Warrior's Promise

Baili Longxia - 百里龙虾

Chapter 2258 - Things Got Out Of Hand

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Chapter 2258: Things Got Out Of Hand

Su Mo looked indifferent and nodded when Wei Lun and Lu Dong apologized to him.

He did not want to waste time on people who were not loyal to their friends and waited patiently for the deacon to return.

When Chu Yan saw Su Mo’s att.i.tude, he stopped talking to him as Su Mo had given him the cold shoulder.

The deacon was quick and he was back in a short while.

“Duan Jingtian, here are your Dawn Stones. Check if the quant.i.ty is right!” The deacon said as he handed a special storage ring to Su Mo.

Su Mo took the storage ring and after checking through it, he nodded.

The storage ring contained the Five Elements Dawn Stones and Su Mo did not take inventory of the Dawn Stones.

“Thank you, Deacon!” Su Mo bowed at the deacon. He was impressed to know that Human Palace was filthy rich.

They had no problem giving away more than 1,000,000 Dawn Stones. Although those were the Lower-grade Dawn Stones, it was generous of Human Palace to do so.

“You are welcome. You have earned them!”

The deacon smiled and said, “After this, I will report to the higher echelons that you have entered level 18 and announce it to the entire Human Palace!”


When Su Mo heard what the deacon had said, he was astonished. He felt uneasy and said, “Deacon, must you do this?”

Su Mo felt a little depressed. It would not do him any good if news about him were to spread.

His ident.i.ty might be exposed once that happened.

His main concern was that it would put him into a perilous situation if the Heavenly Palace and Earth Palace knew about it.

At that moment, he did not have the ability to contend with Tuoba Qingyun and Di Yihun.

Before he had the backing of Human Palace, he could not reveal his ident.i.ty.

“This is your honor. Moreover, once this has been announced to the entire palace, you can decide which elder you wish to learn from if you have no wish to be Elder Huo Ling’s disciple. The rest of the elders will be happy to have you as their disciple!” The deacon said.

He meant well for Su Mo. Su Mo would receive many benefits with this honor.

“Deacon, please don’t do that. I prefer to keep a low profile!”

Su Mo said instantly. He then continued and said, “I will give it a serious thought if I want to become Elder Huo Ling’s disciple!”

“I see!”

When the deacon heard what Su Mo had said, he pondered for a while. He then nodded and said, “Alright, do think about it. If you wish to learn from the other elders, let me know and I will help you with it!”

“Thank you, Deacon!” Su Mo was elated at the deacon’s reply and he immediately cupped his fist at the deacon and thanked him.

He secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“You are welcome. Given your talent, you will have a great future in Human Palace!” The deacon said with a smile.

Although the deacon had no idea about Su Mo’s actual talent, the fact that Su Mo had reached level 18 proved that he was talented.

Back then, among the 12 disciples who had reached level 18, two had become elders and they had reached the Supreme Being Realm. For the rest of them, the one with the lowest cultivation level was at Rank 8 True G.o.d Realm.


Su Mo nodded and said, “Deacon, if that’s all, I shall excuse myself!”

“Go!” The deacon waved his hand and said.

Su Mo then walked out to the Teleportation Formation and left Lava Cave.

He is humble and teachable!

The deacon stroked his beard as he watched Su Mo leave. He was full of praises for Su Mo.

Duan Jingtian is so powerful but he is not proud at all. He is easy-going and that is hard to come by.

Chu Yan and the disciples sighed as they watched Su Mo leave.

“Chu Yan, you’d better leave him alone!”

The deacon warned Chu Yan as he looked at him.

Although Chu Yan came from a special background, it would be unwise for him to set himself against a Peerless Herculean.

“Thank you for your advice, Deacon. I know what to do!” Chu Yan responded, his face dark.

Shortly, Chu Yan left Lava Cave, feeling depressed.

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At a cultivation room in a large courtyard, Luo Yu looked helplessly at the pet.i.te girl who was standing in front of her.

“Qin’er, I am cultivating!” Luo Yu was agitated. She was cultivating in seclusion but Qin’er had barged in.

“Sister Luo Yu, do you know that Duan Jingtian is a gifted genius?” Qin’er asked, looking thrilled.

She was not feeling happy for Duan Jingtian but she merely felt excited that she had chanced upon a gifted genius.

“Duan Jingtian? Is that the guy whom we have met? What has happened to him?” Luo Yu frowned when she heard what Qin’er had said. She had been cultivating and she was not aware that Duan Jingtian had joined Human Palace.

“That’s right! I helped him get into the Palace. Do you know what? He entered level 18 at the Lava Cave!”

Qin’er looked at Luo Yu with her big bright eyes and she said excitedly, “I never expected him to be that powerful. He surprises me!”

“Has he entered level 18?” Luo Yu was astonished when she heard it.

Is Duan Jingtian that powerful?

“That’s right!” Qin’er nodded proudly. She felt that she had accomplished a great task by helping Human Palace to recruit a gifted genius.

“What is so special about him?” Luo Yu asked curiously.

“I am not sure. He seems to possess the Great Rotating Sacred Sword Primordial Spirit. Other than this, I have no other information about him!” Qin’er said as she shook her head.

When Luo Yu heard Qin’er’s reply, she was silent. She then said softly, “He is indeed powerful since he has entered level 18. However, Qin’er, that doesn’t mean that he is a gifted genius!”

“Why do you say so?” Qin’er asked.

“He could have entered level 18 because he possesses some powerful artifacts that have helped him fend off the flame!” Luo Yu replied.

What she said sounded logical. It was true that many artifacts were unable to fend against the array in the Lava Cave. Even if one had hidden in a s.p.a.cial Artifact, they would not be able to resist the power of the flame.

However, there were still special artifacts around that could fend off the power of the flame, although they might not be that effective.

“Even so, it proves that Duan Jingtian is special!”

Qin’er shrugged it off and said eagerly, “I want to know how powerful Duan Jingtian is! Shall we pay him a visit?”

“This… alright!” Luo Yu hesitated for a while before nodding her head. After all, she could not turn Qin’er down due to her special status.

Luo Yu finally came out of her seclusion and went with Qin’er to look for Duan Jingtian.

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