World Defying Dan God

Ji Xiao Zei - Solitary Little Thief

Chapter 3819

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Long Yue, although no longer hate Primogenitor of Creation Beast, but has a strange feeling about Primogenitor of Creation Beast, Shen Xiang can feel it, he thinks it will get better in the future.

“Golden Fire Overlord will come back. Your barriers are best done soon, or they will definitely attack Creation Medicine G.o.d State once they arrive.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast looks at the sky: “The strength of our ancestors was Restrictions, it is difficult to upgrade, and that’s it! Can you protect Ancient Era, you have to look at your younger generation.”

“The barrier should be fast, and once it’s successful, I will go to the Origin Creation G.o.d Territory! Completely eliminate the guys who have always wanted to destroy Ancient Era,” said Shen Xiang.

“The people at Origin Creation G.o.d Territory are the descendants of the great ancestors. They always think that the entire Ancient Era belongs to them, so there is no scruples when destroying Ancient Era.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast The face is full of anger: “It is not the case. We created Ancient Era in order to create a colorful world.”

“So who created these ancestors?” Shen Xiang asked.

“Nature is born.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said: “We used to be confused about where we came from, who created it, and it took a long time to find the answer. Finally we got nothing, because we felt lonely, so we created Ancient Era. Then there have been many things that have caused us to change… and only Dao Creation G.o.d Lord and h.e.l.l G.o.d Lord have not changed.”

“You have a strong strength at this time, and I have pa.s.sed down my inheritance. I have the undying body. If you go to the Origin Creation G.o.d Territory, you will be able to stand out there.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said: “What are you going to do?” ”

“I don’t know about Origin Creation G.o.d Territory. I only know that Golden Fire Overlord must be removed.” Shen Xiang said: “When I want to do something, I can only see the situation.”

Primogenitor of Creation Beast nodded.

“Senior, I will leave.” Shen Xiang wants to return to Hundred Flowers Village, Xiao Xianglin said that the formation plate is almost ready for refining.

“Goodbye!” Primogenitor of Creation Beast smiled and said goodbye to Shen Xiang.

When Shen Xiang returned to Hundred Flowers Village, Xiao Xianglin had already refining a formation plate!

“It’s pretty fast!” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

“It’s not too difficult!” Xiao Xianglin said with a smile : “In fact, I mainly got the inheritance of the Star Spirit Stone!”

“What is the inheritance of this star soul stone?” Shen Xiang secretly curious, that is what Long Yue and the smoke charms have to get.

“I can quickly comprehend various mantras… I guess that is the memory of the ancestor of the star, and it is condensed using the mantra,” said Xiao Xianglin.

“What about the stone that my sister gave you? Isn’t that the World Defying mantra above?” Shen Xiang asked.

“I will master it soon. It seems to be a spell that condenses the star soul stone.” Xiao Xianglin said: “Maybe it helps you alchemy!”

Shen Xiang took the formation plate and came to the Creation Medicine G.o.d State. At this time, Creation Medicine G.o.d State was covered with clouds. He looked up and saw Golden Fire Overlord standing on top of a golden giant bird. Numerous great men dressed in golden armor, the mighty soar into the clouds and mount the mists, spurred a violent qi wave.

Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng have already taken people to fly, and Shen Xiang quickly entered the purple fire Divine Tree and entered the ancient G.o.d Source s.p.a.ce through a pa.s.sage.

He placed the formation plate in the center of the G.o.d Source s.p.a.ce, then opened the formation plate, inspiring the mystical power inside the formation plate, just a few moments, spread to the entire Ancient Era!

“Is this a success?” Shen Xiang was not sure. After he came outside, he had already felt that the large formation of Creation Medicine G.o.d State was to be broken. Golden Fire Overlord brought more than a dozen lessons to World Defying G.o.d. The source’s expert came, and the person who attacked the large formation at this time was only the one who cultivated the spirit of G.o.d Source.

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Shen Xiang released a clone, he let the clone use the power of G.o.d Source, G.o.d Source has just emerged from the body, was moved away by a powerful s.p.a.ce power.

“It seems that we can only alchemy in the future.” Zuo Xingfeng hehe smiled: “This is not bad!”

Countless birds and beasts rushed over and smashed the army that Golden Fire Overlord brought, but there were still a few strong guys among them, with some people fleeing.

Golden Fire Overlord More than a dozen of them have been transferred to various places in Ancient Era. They will not be able to return for a while, and they will not be able to do anything in the future.

Just over half an hour, the golden clouds over Creation Medicine G.o.d State are all gone, and the Golden Fire Overlord brings all the troops away. There is no Golden Fire Overlord. They are expert at this level. They deal with countless birds and beasts. Hard work, and the army inside Creation Medicine G.o.d State.

“Golden Fire Overlord They should also return to Origin Creation G.o.d Territory! They will definitely find ways to come back later,” said Shen Xiang.

Both Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng understand Shen Xiang’s meaning, Shen Xiang is going to Origin Creation G.o.d Territory!

“Before the Golden Fire Overlord came in, I am going to find him now.” Shen Xiang laughed, then clasped the Creation Origin Key, and thought about going to the Origin Creation G.o.d Territory.

Then all around the s.p.a.ce is distorted, and Shen Xiang’s body is gradually distorted by the s.p.a.ce devour!

As soon as she saw it, Shen Xiang came to an all-around volcanic place, and the air was covered with a large volcanic ash, glittering a horrible lightning.

“Is this the Origin Creation G.o.d Territory?” After Shen Xiang came, it was incredible, because it was like a dead place, just like the Origin Creation Evil Territory, it was not as good as the Creation Thunder Territory!

“It should be! It seems that their group of people was exiled here by Dao Creation G.o.d Lord.” Xiao Xianglin said with a smile : “It is reasonable to say that they should not be able to return to Ancient Era!”

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