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Chapter 190 - Leaving the City; Leaving Him IV

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Chapter 188: 188

She deleted her browsing history as usual and watched the television for a while before packing her laptop and going to bed .

Huo Yunting came back around midnight . He was probably quite drunk, for he simply took a shower and went to bed without a word .

Working days were actually more enjoyable for Lu Zhaoyang . At the very least, she did not have to face Huo Yunting every moment of the day at home .

Lu Zhaoyang went through the doc.u.ments on her desk . She was signed in to her personal mailbox the entire time .

Just as she was deeply engrossed in the papers, she heard a soft notification sound from her laptop . She checked around her quickly before opening her new message .

Her body froze when she read the message .

She forced herself to calm down and forget about what she had just read as she close the browser tab .

All her mood for work was gone as she stared at her computer screen .

Chen's message was succinct .

"Today . "

They were leaving today!

But what about Huo Yunting?

The phone on her desk rang amidst her agitation . The call was from Huo Yunting's direct line .

"Come in here . "

He spoke through the phone imperiously .

Lu Zhaoyang ended the call and exhaled deeply before she stood up to make her way to Huo Yunting's office .

Just as she opened the door to his office, Huo Yunting pulled her in and pressed her against the wall!

"What are you doing?" Lu Zhaoyang felt her back against the cold wall behind her and shuddered .

Huo Yunting noticed it and pulled her into his arms in response . "You are coming home with me right now . "

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Lu Zhaoyang immediately felt anxious upon hearing him .

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