” (Fia)

““Fia-san…”” (Emilia/Reese)

“Are you…” (Lifell)

Although Fia sweetly stick out her tongue, the eyes of the surroundings seemed painful. At first, I asked Shishou to verify the wine that I secretly secured at that time, but she said that there was no problem at all. Instead, she was very angry because I poured something that somewhat tasteless.

“Now, there is no need to conceal your ident.i.ty when there are so many witnesses. Why don’t you tell us your plan?” (Sirius)

“Haa… that’s brilliant. There is no need to laugh off more than this.” (Lambda)

“Zilard.Tell me that all these are jokes. Something like a trial to make me the king…” (Sanger)

“You still don’t get it, aren’t you? Do you still believe in me while listening to that?” (Lambda)

Lambda held his fists as if he was disappointed, but judging that it was no longer necessary to salvage it, he looked at Sanger with the same smile as before. As Lambda stood up from the chair, he tried to hit the floor with the tip of the cane held, but I immediately shot it with [Magnum].

“If you move unnecessarily, I’m going to aim for your body next. You target Fia when she has done nothing, so you should prepare for it, right?” (Sirius)

“Ooh, that’s scary. Unfortunately, it is not there, you know?” (Lambda)

Although it was an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation other than the number of people, I couldn’t see him being restless. The cane that seemed to activate magic had been destroyed, but did he has other ways?

No… it wasn’t that. Lambda was decoy, the real ones were…

“You guys!” (Luca)

“Come on!” (Hilgan)

…Luca and Hilgan.

Luca blew a big whistle in the air while everyone was distracted by Lambda. In the meantime, Hilgan beat down the wall behind and made a way out.

[…—Awooo!] (Hokuto)

At the same time, I heard the howling of Hokuto who was on alert. Perhaps, the Dragonkin, Luca, called the dragons and they were going to escape from the broken wall. This situation… I also remembered it before. Other than planting stone in Sandor body, these people must be companions of Belford who cause chaos in the Beast country, Arbitray. I couldn’t let these people escape, but there were many things I wanted to hear, including personal circ.u.mstances.

Therefore, I turned my hands to aim not on the head, but to shoot his feet, but Reus and Julia leaped out earlier than that.

“Don’t you think you can run away!” (Reus)

“Not when after you did all these!” (Julia)

“Heh, let’s do this!” (Hilgan)

Reus and Julia pulled out their sword and approaching Lambda, but Hilgan fearlessly stood in their way. Hilgan was unarmed. Did he forget his weapon? Furthermore, he seemed to be reckless since he had two expert swordsmen at the same time. With the skills of the two, I thought it would end with a single blow…

““Wha..!?”” (Reus/Julia)

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“Hummph! Only at this level?” (Hilgan)

“Yes!” (Emilia)

I ordered Emilia to blow the horns away. The horns that were blown to the sky far away with magical tornado, exploded while scattering furious flame around the whole area. I had never heard that Dragonkin had such a capability, but let’s think it as a parting gift.

No… she was probably not a Dragonkin anymore. From the magic formations floated on the body when scattering the scales, it would be better to think her as a remodeled human. Therefore, the reason to interrogate these people reached the peak. I should use my trump card, so I focus my mana to the [String]s which I had been continuing to activate since the evening.

“You will not escape!” (Sirius)

I antic.i.p.ate the escape route of the flying dragon and activated manastone that was set outside through [String]. Then, the network of mana threads spread to the whole sky. Even though the manastone filled with enormous mana, it could cover wide range only for a few minutes, but was enough to stop them.

Thanks to the diversity of [String] displayed until now, the vigilant Lambda stopped advancing the flying dragon, we began to run in order to reduce the distance.

“It couldn’t be helped then. I didn’t want to use this, but…” (Lambda)

However, countless tree roots rose out of the surrounding ground at the same time Lambda muttered something. The tree roots moved around like tentacles of an organism. We were surprised but the roots ignored us. It went to the mana netting and cut it forcibly. Despite of its number, the mana net was something that could seal even a dragon, but… it contained more power than I expected. As I looked at Lambda’s profound smile, shouted out loud because of a certain thought.

“Everyone, stop! Don’t incite him anymore!” (Sirius)

“What do you mean!? Are you alright to let them go!?” (Reus)

“I think I can still make it with advance magic.” (Reese)

“Stop it! Remember the roots that extend throughout the castle!” (Sirius)

Although Lambda was hesitated to use it, there was a possibility that he could destroy the castle by moving if I poorly chased him down. I had no attachment to the castle, but I would definitely feel bad if something happened. It seemed possible to kill those plants with if I used my mana, but I didn’t have spare time to do it. It was regrettable, but I could let Lambda escape for now. Noticing the meaning of my words, everyone stopped the feet in frustration, but there was someone who hasn’t given up yet.

“Aniki!? Since they are already going, we have to accept–… ugh!?” (Reus)

“Wait there! Zilard–!!” (Sanger)

Sanger, who managed to be free from Ashley’s powerful pinning, shouted while chasing after the flying Lambda. Whether it was the feeling of anger being betrayed by a friend… Lambda continued to direct his cold eyes at Sanger, who kept running desperately without thinking.

“What a pitiful appearance until the end. Why don’t you admit that there is no meaning no matter how many times you repeat that?” (Lambda)

“Shut up! Come down now!” (Sanger)

“You were a good piece, but even if easy to consider, it was hard keep up my face. To support the country with such kindness, you are as good as novice.” (Lambda)

“What do you know about me!? I’m going to you hit you, so come back!” (Sanger)

“Goodbye… Sanger.” (Lambda)

“d.a.m.nnn… aarghhh–!” (Sanger)

The man shouted in grieve since it wasn’t possible to let off the anger, and… his shout reverberated into the darkness of the night.

The treason of Sandor heroes.

The sleeping castle awakened due to the disturbance by Lambda, and the inside of the castle was in a state of confusion. In an effort to quell the confusion a little, Julia and Ashley explained the circ.u.mstances to the castle people, and we were going back to our room when Julia asked us.

[A meeting will be held soon after the information is conveyed to everyone. You all please take a rest in the room until that time.] (Julia)

[…] (Sirius)

[Aniki, come on. Isn’t this place going to collapse?] (Reus)

[…Aah.] (Sirius)

[We should bestow you an award for saving the country big time, but it seems that we can’t afford it now. And this is a very frustrating request, but can you guys partic.i.p.ate in the meeting too. I would like to hear your opinion a lot.] (Julia)

It would take time to explain the truth of the heroes, who had saved their country, trying to destroy them. The information had been conveyed to influential people of the castle about this time. The preparations for emergency meeting were progressing, but when I tried to look for the reaction with [Search], I instinctively let out a sigh.

Although this was an abnormal situation, far from the meeting being poorly set up, no one had gone out from their own room yet.

I understood the situation. I supposed this was the current situation in Sandor, right? It didn’t make me think that these people were serving the world’s largest country. perhaps, this was also the work of Lambda.

He made Sanger as a cover, getting in touch with greedy people behind the scenes, and secretly collaborate with them to expel honest va.s.sal such as Fort. As the remaining people were corrupted by the induction of Lambda, Sandor became gradually weakened from the inside. It was a very troublesome measure, but it might be the evidence that Lambda hated the country and planned to knocked down people to despair.

I felt uneasy about the future of Sandor country, but since there were Sanger and other, I switched the thought and decided to think about the future. It was possible to guess the secrets of this people from the words of Shishou who checked the wind, and their abilities that crossed the line of being monsters.

[I wonder what is this… it’s annoying, but I feel something similar to myself from them.] (Shishou)

There was also a matter of laying hands on Fia, but since it had got something to do with Shishou, I had decided to prepare myself to fight Lambda. The problem was the enemies were more nuisance than expected.

As Princess Lifell suggested, my [Anti-Material] could shot the nucleus, but only half of the body would be blow away at once by the size of the magic. Given the regenerative speed, he would regenerated before I could unleash second blow to destroy the other half of the body. Therefore, countermeasures against these people were urgently needed.

Besides… I had another reason for not fighting them. Even though the wounds healed, Reus was still depressed in the corner of the room.

“Haa… d.a.m.n it…” (Reus)

Even if they were equal in power, Hilgan was bare handed and he didn’t use whatever he had which given him the t.i.tle of Heavenly Sword. Although he was already out of the picture, Reus didn’t think that he could win. Princess Lifell, who came to the room, was comforting such Reus. As a side story, in the middle of the disturbance, Senia was watching For who was sleeping, but now, the people of the castle took care of him and Senia was staying next to Princess Lifell.

“Don’t depress too much. You should be proud of yourself since you protected Julia.” (Lifell)

“I’m already fine with it, but that b.a.s.t.a.r.d… I can feel that he is still hiding his strength. I felt like he was going easy, and somehow it feels really frustrating.” (Reus)

“But there is no problem since you are still alive. If you have fought with Strongest Sword, you know what that means, right?” (Melt)

“This doesn’t seem like Reus-sama. There will be an opportunity to fight him again, so please change your mood quickly.” (Senia)

“…You’re right. I will not going to lose next time!” (Reus)

Despite of being depressed, his fighting spirit hadn’t declined. As for Reus, Hilgan had already become an unavoidable enemy.

“By the way, why are you touching my ears?” (Reus)

“Hmm, I thought that will make you calm down a little.” (Lifell)

“The one who calm down is Lifell-ane, isn’t it?” (Reus)

Well… there was no problem if I entrusted Reus to Princess Lifell who had fetish on animal ears. As I arrived at the table in the room and continued thinking in silent, Emilia poured another helping of tea and I noticed that Reese, who sat on the opposite side, was looking at me gently.

“Sirius-sama. Can we say something?” (Emilia)

“…What is it?” (Sirius)

“Uhmm, how should I say this? I feel you are somehow unusual, Sirius-san.” (Reese)

“Even in the battle earlier, your unusual behavior was conspicuous. Is there a problem?” (Emilia)

It was true. In the fight with Lambda’s group, I didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the attack much and I was keeping defense. Although it was an emergency, it was not a mistake than I wasn’t a.s.sertive enough.

By the way, I stopped the attack on Lambda’s group when they escaping the castle not only because of the danger that the castle could be destroyed, but I also judged that I shouldn’t show my ability. I also had the plan to shoot down the flying dragon, but since there were several other dragons, he could just ride other dragon. Therefore, it made no sense to try. Plus… there was a possibility someone from underworld lurking nearby.

Since I couldn’t imagine such abilities personally created by Lambda, there might be a mysterious existence that gave him knowledge and also more companions. I didn’t think that it would end like this. I explained to those two about not taking too much actions because of circ.u.mstances that I couldn’t reliably defeated him. However, they seemed not convinced yet by looking at their expression.

“I don’t think that’s all. I would like to ask other questions.” (Emilia)

“Yes. I was thinking that you were obliged to hide the plan from us because of Fia-san being taken hostage, but when I recalled again, I think you were in such condition since this morning.” (Reese)

“Your eyes looking at Fia-san are clearly different.” (Emilia)

“We aren’t jealous. Well… it’s like you were really worried.” (Reese)

“Aah–… well… I guess so.” (Sirius)

“Hehe, I understand why he is worried, but I think it’s normal to feel so, am I right, Sirius?” (Fia)

Even if I said so myself, they understood well enough when a part of me being unusual. I had no plan to create the order of important people to me, but now, I had to pay attention to Fia no matter what. In exchange to me who couldn’t say any words unintentionally, Fia, who sat next to me, answered while putting her hands on her belly.

“It’s because Sirius is… going to be a father.” (Fia)

“““““…Ehh!?””””” (Emilia/Reese/Reus/Lifell/Melt)

Yeah… there was my child inside Fia’s belly.

Presenting Hokuto

The night when a ma.s.sive strategy by Sirius was taking place… Hokuto was quietly lying down near the carriage owned by the Master. On his back, there was Karen whom the Master entrusted to protect, and she was peacefully sleeping.

“…Suuu–.” (Karen)

“…Woof.” (Hokuto)

It was an important daughter entrusted by the mother to the Master. Since there was no room to spare, Hokuto increased vigilance in order not to cause unnecessary worry.

After a while, Hokuto noticed that the dragon kept in the castle began to move.

“Awoooo—-!” (Hokuto)

He judged the Master was aware of that, but this was to caution him at least. When Hokuto-kun howled, he suddenly remembered that Karen was sleeping at the same time. When he turned around while being sorry for waking up a child who was sleeping comfortably…

“…Unyaa… more…” (Karen)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

Should he blamed for not waking up the dangerous awareness even with his howl? Or should he be amazed that she was sleeping without waking up even in this situation? Even though just a little, Hokuto-kun became uneasy about Karen’s future.

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