World Defying Dan God

Ji Xiao Zei - Solitary Little Thief

Chapter 2911

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(3rd person POV)

In one corner of the fight, a Marauder who appears smarter than the others casted a look of irritation towards a figure fighting four Marauders at once.

"Little girl! Can't defeat!"

"She's stronger than five of us combined!"

"Pest. Nuisance."

"Boss, what do we do?"

Despite his subordinates' grumblings, he slowly a.n.a.lyzed the situation. He carefully observed Karla and eventually came to the conclusion that the girl might be strong, but she lacks experience in battle. Her punches were bursting with strength, but she can't fully grasp the flow of the battlefield just yet. There were some trained moves in her, but that's it. He thought that if Karla is surrounded by dozens or more Marauders, she's done so.

That brought him to the question of how can the little girl move freely in this battle. His gaze then landed on a warrior woman who keeps glancing back at Karla. She would often interrupt a backstab aimed towards the little girl, and would block the arrows fired towards her. The woman is also keeping the numbers engaging Karla below 4 or 5, which she deemed the maximum that Karla could handle currently.

'Divide and conquer, is it?' The boss Marauder grinned and ordered something to his subordinate.

A Marauder was sent flying after Karla punched him for the fourth time. He crashed into two Marauders who were about to charge towards Karla, successfully intercepting them.

"Behind you."

After hearing the voice, Karla suddenly bent her body down. She wasn't even given time to rest as another one came charging from behind her. Thanks to Sif's timely warning though, she managed to avoid the surprise attack.

Karla kicked the ground and rolled a meter away from the a.s.sailant behind her. Getting up, she then turned around and delivered a kick to the head aimed towards the Marauder.


The Marauder issued an agonizing wail before he was knocked down to the ground. After making sure that he fainted and was incapacitated, Karla faced the next Marauder in line.

The battle has been going on a cycle like this for a while now. Their numbers seemingly endless; but in truth, it was just enemy reinforcements coming every minute.

Although the Asgardians had an advantage in training and equipment, the Marauders equaled it off with their numbers and suicidal actions. As the Asgardians were cornered on one side of a wall, the three other directions are free for the enemy to take advantage of. They could only endure.

The boss Marauder observed the battlefield closely.

He was especially keeping his attention on Karla, the little girl with the strength of nearly an adult Asgardian G.o.d.

Minutes pa.s.sed, and some change finally occurred.

He watched as Karla tried to catch her breath while dodging an attack. Her face filled with bullets of sweat, her breathing getting rough as the time

It looks like she's just a little girl, after all. No matter how strong she is, she cannot be inexhaustible. After sacrificing that much small fries on her, the boss Marauder would be p.i.s.sed if she's still able to easily whack them like potatoes. That's why, he gave up almost a quarter of his men just to exhaust her; so he could take her out. After that, the boss Marauder would be free to squish the Asgardians like bugs, especially since the mighty Thor isn't here.

"Go. Execute the plan as I said." The boss Marauder said to his underlings.

The two Marauders on his right nodded.

They then quickly dashed towards the farmer who was busily defending his family while inching towards the protective circle that the Asgardians made.

"No… NO! Let go of them! Let go of my wife—aack!!"

"My Husband!!"


When Karla heard those voices, she turned around just in time to see two Marauders dragging a woman and a child towards the forest. The man who seems like the father was sprawled on the ground with his face kissing the dirt. Blood dripped down his whole body as the Marauders left him in a bad shape.

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The farmer's strength was simply no match for the Marauders'. Furthermore, there were no Einherjar that could help him as they were all engaged in a battle at the moment. The Marauders howled loudly without care of getting attention as they dragged the two women with l.u.s.tful faces.

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