Warrior's Promise

Baili Longxia - 百里龙虾

Chapter 2257 - Breaks The Records Accidentally

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Chapter 2257: Breaks The Records Accidentally

When Su Mo saw the reactions of the disciples, he was surprised.

It’s true that he has entered level 18. However, what’s so great about getting into that level?

“Duan Jingtian, you have given me a good explanation but your explanation gave me a shock!”

Chu Yan smiled and said derisively, “Prove to me that you have entered level 18!”

Chu Yan found it ridiculous. Duan Jingtian is too conceited!

He had made up his mind. When Duan Jingtian was unable to prove that he had been to level 18, he would humiliate him.

“Duan Jingtian, give me the Fire Spirit that you have caught and I will give you your rewards!”

The deacon said. He did not believe that Su Mo had entered level 18 either.

However, he still had to give Su Mo his due rewards.


Su Mo nodded. He turned his palm over and a silver light flashed across it, revealing the silver flame.

The silver flame was the Fire Spirit from level 17.

“This is the Fire Spirit from level 17!”

The deacon’s eyes lit up. He was surprised to see that Duan Jingtian had reached level 17.

Among the Outer Palace Disciples in Human Palace, no one had entered level 17 over the past 10 years.

Although Duan Jingtian did not get into level 18, the deacon felt that it was already amazing for him to get to level 17.

Chu Yan and the rest of the disciples were surprised as well. Duan Jingtian is indeed powerful. He has entered level 17!

However, they started to smile derisively in no time. Although it was amazing for him to have entered level 17, it was different from getting into level 18.

“Duan Jingtian, did you not say that you entered level 18? You are slapping yourself in the face!” Chu Yan said derisively.

“Haha, you have been found out!”

“You will not be able to hide a lie!”

Some of them laughed. Duan Jingtian is boastful and he has not even thought of how he could cover his lie.

That is funny!

Su Mo looked calm and he ignored the disciples. He cupped his fist at the deacon and said, “Deacon, I found this object at level 18 and I have no idea what it is!”

Having said that, a light flashed across his palm and the golden beacon appeared.


All of a sudden, everyone, including the deacon, froze. All of them stared at the golden beacon in Su Mo’s palm.

They were shocked. They looked at the golden beacon as though they were looking at something incredible.

“This… this is impossible!”

Chu Yan muttered. He was stunned and he could not believe his eyes. Duan Jingtian entered level 18!

This object can only be found in level 18 and only the disciples below the True G.o.d Realm can take it!

Chu Yan was dumbfounded. All the disciples were shocked, including the deacon.

The 13th person!

Ever since the Lava Cave had been constructed, the 13th Outer Palace Disciple who had entered level 18 had appeared after eons!

“Deacon, what is so special about this object?”

Su Mo asked curiously when he saw the expression on the faces of the disciples. He wanted to find out what the object was.

“Duan Jingtian, you are a Peerless Herculean!”

The deacon said after he came to himself. His eyes lit up as he sized Su Mo up again.

After a while, he said, “This is Elder Huo Ling’s orthodox practice. This object contains a small part of his experiences in cultivating the Way of the Fire!”

“Orthodox practice?” Su Mo was surprised to learn that the silver flame contained a Supreme Being’s orthodox practice.

He reckoned that Huo Ling Supreme Being could be the one who had constructed the Lava Cave and he had cultivated the Way of the Fire.

“Duan Jingtian, it is a pity that you are not cultivating the Fire Properties. You could have become Huo Ling Supreme Being’s disciple and learned from him!” The deacon said with a sigh.

He could tell that Su Mo was filled with the Five Elements power and he was not solely cultivating the Fire Properties.

“Be Huo Ling Supreme Being’s disciple?”

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Su Mo was astounded when he heard what the deacon had said. Could he learn from Huo Ling Supreme Being as he has obtained the silver flame?

“Sure. I will wait for you here!”

Su Mo nodded. Suddenly, a thought came to his mind and he added, “I would like to have the Five-Elements Dawn Stones!”

The deacon nodded. He immediately headed toward the Teleportation Formation at the exit to get back to Human Palace.

“Duan Jingtian, do you not want to learn from Huo Ling Supreme Being?” Chu Yan asked as he was testing Su Mo.

He had come up with the conjecture as Su Mo had asked for the Five-Elements Dawn Stones as his rewards.

If Su Mo had wanted to learn from Huo Ling Supreme Being, he would have asked for the Fire Dawn Stones.

That might not be the case but there was still a possibility that he was right.

After all, out of the 12 disciples who had reached level 18 back then, only three of them had chosen to learn from Huo Ling Supreme Being.

The rest of them had chosen their own martial arts paths as they had no desire to learn the Way of the Fire.

Although some martial artists had great talents, they would not learn the Fire Properties.

“What has it got to do with you whether I learn from Huo Ling Supreme Being or not?” Su Mo asked Chu Yan coldly.


When Chu Yan heard Su Mo’s comments, he was lost for words.

“Brother Duan, please forgive me for my impudence earlier!”

Wei Lun stepped forth and spoke as he cupped his fist at Su Mo.

He knew that once Su Mo became Huo Ling Supreme Being’s disciple, he would be enjoying a high status and Wei Lun could not afford to offend him.

Thus, Wei Lun had to apologize to Su Mo before he became Huo Ling Supreme Being’s disciple.

Wei Lun regretted agreeing to help Chu Yan deal with Duan Jingtian and getting himself into trouble.

“Brother Duan, I am at fault too. However, I mean no harm. Please forgive me!”

When Lu Dong saw that Wei Lun had apologized to Duan Jingtian, he did likewise.

Chu Yan’s face darkened when he saw their actions. He had not expected the situation to change so drastically.

Before that, those disciples had promised to help him teach Duan Jingtian a lesson.

In the blink of an eye, they had changed their att.i.tudes.

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