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Chapter 1609 - Being a popular singer: Hello sir major! (Part 23)

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Chapter 1609: Being a popular singer: h.e.l.lo sir major! (Part 23)

“You live alone!” Luo Qing Chen rubbed the sweet potato against her face, “It really isn’t bad.”

Although it wasn’t big, it wasn’t as cold as where the soldiers lived.

“What? Don’t like it?” Shi Yi Bei was a bit annoyed when he saw this since he had worked hard on this room.

Although the dorm was outside, he had more requests than others when it came to the place where he ‘lived’.

“Un.” Luo Qing Chen took a bit of the sweet potato as she said, “It just doesn’t feel as cold as the dormitory.”

There was the warmth of a home, especially that large painting. As soon as she looked at it, she could tell that it was an eighteen century French painting.

Shi Yi Bei saw how quickly she ate and quickly poured a cup of water for her, “Eat slower, but why aren’t you asleep even though it’s this late?”

“Hu, hu.” Luo Qing Chen blew on the hot sweet potato before asking, “Why isn’t major Shi asleep?”

It should be said that soldiers slept early and woke early since they would still have training in the morning.

“I was thinking about you……” He turned slightly and with a faint smile in his eyes, he continued his words, “r singing.”

“Puchi.” Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips into a smile, “Your eyes aren’t bad.”

“So you also want my CD?”

“I already gave the CD to that soldier, I don’t have anymore.” She bought the CD to listen to in her free time, she didn’t bring it to sell, alright?”

“It’s like this!” Shi Yi Bei’s deep eyes dimmed a bit, “I was a bit late!”

Luo Qing Chen saw his slightly proud and slightly disappointed look before saying with a smile, “When I go back, I’ll give the major some limited edition cla.s.sic CDs!”

Succeeding in making the male lead your fan, it really sounded quite handsome.

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“Alright, thank you.” Shi Yi Bei gave a chuckle before looking at her, “I will definitely treasure it.”

Un, so it was a trial……

“What? You can’t stay longer?” Shi Yi Bei handed her the scarf from the couch, “It is indeed a bit cold during the nights.”

“It’s not just a bit…..It’s very cold, alright?” Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips before putting the half eaten sweet potato in her mouth, “It’s not just a bit cold, it’s too cold, alright?”

Please, the snow on the ground was ten centimeters thick and the temperature here was so low that it was ridiculous.

“Relax, it’ll be warmer in a few days.” Shi Yi Bei softly patted her head before saying with a smile, “Anyway, it’s only three months, just be a bit patient and it’ll pa.s.s.”

She was a bit surprised as she couldn’t help lowering her head. She felt that when Shi Yi Bei made a move, he was very gentle!

“Un, alright……” She touched her ear as her face turned red. Then she said with a smile, “I will definitely return safely……”

“Peng!” A loud sound cut through the piece and there was a large mushroom cloud that bloomed in the dark sky……

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