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Neko Kouichi

Chapter 138

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Chapter 138 The Audience with the Dragons

“Sorry… Karen. Because Kaa-san let go of your hand…” (Frenda)

“No, there is no such a thing. I am fine.” (Karen)

“But… Uhh!?” (Frenda)

“I told you, don’t overdo it!” (Debra)

Karen finally reunited with her mother. The daughter and mother held their hands together while shedding tears, but the mother, Frenda, wasn’t in good condition.

Debra, who saw Frenda moaned in pain, went to the other side. She touched Frenda and used healing magic.

Thanks to that, the complexion was somewhat improved, but whether the pain didn’t go away, the painful expression was unchanging.

“Okaa-san, are you hurt?” (Karen)

“I’m fine… If you are here… such a thing is…” (Karen)

“That’s right, Karen. Obaa-chan will cure your Okaa-san soon, so please wait in the room over there.” (Debra)

“But…” (Karen)

It seemed Frenda tried to look strong in front of her daughter, but from our viewpoint, it was a quite unpleasant situation.

She would lose consciousness if the condition remained still. I knew that it was bad but I had to interrupt them.

In fact, Zenodora said that the healing magic barely had any effect.

“Excuse me…” (Sirius)

“Sorry, but if you want to talk, please do it later.” (Debra)

“Well, judging from appearances, there seems to be some effect from that magic, but the pain itself hasn’t gone. If you continue such a treatment, she would be in a state where the wound would reopen many times…” (Sirius)

“If that’s so, are you saying that I should do nothing but looking at my daughter’s suffering!?” (Debra)

On top of watching the suffering of the daughter, this person also thought that she had lost her grandchild until a while ago.

Especially when she was in a state where the stress was piling up with no place to vent it, she would probably get angry if outsiders opened mouth.

I could bear a bit the angry stare of a parent who worried about her child, but I couldn’t afford to do that now.

“There must be some cause in her body. I can check for it but would it be alright if I touch her?” (Sirius)

“What are you saying? What can you do?” (Debra)

“I heard from Zenodora-sama that the effect of magic and medicinal herbs is a little. If there is no other effective means, can you leave her to me?” (Sirius)

“But you guys are…” (Debra)

It had been a few days since she got hit with arrows from the trespa.s.sers, so I should immediately diagnose that pain.

When I also undauntedly stared back, I saw Debra was hesitated. Well, it was a matter of course when it came to her beloved daughter.

Incidentally, Fia, who was standing nearby, touched Karen’s shoulder to give another push.

“…Karen. When it comes to this, please stop Debra-san!” (Fia)

“Yeah!” (Karen)

“Hey Karen! What are you going to do! Get away!” (Debra)

“No! They are going to save Okaa-san!” (Karen)

According to Fia’s instruction, Karen gave a splendid tackle, and… in addition to that, she hugged Debra from the front to stop her from moving.

She couldn’t pull away her granddaughter by force. Then, I stood at the bedside of Frenda in the gap where Debra was puzzled.

“…Who… are you?” (Frenda)

“I protected your daughter and brought her here.” (Sirius)

“Karen was…” (Frenda)

“Yes, and she asked me to treat you. I’m sorry for being too sudden, but I will touch your arm.” (Sirius)

It was a bit forceful if I included the part of sealing Debra’s movement, but Frenda’s treatment was our top priority.

I touched her arm without waiting for reply, and when I used [Scan], there was a reaction of a foreign matter inside her body as I expected.

The spot was deep into the side, and from the shape of reaction…

“Pl-please wait a sec! Take your hands off…” (Debra)

“Frenda-san was shot by an arrow at this spot… I mean from this angle, right? The one who applied healing magic was Debra-san, am I correct?” (Sirius)

“Eh!? Yes… but…” (Debra)

As I had heard in advance, when I told Debra the exact location and the angle of the wound which couldn’t be seen since the spot was covered with clothes, she obediently admitted even though she might feel strange.

“Did you pull out the stuck arrow at the time of treatment?” (Sirius)

“That’s right. If I don’t do that, I can’t treat her.” (Debra)

“Did you see the arrowhead?” (Sirius)

“No… I didn’t really see it, but I think there was nothing attached…” (Debra)

“Then, it was probably come off at that time. Did you use something cheap, and doing it mildly…?” (Sirius)

“Could it be…” (Debra)

“Yes. There is a high possibility that the arrowhead still remain inside Frenda’s body.” (Sirius)

It wasn’t uncommon for arrowhead to be sharpened. Besides, she must be fl.u.s.tered when giving the treatment.

If she thought that the health deterioration was due to poisoning, it wasn’t strange to misunderstand that. This was also a mistake since this world relied on magic.

If this condition remained a bit longer, it could result with remaining sense of discomfort, but in her case, the foreign object remained in an exquisite position, even if she was healed with healing magic, the arrowhead would injure the organs and created new wounds with any movement. That was the reason why Frenda was suffering even if she had been treated.

In worst case scenario, the severe pain might cause death to the shock, but there was also a possibility that she had survived until now because she was kept healed by magic.

However, if it was repeated again and again, it would definitely reduce her lifespan.

“This is not only restricted to the arrowhead, but she will continue to suffer as long as the foreign matters remain inside.” (Sirius)

When I explained so while checking for other abnormalities, Debra looked down with a bitter expression.

She didn’t want to believe what a suspicious man said, but it was difficult to deny it.

“As long as the foreign matter remain inside… could it be!?” (Debra)

“You’re right. There is no way other than opening a hole in the body and taking it out.” (Sirius)

“Are you going to cut my daughter’s body? I understand your reasoning, but if you do such a thing, this girl will…” (Debra)

“Either way, she keeps suffering as it is. And since I have experience in this, it is possible to do it with minimal pain.” (Sirius)

It was the same situation when I first met Reese’s sister, Lifell-Hime, but what differs was the foreign matter exhausted her stamina.

More importantly, the reaction of the foreign matter came from deep into the side. Unlike arms and legs, there were many important organs. It was natural that the cut surface would be minimal, but it was necessary to take measures by considering infections.

“I think that it would be difficult even when you are told to believe in us especially when we just met, but since I have proof it to you by bringing Karen back, would you leave this to me?” (Sirius)

“…Why are you doing this so much? This is the first time you meet my daughter.” (Debra)

“I don’t want to see Karen’s crying face, but the best reason is… because I know the sorrow and bitterness of losing a mother.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama…” (Emilia)

“Aniki…” (Reus)

I still couldn’t forget the bitterness when my ‘mother’, Erina, pa.s.sed away.

Nevertheless, I might unintentionally hurt Frenda even if I gave her treatment, and there was a possibility that all dragons would come after me, but… it didn’t matter.

I myself wished to do so, and more than anything, I wanted to be a man not ashamed as the teacher of his disciples.

“I don’t want her to taste the bitter feeling after she finally meets her mother. Besides, even if it’s harmful or anything unavoidable, if there is a life in front of me that I can save, I will do so.” (Sirius)

When I clearly said that, Debra stopped going against Karen who had been hugging and desperately holding her back.

She didn’t seem completely convinced by looking at her sighing, but the appearance that gently stroked Karen’s head was calm and gentle.

“If she remains like this, there will be no changes… is it?” (Debra)

“Obaa-chan…” (Karen)

“If you have confidence, you may try it. However… if something happen, I will hit you with magic.” (Debra)

“Sure. When that time comes, do it without hesitation. Well then, let’s start at once.” (Sirius)

It would only look suspicious from the view of a person who didn’t know anything, but if I had already reached this point, it was my ‘victory’.

‘Let’s do this without changing Debra’s feeling and also Frenda’s resilience.’

“I will make slightly clean this place.” (Fia)

“Sorry, but please wait a sec. Aniki, is it fine to do this here?” (Reus)

First was the preparation. Fia called the wind and blew dust away out of the room, while Reus slowly held Frenda and moved her from the bed to the table with a clean cloth.

I made her sleep with sleeping powder beforehand, but since Debra frowned because Frenda was transferred from the Bed, Emilia explained to her while keep on preparing.

“Her whole body will get wet when Sirius-sama and Reese treat her, so it would be inconvenient to do it on the bed. If you don’t mind, may I ask your a.s.sistance to take off Frenda’s cloth?” (Emilia)

“It’s fine, but it’s a bit pitiful to expose her skin.” (Debra)

“It’s alright, Debra-san. I will go out.” (Reus)

“Then, let me do this.” (Sirius)

“Haa?” (Debra)

I rolled a cloth and completely closed my eyes at the same time when Reus left the room.

Although it was a foolish appearance, I could determine the surrounding situation by feeling the presence and based on [Search]’s reactions. Hence, it was unnecessary to have a view to do medical treatment.

In other words, it didn’t matter if I saw her or not. If I had to say, I was doing it because it was ethical to do so.

While feeling a gaze of hesitation on my back whether this was exaggerating or should be stopped, I approached Frenda who was put on the table.

“Well then… we will be doing a standard surgery. Reese.” (Sirius)

“Yes, I’m going! Oh Water, protect her from dust…” (Reese)

During the preparation, when Reese concentrated her magic power and unleashed a magic, the whole body of Frenda was covered with a film of water.

In addition to disinfecting the whole body with this film of water, it had a function of suppressing bleeding while preventing bacteria infection from the wound. Besides, she was amazing since this didn’t prevent breathing as this technique let the nose and mouth not covered.

It was a magic born from the regret that she couldn’t do anything at the time with Princess Lifell, but I was very grateful with the magic since I had the ability to extract foreign matter from the body.

If the body wasn’t protected with this magic even if I managed to remove a foreign matter, there was a good possibility that it would cause some kind of infection.

“The anesthetic preparation has been completed. Next is…” (Sirius)

I released mana as I touched Frenda’s body by thrusting my hand into the water film. After applying the usual anesthesia, I gently pushed the disinfected knife into Frenda’s flank.

I kept the size of the wound large enough to allow foreign matter to pa.s.s and handed the knife to Emilia who was waiting behind me. From now on, I didn’t require knife but some precision work.

‘Now… here’s the real thing.’

“Extraction… is done.” (Sirius)

A number of [String]s penetrated the wound and pushed around the organs to such an extent that it wouldn’t cause any burden. It was around 30 minutes after the surgery began when I took the foreign matter out without injuring the inside of the body.

In the meantime, I was very tired since I continued manipulating [String]s individually through [Multi-Task] and using [Search] in order to precisely know the position of foreign matter inside the body as it wasn’t visible from the outside.

Anyhow, the procedure wasn’t completed yet even after the foreign matter was successfully removed.

I treated the internal organs which were repeatedly healed and injured many times with regenerative activity and now, Reese was killing the bacteria by manipulating water.

“…Seriously. There was such a thing inside her body.” (Debra)

“There are many sharp points on that thing and it is natural to feel painful when it is moving inside the body.” (Sirius)

The removed foreign matter was put in a small container prepared by Emilia, but as I expected, it was an arrowhead.

As a matter of course, it was an iron arrowhead, so it wasn’t possible to convince even if unless it was removed.

While Debra was staring at the arrowhead, Karen pulled my sleeve with anxious expression.

“Okaa-san… is she alright?” (Kaern)

“What is left is to close the wound. Please wait a little more.” (Sirius)

Then, the surgery ended after Reese finished her treatment on the wound part and erasing the scar. There was no problem to entrust things to everyone.

Emilia wiped Frenda who got wet with towel and dressed her up. She cooperated with Fia to move Frenda to the bed. After confirming that, I removed the blindfold and sat on a nearby chair.

Reese also breathing heavily on the next chair, but she had a satisfied expression.

I would like to take a rest for a while like this, but first, let me informed the result.

“Karen. Your Okaa-san is not in bad situation anymore, so you don’t have to worry, alright.” (Sirius)

“Really!?” (Karen)

“Yes. When she wakes up, the pain will surely disappear. But, I don’t think she will wake up for a while, so you should also take a rest.” (Sirius)

“Yes. I will be by Okaa-san’s side.” (Karen)

It was already dark outside. I should be tired since I went into the forest since the morning. And then, Karen brought a chair and sat near her mother.

By the way, Emilia went out to call Reus. In the meantime, I looked at Debra who was sitting on the opposite chair.

“It seems that she didn’t have the stamina, but the operation was successful. I think that she will steadily recover after recuperating.” (Sirius)

“Really… Is she fine already?” (Debra)

“Yes. However, Frenda-san is considerably weakened, so I think that it is best not to move her body for a while.” (Sirius)

“I don’t mind. As long as the girl is alright… it is fine.” (Debra)

Whether the vigilance had loosened after stretching it until now, Debra was gently laughing while looking exhausted. If she was like this, she seemed calm down and she would listen to me.

When the siblings returned, we introduced each other. I explained the situation where we protected Karen, who was a slave, until we reached here.

She was surprised to hear that Karen was being enslaved, but when I told that she had no deep wound physically and mentally, she breathed out as if she was relieved.

“Haa… such things happened, is it? Anyhow, thank you very much for helping my daughter and grandchild.” (Debra)

“I just couldn’t abandon Karen after all.” (Sirius)

“Yes. We just did what we wanted to do.” (Emilia)

“Nonetheless, I’m very grateful. And… I’m sorry for being harsh at the beginning. No matter how hard I may try, it’s hard for me to like adventurers.” (Debra)

“As I expected. Everyone who lives in this village seems not comfortable with outsiders.” (Sirius)

It couldn’t be helped. After all, those who came to dragon’s nest were only greedy people like the bunch who found Karen.

But, Debra slowly shook her head while wryly smiles at my words.

“No… Well, you are right, but it my case, it’s a personal matter.” (Debra)

At the time when Debra was hesitated whether she should talk about it or not, the grumbling stomach sounds came from three directions as if it was about the time. Reese and Reus were laughing in embarra.s.sment.

The outside was already dark, and it was inevitable since the dinner hour had pa.s.sed so long ago. Incidentally, I also heard the sound from Karen, and it was cute when she looked away as if to say the sound didn’t come from her.

“My bad. I was talking long without treating my benefactors. I can’t prepare too extravagant, but I’ll go prepare some meals first. Let me say this, I’ll be angry if you decline now.” (Debra)

“It can’t be help if you are angry. I would like to have some, please.” (Sirius)

“Yes, you can leave it to me. Karen, Obaa-chan will prepare meal now. Please wait a bit more.” (Debra)

“Yeah!” (Karen)

Whether it was because Karen returned to her house, she slightly loosened the mouth more than usual and cheerfully nodded.

She went to the kitchen which was in the next room, but I expected that it would be hard to prepare meals for this number of people alone. Especially when we have gluttonous siblings who ate a lot…

“If it’s cooking, I also can help–…” (Sirius)

“I will help. Sirius-sama, please continue resting. Of course, Reese too.” (Emilia)

Since it was true that I was tired because it was only for short time, I decided to accept Emilia’s suggestion.

As I absentmindedly observed Karen who was watching Frenda sleeping with a slightly better complexion, Hokuto came in from the opposite window.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Although I entrusted Hokuto to watch the outside, I felt relieved because my work was done.

Anyhow, when I used [Search], I sensed two big reactions approaching here.

“…It seems like Zenodara-sama. I guessed the discussion is over.” (Reese)

“I wonder if we aren’t considered as enemies.” (Fia)

“I’m not sure about that, but I feel another similar reaction. There is a possibility that it may suddenly attack us. Let’s prepare in case something is going to happen.” (Sirius)

“Yes. Shall we prepare to escape?” (Emilia)

When I told Emilia through [Call] so that she was prepared for anything, the whole house was slightly trembled.

That was perhaps the two had landed, but since Zenodara’s landing was quiet, the other was probably rough.

As I thought so while waiting, Zenodora opened the door in a form of a man.

“Sorry to make you wait. I took a bit of time to explain to hard-headed people.” (Zenodora)

Unlike when we parted, he was now looked a bit tired, but since I didn’t feel any hostilities or tensions, it seemed that there was no need to immediately escape.

“No, it’s not a problem. More importantly, what is going to happen to us?” (Sirius)

“Well… can you follow me now? You seem tired, but apparently, the chief wants to see you face to face.” (Zenodora)

“He won’t forgive you if you refuse, you know?” (??)

Zenodora looked a bit sorry, but another Dragonkin, who arrived in a bit later, had sharpened eyes.

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He was a Dragonkin with whole body dyed in red and it was our first time to meet him, but it seemed we had to be very alert.

A stone statue of a huge dragon was built in the inner part of the hall and behind that statue, there was a figure of a sitting black dragon.

That black dragon was much bigger than Zenodora and Mejia, but… since the presence was something else, that was surely the chief.

In the center of hall, fire was burned in a container made of rock. Zenodora and the dragons of various colors were holding still around it.

[Asrad-sama! We have brought the outsiders.] (Mejia) (TLN: The name in raw is アスラード)

[…So they have come?] (Asrad)

When Mejia lowered his head as if he was paying great respect, the black dragon, Asrad, slowly nodded. How should I say this… this solemn atmosphere was like having an audience with a king.

And then, the gazes of gigantic dragons gathered to us all at once, and while the tense air flowed…

[As-jii!] (Karen)

[…Well, the adventurers have come. My name is Asrad… I am the chief of this village.] (Asrad)

“As-jii! Onii-san and Onee-chans are not bad people!} (Karen)

[I’m calling you all not because of any other reasons. I want to directly listen from you on what you have done to this village…] (Asrad)

“They know a lot of things and they taught me! So, don’t bully them!” (Karen)

However, it was because Karen didn’t read the atmosphere at all, the solemn atmosphere that existed until now vanished.

Sure enough, Asrad kept talking while maintaining the atmosphere…

[Say, Karen. Jii-chan has something important to talk, so be quiet a bit–…] (Asrad)

“No!” (Karen)

It seemed that this was going to take some time.

Extra/Bonus Act 1 – Satiety

The time when we walked in the cave and at the rear of Zenodora…

“Uu… I’m hungry…” (Reese)

“…I’m hungry.” (Reus)

“Me too…” (Karen)

At that time, the glutton siblings + 1 were secretly reaching the limit of hunger.

“It can’t be helped. Here, eat this.” (Sirius)

“““Yeay!””” (Reese/Reus/Karen)

Sirius gave Reese, Reus and Karen fairly large dried meat.

Karen’s satiety level… gained 25%.

Reus’ satiety level… gained 2%.

Reese’s satiety level… hadn’t gone up.

“What!? If you are ordinary people, that should satisfy your hunger, you know!?” (Sirius)

““More!”” (Reese/Reus)

※Supplement info.

If the maximum of common satiety is 100…

Reus’ maximum satiety level is about 500 (speculated number).

Reese’s is… unknown.

Extra/Bonus Act 2 – Hokuto’s Quiz

[…Isn’t that because you guys don’t want to see the chief?] (Zenodora)

[Such a thing is…!] (Eye)

[No, it’s not!] (Kuva)

[We are worried about Frenda–…!] (Rai)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

[[[I’m sorry! Don’t be angry!]]] (Eye/Kuva/Rai)

Question… what did Hokuto say at that time?

[Don’t be too frank!]

[My forefoot is groaning, you know?]

[Master, please brush me.]

※ The three dragons merely misunderstood.

[Come with me to the behind of that building!]

And the answer is–… (The sentence ends here).

Surely, the answer chosen by the reader is the correct answer… well, maybe.

Presenting Hokuto

When the Master was treating Frenda-san in Karen-chan’s house, Hokuto-kun was waiting outside with the three dragons.

[Hmmm…] (Eye)

[Is it because late at night?] (Kuva)

[n.o.body is coming.] (Rai)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

[[[I’m sorry! We properly have been listening!]]] (Eye/Kuva/Rai)

Since they were available for the time being, Hokuto was educating the three dragons while watching the surroundings.

When flying in the sky, the flight formation of flanking each other was susceptible to wind. So, Hokuto explained by drawing a triangle formation, but…

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

[Uh… As expected.] (Eye)

[What is he saying?] (Kuva)

[I don’t know.] (Rai)

Because they were different species, the three dragons couldn’t understand Hokuto-kun’s language.

They understand the general meanings from Hokuto-kun’s reaction, but they couldn’t understand the details.

Incidentally, the time when they were educated was translated by Emilia-chan.

“…Woof!” (Hokuto)

Accordingly, Hokuto came up with a good idea. He decided to draw a picture on the ground and explained.

By skillfully using his nails, they should be able to understand since he didn’t only draw pictures, but also letters, but…

[Air flow? Lift power?] (Eye)

[I don’t really understand, but we have the abilities…] (Kuva)

[I can easily fly when I accept some wind, you know?] (Rai)

They were right, but they didn’t understand such advantages like they would have a surplus if the influence of the wind was small.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

[[[So, what should I do!?]]] (Eye/Kuva/Rai)

“Hmm…It is strangely noisy, what’s wrong?” (Reus)

[[[Help us!]]] (Eye/Kuva/Rai)

Later… by Reus’ explanation and Emilia who came later, they understood Hokuto-kun’s intentions.

[I see… was that sort of thing?] (Eye)

[That is to cut down the waste, isn’t it? As expected of Hokuto-sama.] (Kuva)

[Anego and Aniki also helped us.] (Rai)

Incidentally, not only Hokuto-kun’s, the siblings’ shares also went up.

※ Hokuto was familiar with the air flow and other stuff because he heard of such things when he went travelling all over the world with the Master in the previous life. He recalled all that and understood it when he became a Hundred Wolves.

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