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Chapter 142

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Chapter 142 Convenient at Times

The summary of the previous chapter.

Everyone, long time no see. I am the idol of the town and Dee-san’s wife, Noel!

Now, this is the synopsis of the last chapter, Sirius-sama and others who helped Karen, a winged person, came to the village of the winged people.

They met a very strong tribe called the Dragonkin, and among them, there was a younger brother of a Dragonkin who Sirius-sama defeated in the past.

The younger brother, Mejia-san, didn’t hate Sirius-sama in particular. However, it was tough for Sirius-sama to fight him in order to disperse the uncertain feeling within him.

At first, Mejia-san fought Sirius-sama in his human form, but he finally recognize his abilities and transformed to the dragon form.

Will Sirius-sama win against a huge dragon?

…After that, Sirius-sama punished the Dragonkin, and he became their king while having the power to rule the world.

It’s a happy ending, happy–… ehh?

Only the ending is different?

The battle is still not over yet?

No… I guess it’s good to think that kind of ending, isn’t it?’

I tried to talk to Dee-san, because this was something expected of married couple.

“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)


I’m sorry for taking your role of doing this without permission!

Bu-but… since it was comfortable to be brushed by Sirius-sama, Hokuto-san also think of doing it–… Nyaa!?

Sirius-sama, save me!

“Uhm… What’s wrong, Noel?” (Sirius)

— — (TLN: Third Switch)

As the battle with the real Mejia, who had transformed to the dragon form, began, I turned on the ‘Switch’ at the same time as activating [Boost] and kicked the ground.

[Come at me, Sirius!] (Mejia)

It was the first time he spoke my name. I a.s.sumed he acknowledged me as a strong man.

To meet his expectation, I shot [Magnum] unsparingly.

[Ugh!? That level is…!] (Mejia)

Although three mana bullets simultaneously shot could penetrate an iron plate, it merely gave a little shake to Mejia’s body.

I had an expectation to a certain extent, but let alone the scales, it couldn’t make a splinter.

“Is this the real Dragonkin? Yet…!” (Sirius)

But, I wouldn’t stop advancing.

I approached from the front while constantly maintained the mana on the whole body. Mejia swung his arm at the speed that didn’t match his huge body, but I went to his side while activating [Mirage] again.

[…I will not fall to the same trick twice!] (Mejia)

Mejia flung his tail to mow me down, but I leaped up and avoided it while shooting [Magnum] again.

I tried aiming at the part without scales this time, but since it was only a small hole opened, the hole would soon close with a slight bleeding.

Not only the scales, the muscles and the skin were also st.u.r.dy, huh?

Unlike Goraon who could indefinitely regenerate even if his skin was soft, the one here was a truly nuisance opponent.

[Got you!] (Mejia)

He tried to knock me down as I leaped up, but I leaped further by using [Air Step] and avoided it.

[What!?] (Mejia)

“Are you surprised?” (Sirius)

Mejia probably didn’t expect that I could kick the air. Then, when he looked up while being surprised, I unleashed countless bullets at him.

Not only [Magnum], I also used [Launcher] and [Snipe] like rain, but there wasn’t a single scar on Mejia’s body.

[That’s magnificent, but it’s no use if it doesn’t penetrate my scales!] (Mejia)

As Mejia endured my magic while protecting his eyes, he looked up and released breath attack at the same time.

Since it was a thin heat ray rather than a fire breath that burned in a wide range, I made a huge leaped with [Air Step].

Once I took a distance, I confirmed the consumption of mana and while predicting the difference in fighting power, I also arrange the information that I experienced from Mejia who was nearby.

“Just barely… isn’t it?” (Sirius)

I would probably defeated at the time I stopped my leg.

I definitely wouldn’t be able to fight even if one of Mejia’s attacks directly struck me… No, there was rather a high possibility of dying.

In order to win… or to survive, I had to continue avoiding all of his attacks, and I had no choice but to release a blow that could penetrate even those scales, and… that was [Anti Material].

However, that magic requires a bit of time to compress the mana.

In addition, the bullet flying speed was slower than [Magnum]. It would be avoided if I did it in normal situation.

Since Mejia protected his eyes earlier, he seemed to properly judging that the attacks would inflict fatal injuries. Even if the body was enormous, the reflexes of the Dragonkin was very fast.

He would probably have hard time to hit me due to physical difference, but in term of physical abilities, Mejia was better than me.

Speaking of what I surpa.s.sed him were battle experience and instantaneous force.

In any case, this was a matter of hitting Mejia with [Anti Material] before he got used to my movement…

The path to victory was too small and too far, but now, there was no other options than to go through with everything I had.

[…I can’t imagine my attacks never hit you even until now.] (Mejia)

After that, the situation continued where I kept avoiding Mejia’s attack by making full use of [Air Step] and [String] hooked on nearby stone pillars.

Although it was more severe than I imagined, I still ran around his vicinity while shooting [Magnum] in between.

In addition, I threw magic stones engraved with the magic formation of [Create] to the ground, and made several pillars similar to the surrounding pillars.

The st.u.r.dy pillar was also a shield that hid me, so I made it one after another, but it was destroyed by Mejia in one blow.

The creation and the destruction of pillars were repeating, but I was still throwing it with the intention to use up every mana stone, and the surrounding area now was full of stone pillars.

Then, I wasn’t only using [Magnum] to attack, I also make use the surrounding rubbles as bullets. So, mana bullets were being shot from all sides of Mejia, but…

[What a crafty attack. But soon I…] (Mejia)

However, no matter where I shot, I couldn’t sense that Mejia was in pain. It was just making him feel annoyed.

Since the eyes which seemed to be his weak points, he definitely defended it with his arms. It was good to say that he was still intact.

I thought that I could find another fragile part, but… it seemed it didn’t go well.

By having this kind of struggle, I wonder if Mejia had gotten used to my movements. The precious of his attacks gradually began to increase, and it was getting harder to avoid.

[How long are you going to repeat such an attack? Don’t you realize that you already out of options?] (Mejia)

“Well. That same goes to you. Why don’t you fly in the sky?” (Sirius)

[I am considering about your abilities. I can’t fly easily without being aimed at the wings.] (Mejia)

Even if I couldn’t penetrate the scales, he couldn’t prevent the impact.

I was thinking that I would shoot the wings and knock him down when Mejia flew in the sky, but Mejia seemed to be observing me calmly.

Then, when I avoided a breath of flames that mowed down in wide range by leaping sideways, Mejia’s tail was swung down as if it had been aimed there.

He began to attack with the antic.i.p.ation of avoidance destination, but that was still within my expectation.

As I kicked the air and avoided the tail, I released [Impact] on the fragments of the stone pillar where the tail crushed. The rocks were shot like bullet and hit his face.

[Guh!? Such a way to use that!?] (Mejia)

His neck swayed greatly due to the direct hit of ma.s.sive rocks, but apparently, it seemed that his nose was. .h.i.t slightly. Even so, it looked like there was a limit as much as stopping his movement slightly.

I wonder if I could bring him down with [Anti Material] in this situation. Whether the disturbance gave way to negligence, I was slightly delayed to notice the claws were swung while splitting the fire breath.

I leaped and forcibly twisted my body to avoid it, but that gap was fatal.

My posture in the air was unstable, but I was still preparing magic now. However, it was difficult to avoid the tail blow that came after me.

Although this was a tough situation, it was still possible to recover.

“[Launcher]” (Sirius)

I reflexively shoot [Launcher] from the right arm, trying to divert the tail trajectory by the impact.

The impact of the bullet, which could crush rocks landed, swayed Mejia’s tail greatly, but…

[Haa—!] (Mejia)

Based on his might that I’d seen so far, I unleashed [Launcher] unsparingly.

However, Mejia exceeded my expectation. He forcibly rebuilt the posture of swayed tail by using his strength. Then, he swung it at me again.

Was this the result of failing to measure Mejia’s strength in addition to my own carelessness?

It was already impossible to completely avoid the blow of the tail any longer.

No, I could avoid it by giving up something, but if I did that, the possibility of winning against Mejia would be no more.

However, I had no more time to be hesitated. So, I unleashed [Launcher] by keeping its power through instinct.

“Guhh!?”” (Sirius)

The [Launcher] released from the right arm simultaneously exploded with the activation, and I received the shockwave and was able to escape the trajectory by hair’s breadth.

However, the right arm extended couldn’t completely escape the tail. When the tail grazed like a whip at my right hand, I was blown away together with a pain like being cut off.

The impact caused my body to rotate like a spinning top, but I was somehow able to land on the ground while taking a defensive posture.

[I finally got you. I’ve… your movement.] (Mejia)

I immediately confirmed that my right hand was still intact, but the flesh was scoured by the scales, and it was in severe condition.

Just being grazed… I intensively reinforced my arm with mana. If it wasn’t due to the impact, my arm would have been torn apart.

As I was wary of the Mejia’s pursuit while bearing the pain of the right arm, he overlooked me for some reason.

[Sirius… you fought well. But, that’s it.] (Mejia)

“…Are you already declaring victory?” (Sirius)

[You can’t fight well with that arm. I’m not fighting this battle to kill you, so just admit your defeat.] (Mejia)

“Is that so…?” (Sirius)

Just now, it was really a paper-thin difference.

Preserving mana seemed to be interrupted by the severe pain, and since the right arm was completely broken, it was in a state that it couldn’t be moved.

The hint of defeat was getting stronger as Mejia had already grasped my movement, but… somehow, I seemed to be the one who should be in that situation.

The preparation was… all good.

“If that’s the case, this will be my last attack. If you can endure… you are the winner.” (Sirius)

[Do you got something else? Fine, I’ll accept that!] (Mejia)

I ran around Mejia many times, and use manastones to produce a number of stone pillars. Even though [Magnum] didn’t get through, everything was for the sake of this time.

Numerous [String]s were produced on my left hand. These weren’t just for Mejia. It was fixed and entangled with the surrounding pillars and various rocks.

After recovering mana, I took out the last manastone. I loaded it with mana and dropped it on the ground.

“Activate!” (Sirius)

When the manastone carved with the [Create] magic formation activated, all the stone pillars that remained around it collapsed on its center together with a big earthquake.

Although Mejia was surprised by the earthquake, he calmly looked around, but he opened eyes wide due to what happen next.

[Wha!? Why the pillars!?] (Mejia)

The rubbles at the surrounding and the broken pillars suddenly flew toward Mejia all at once.

Since it was ma.s.sive and approaching from all directions, Mejia. who gave up knocking all them down, tried to escape to the sky, but…

[What… my wings…? No, my whole body too! When is this!?] (Mejia)

Since the net-like [String]s were attached around his body as well as the wings, it was impossible to fly because he wasn’t able to spring the wings well.

The stone pillars and the rubble flew around while he was disturbed, but Mejia’s movement was getting slower.

Eventually, walking also became difficult. Then, Mejia lost the balance and collapsed forward.

[What’s going!? How can this be happening!?] (Mejia)

“I prepared these for quite some time. It will be a problem if you don’t get caught.” (Sirius)

The stone pillars and the rubble were flying around because I set the [String]s up while moving around.

I produced stone pillars by using manastones not because I wanted to use it as covers. It was to stop him and to hook with stretchable [String] that was as strong as rubber. If one looked down from the sky, it was like a countless stone pillars and [String]s stretched around like a spider’s nest.

When the stone pillar that had become the last stack destroyed, the [String] that extended like a net was the mechanism that attacked Mejia all at once.

In short, it put a countless of throwing nets with weights, and when it released all at once, it bound Mejia.

It was an extremely troublesome trap to make, but since it would be torn apart if the nets were sliced one by one, I had to make proper preparation.

Before the preparation over, it was a bet whether I could handle the fight against Mejia.

The reason I kept shooting [Magnum] even though I knew it didn’t work well on his body was to misled the uncomfortable feeling of the [String]s that were attached to Mejia’s body.

Since I made the casting net with hooked [String] as a landmark, it might be the hardest to maintain this without being noticed. It was torn apart several times on the way, so it was hard to redo the trap.

Although it was strange that he didn’t notice, the figure of the dragon was big and powerful, so it didn’t matter much if he was somewhat pulled.

This was also a possible trap because as a Dragonkin, he could received a huge blow from the front which was why I had to distract him with [Magnum].

[Kuh… the restraint with that degree…!] (Mejia)

Even though it was a solid [String], it still couldn’t last against the claws of the Dragonkin.

However, he couldn’t swing his claws enough when he was captured by countless nets. In order to escape, he had no choice but to finely moved his claws and cut the nets one by one.

He would probably escape the moment he was set free, but this was already a huge opening.

I already started compressing ma.s.s of mana when I crushed the last manastone… so the preparation for launching [Anti Material] was already in place.

“It’s the same state as his brother…” (Sirius)

Although the method was different, the movement of Goraon was sealed with numerous [String]s.

As my left hand was used to maintain [String]s, I directed the injured right arm toward Mejia and released [Anti Material] at the same time.

The mana cannonball slit the air, penetrating the distant mountain with big hole… It also grazed Mejia’s head and he lose one of his two horns.

[…Why? Are you a man who miss the target in this kind of situation?] (Mejia)

“I am the same with you. I do this not for killing. So, are you confident that you can survive with that blow?” (Sirius)

[That would be… impossible.] (Mejia)

“Then, do you understand what I am trying to say?” (Sirius)

[Aah, I have to admit it.] (Mejia)

When I put off the [String] at the same time with those words, Mejia slowly got up and declared while letting out a sigh as if he had gave up.

[It’s… my lost.] (Mejia)

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— Sirius —

[I certainly concern about something, but that is a private matter. Rather than asking for it, this may make you uncomfortable.] (Mejia)

“It’s fine. Sometimes talking make you feel better, right?” (Mejia)

[…Alright. I understand that it can be helped to think even until now, but I was wondering why brother… broke the taboo by killing my father.] (Mejia)

That question seemed remain in his mind since Goraon ceased to exist, but even if he temporarily forgot it, he seemed frustrated if he suddenly remembered.

He profoundly remembered it by the time he fought with me.

[Brother was a trash who sacrificed his family for the sake of gaining strength. I was thinking what I should call that my brother even though he only played with me once…] (Mejia)

“…I don’t have right to say this, but I think Mejia’s view is a bit wrong.” (Sirius)

[What did you say?] (Mejia)

“When I heard about Goraon from you guys, it felt like I actually met him, so I have a feeling that he was thinking of Mejia as a younger brother.” (Sirius)

Rather than embracing the feeling of fighting strong men, Goraon was just a murder who enjoyed killing.

That was why at that time, he didn’t aimed Mejia who was a child, but he aimed his father because he thought of the father as an adult.

“Although he wanted the crystal to become stronger, it was strange to aim at the father first.” (Sirius)

[He probably wanted to obtain my father’s strength. Regardless of getting surprised attack, my father held strength to be the top five in the village.] (Mejia)

“That’s it. He was a person who liked surprised attack or sudden attack, but isn’t weird that he didn’t aiming Mejia at that time.” (Sirius)

Since he was a person who knew that eating same tribe was a taboo, I didn’t think that he would be satisfied with a crystal.

If one thought normally, it would be much easier to take it away from Mejia compared to the father who was a strong man.

In case of the family member, it should be easy enough to invite Mejia who was a child at that time, to a place where no one was present and secretly killed him. Even if Mejia was a Dragonkin, but as a child, he would be attacked by monsters when Goraon took eyes off him.

However… Mejia was still alive.

The disciples probably noticed what I wanted to say. Then, Emilia muttered to represent me.

“Could it be that… he thought you as a younger brother, and that was why he didn’t aim you?” (Emilia)

“There is only one possibility. Even though he played with you only once, he might tried to avoid the change of feeling.” (Sirius)

There was a possibility that Goraon had a shallow discretion.

However, since the person himself was no more, the truth remained unknown.


[…That is a very convenient way of thinking.] (Mejia)

“I am aware of that. But, what’s wrong with that kind of circ.u.mstances?” (Sirius)

Even if he didn’t hear this from me, he had already a.s.sumed that Goraon was dead.

I didn’t know how many years ago that incident happened, but it would be far better to come to a clean decision if he still concerned about it until now.

It was also one way of thinking learned in the previous life.

“I think that sometimes it is better to renew the feeling and it is also necessary to look forward. Besides, you can’t say my thought is wrong, am I right?” (Sirius)

[…I guess such a thinking is also possible.] (Mejia)

“I think that it would be impossible to do it immediately, but you may think thoroughly from now on. You needs some s.p.a.ce to reconsider for now.” (Sirius)

Without giving s.p.a.ce to the mind, things wouldn’t progress well.

Besides, even if Goraon was a criminal, I thought that it was alright to call that person alone as his brother and supporter. At the same time, he might noticed this rather than as a bad example.

I had no plan to forgive that man, but the only thing I appreciated for him was the huge growth of my disciples’ spirits.

After listening to my words, Mejia returned to the human form from the dragon form, and he looked calmer than before the fight.

“…It is strange to be consoled by the one who killed his brother.” (Zenodora)

[But, it’s not that bad, isn’t it? I can tell by looking at his expression.] (Zenodora)

“Aah… you got that right.” (Mejia)

Nodding at Zenodora, Mejia looked bright as if he found a light in the maze of darkness.

Presenting Hokuto – Karen and the Secret Training

On the evening of the day when the Master fought with Mejia-kun, Karen-chan was out alone facing Hokuto-kun.

Karen was scared of Hokuto-kun until a while ago, but she seemed not afraid at all now. Now, she stood in front of Hokuto-kun who was a bit wondering.

“From now, I will think this as a secret training.” (Karen)

“…Woof.” (Hokuto)

When Hokuto-kun heard such a declaration, what came into his mind was how Karen knew the term secret training.

Apparently, she saw Reus waving his sword in the middle of the knight, and when she asked, he seemed to be telling her that it was a secret training.

Hokuto-kun decided to hit Reus, who engraved unnecessary wisdom, later.

This wasn’t only limited to women, but lack of sleep was a big enemy to children.

Incidentally, the Master and Frenda-san were watching from the window of the house, but again, this was a secret training.

“I was told that I couldn’t fly in the sky yet, so first, I want to create threads that can’t be broken even by As-Jii.” (Karen)

“…Woof.” (Hokuto)

“If I can do that, Onii-san and Okaa-san will praise me.” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto-kun understood well the feeling of wanting to be praised by the Master.

Moreover, since there was no way to stop this situation even with the Master and her mother, Hokuto-kun decided to go all out for a while.

“…I did it! Try pulling it, Hokuto.” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Then, the magical thread Karen-chan made with utmost effort tied both Hokuto-kun’s forefeet like a handcuff, but when he put a bit strength, it was easily torn apart.

If it was done poorly, that consequence was normal because Hokuto-kun was stronger than the Dragonkin, but there was no way he could tell that.

“One more time!” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

This time, she did it threefold, but the thread was easily torn.

“Then, I will make it thick and twisted!” (Karen)

“…Woof!” (Hokuto)

…The thread was torn again.

“Hmm… I will increase even more!” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Although Hokuto-kun already had a strength which was already impossible to people, he did it without holding back.

Since the opponent was a child, it might be a good idea to act thoroughly on purpose, but Hokuto-kun didn’t go easy.

It was because she would be satisfied with current situation if he was going easy on her, so she might not have enough strength during emergency situation. This was done in order to prevent her from doing mistakes.

Moreover, since Karen-chan was the disciple of the Master, it would be tough as a Senpai to…

“Uuh… why…” (Karen)

“…Woof.” (Hokuto)

“Eh… it didn’t break? I did it!” (Karen)

…It seemed Hokuto couldn’t win against a crying child.

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