Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her!

孤木双 - Gui Mushuang

Chapter 702 - Grand Daughter-in-Law

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Chapter 702: Grand Daughter-in-Law

This was a little girl?

Why was her tone so mature she didn’t sound like one?


Gu Qingjiu had to admit that she felt delighted shamelessly.

It was rare for her to feel shy about being praised by a child. “You’re beautiful as well. Charlotte, is it?”

Her English p.r.o.nunciation was pretty good, making Hilda cast a surprised glance at her. She smiled and explained, “Charlotte is like her mother in certain ways, and she’s just a tad mature for her age.”

“No, she’s sweet-tongued, and I like her.”

“I like you too.”

Charlotte broke out of Hilda’s hug and leaped down from her and confessed to Gu Qingjiu out of nowhere, coupled with a flying kiss.

She then ran off happily.

Gu Qingjiu’s gaze trailed after her for a while, and before long, she blended into that group of little kids outside.

Probably no one wouldn’t feel happy being complemented by such a pretty little girl.

“How many days are you planning to stay here this time? Can you go back after Chinese New Year? I know this is your first time in Penalan. I can get Lance to tour Penalan. You can enjoy the glamors of our country to your heart’s content.”

By Lance, Hilda was referring to Helian Niancheng’s English name.

“I’m sorry, Auntie, I’ll have to leave Penalan in two days. My older brother is in the US all by himself and can’t return home, so my mother wishes for me to go over there to keep him company over the new year.”

“Oh, that’s regretful. But it’s okay, and I’m sure you’ll have the chance in the future.”

Hilda crossed one leg over the other and winked at Gu Qingjiu as she raised her coffee cup. Just then, an imposing voice rang from behind.

“Your girlfriend?”

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This voice had a special quality of iciness which gave one an urge to shiver.

All of a sudden, even Helian Niancheng, who was standing behind, tightly furrowed his brows.

The atmosphere was a tad awkward, so Hilda pulled Gu Qingjiu and said, “You’ve just reached, so you should be hungry. I’ll take you and Lance for a meal now.”

“Hold it there.”

Helian Yongshuo spoke up the moment Hilda finished speaking.

He snorted. “Am I not allowed to size up my granddaughter-in-law? What did all of you think I was going to do?”

Hearing the mention of ‘granddaughter-in-law,’ Gu Qingjiu’s face turned red. Though, the atmosphere eased instantly as well.

Helian Man went up and said with a beautiful smile, “Father, we thought you were going to… never mind. The two kids have yet to eat. It’s time for them to eat something.”

“Let’s eat together. Get Xiyi to come with us.”

Helian Yongshuo relented. Helian Niancheng walked over and grabbed Gu Qingjiu, then said in a low voice, “Are you hungry? If you are, we’ll go and eat something.”

Helian Yongshuo suddenly turned his head. Seeing the duo’s fingers intertwined intimately, he let out a ‘tsk’ sound.

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