Goodnight Kiss From My Rumored Husband

Slight Uplifting - 微扬

Chapter 457

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Chapter 457: Don't You Dare Betray My Brother

“Believe it or not, I don't care.” Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes as she looked down at her phone.

From the way Gu Nianjia was blocking the door of the lift with one leg, it must have meant she was waiting for someone.

Gu Nianjia glanced out of the lift briefly before moving her head closer to Lin Yiqian. “I'm warning you… Don't you dare betray my brother. You must stop seducing my youngest uncle as well. You know that I'm about to introduce my G.o.ddess to him, don't you?” Gu Nianjia warned softly.

“I know. Don't worry.” Lin Yiqian nodded.

While they were conversing, Song Changlin appeared.

“Nianjia, who are you talking to?”

Song Changlin entered the lift with a smile. He looked slightly surprised to see Lin Yiqian. “Why are you here?”

“Uncle, I b.u.mped into my sister-in-law when I came in. She was meeting a client here,” Gu Nianjia said as she moved closer to Lin Yiqian with her back facing Lin Yiqian.

Clearly, she was doing that to distance Lin Yiqian from Song Changlin.

'How childish!' Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes at Gu Nianjia from behind.

Song Changlin ignored Gu Nianjia as he looked directly at Lin Yiqian. “When did you come here?”

The door to the lift closed after Song Changlin.

“I've been here for a while. We are just done with the meeting and I'm about to leave as well.”

“Ahh.” Song Changlin nodded as he glanced at the panel of b.u.t.tons. “Didn't you drive?” He asked when he saw the b.u.t.ton was pressed for the first floor.

“I came with my client. That's why I didn't drive.” Lin Yiqian randomly found an excuse for the occasion.

“I happen to be sending Nianjia home anyway. Let's head back together.” Song Changlin smiled.

“Sure.” Lin Yiqian could not find an excuse not to do as suggested.

Before Lin Yiqian could even answer, Gu Nianjia had given her a look of warning.

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Lin Yiqian pretended not to have seen it.

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