Beastmaster of the Ages


Chapter 1010

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Chapter 1010

With a hum, a G.o.dsword for each cardinal direction appeared beside Tianming. As he used his Grand-Orient Swords to execute Hadean Reincarnation, the four G.o.dswords followed his movements.

As for Huiyue Jie's ability to coordinate with his bloodmoon skyfiends by using different battle arts, Tianming chose to avoid using something so high-level yet. Even so, the simple act of having his totems mimic his sword art showed enough power to shock everyone there.

There were eighteen vortices on the Grand-Orient Swords, each containing hadean sword ki. While they weren't huge, they were powerful and precise. They also contained Tianming's four types of astralforce, mixed together for maximum damage potential. The four G.o.dswords beside him had tens of vortices in all. While they were only twenty meters long, it felt like they could cover the whole sky. Not to mention, each sword had slight differences as well.

The Eastdivinity Acme's vortices seemed to blaze like a fire-type ability, shining bright like the sun. The Westvoid Progenifiend's vortices were filled with a demonic aura that was completely unlike Meow Meow's; the cat’s was ferociously demonic, while this felt like pure evil. The Southsky Chaospit had black and white vortices, while the Northapex Perpetuity's vortices were cold and frosty. Their formidability completely matched that of Huiyue Jie and his six bloodmoon skyfiends. Tianming now shone like an envoy of death. The hadean sword ki around him fused into one, causing such disturbances in the surroundings that his hair wildly flared out.

The power he had shown caused Huiyue Jie's scalp to tingle. He had thought with pride that he would 'let' Tianming defeat him, but now he noticed that he didn't even need to do that. Tianming didn't need a year, only some twenty days to gain enough power to challenge him. His pride was hurt. When he roared, the eight eyes on his face shimmered and formed a ring.

"Reddust Bloodeyes, Octaeye Mirage!" The Bloodmoon Fiendfangs in his hand, which were hidden weapons, had been unleashed using the battle art Dreamflower Ghosthaze and attacked Tianming from behind in the moment of the clash. As for Octaeye Mirage, it was an ability that instilled confusion through the swirling vortices in his eyes that looked like seas of blood.

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Unfortunately for him, Tianming wasn’t affected, as he had the Soul Tower protecting him. Not to mention, his decapath era G.o.dswords were formed using his terra and soul servants, so they were powerful enough in terms of spiritual power. With Octaeye Mirage useless, Huiyue Jie grit his teeth and gripped the Voidmoon Demonblade tight with both hands. Behind him, the arms of the bloodmoon skyfiends thrust and turned into war blades. They adopted the same stance as Huiyue Jie.

The momentum of Huiyue Jie's a.s.sault was reduced by half as a result. Now, Tianming only had to clash with him and his two bloodmoon skyfiends. This showed that Tianming's lifebound beasts were powerful enough to hold their own in battle and had enough different strengths for almost any scenario. Now that he had totems to boost his battle arts, the dynamic of the group battle also greatly changed. Tianming was now the main damage dealer.

His swords and beasts worked together in perfect harmony without any conflict, which wouldn't have been the case had his totems been heavenly being types. That way, his lifebound beasts wouldn't be able to play much of an auxiliary role, for it was far more effective to fight totems with totems. The advantage of weapon totems was their damage. Consequently, they were simple and less well rounded than heavenly being totems. Even so, that alone allowed Tianming's combat capability to match that of ascendants at the Quadseal or Pentacarnic Sky. He was also balanced out by his lifebound beasts. This was a battle that would define his fighting style for the time to come, and it allowed him to understand how to effectively utilize his totems in tandem with his beasts.

"Go!" After Ying Huo dealt with the Bloodmoon Fiendfangs, it contributed to the charge and used Hadean Reincarnation as well. The reason it was able to master the move so quickly was thanks to the new powers offered by the Aeonic Grandbane that greatly boosted its comprehension capabilities. Now its sword strike was just as threatening as Tianming's, containing the power of Blazebane, Cosmic Blade. While the threat it posed to totems was limited, it could be fatal for Huiyue Jie. The multiple sword strikes blended into a cohesive whole.

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