Versatile Mage

Chapter 2102 - Shadow Tribe Demon Saber, Mo Fan

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Chapter 2102: Shadow Tribe Demon Saber, Mo Fan

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Zu Xiangtian is a Curse Mage. The Zu Clan uses powerful demon creatures as sacrifices and seals their souls in magic Equipment with their Curse Magic, known as the Body-Borrowing Curse Art, granting them certain abilities of the demon creatures!” reported Ai Jiangtu, who had come to watch the duel.

Ai Jiangtu, Jiang Yu, and Guan Yu had arrived the day before. They were treating the duel between Mo Fan and Zu Xiangtian seriously.

They had also heard Mo Fan’s speech.

They were familiar with Mo Fan’s personality, so they were not too surprised by his speech. He would not be The Demon King if he did not utter some nonsense to stir up the crowd!

“That’s the Zu Clan’s special technique, which has been pa.s.sed on for generations. Zu Xiangtian is obviously very good at it. Body-Borrowing Curse Art. Why do I feel like the demon creatures whose powers Zu Xiangtian have borrowed are from Ruler-level creatures?” Guan Yu remarked.

“The core disciples of the Zu Clan can claim the power of two demon creatures simultaneously and wear them like magic Equipment. Zu Xiangtian is even crazier. He’s able to claim the power of four demon creatures! This Underworld Ghost Ruler should be the second one,” replied Jiang Yu, who was familiar with the Zu Clan’s secrets.

He could not help it. His sister was married to someone from the Zu Clan, so he knew a lot of things about them. The truth was, Ai Jiangtu was also interested in learning the Body-Borrowing Curse Art from the Zu Clan. Unfortunately, they were not willing to teach an outsider the art, holding tightly onto the secret about how to sacrifice demon creatures and seal their power in magic Equipment!

“The first one is already unstoppable, and the second one is extremely dangerous. I wonder if Mo Fan can hold on when he uses the power of the third and fourth demon creatures?” Jiang Shaoxu could not help but worry about Mo Fan’s safety.

Mo Fan was clueless about the Zu Clan’s capabilities, but the four of them were well aware of its strength.

“Besides, that’s only Zu Xiangtian’s Curse Element!” Jiang Yu added with a wry smile.

Mo Fan was surprised when Zu Xiangtian took on the form of a different demon creature.

He thought his opponent’s transformation into a ferocious red bull was a unique ability. To his surprise, Zu Xiangtian was able to use it again, and was Possessed by a demon creature engulfed in flames!

“That’s a fascinating ability,” Mo Fan smiled at Zu Xiangtian.

There were all kinds of strange abilities at the Super Level, especially from the Elements he rarely came across.

Mo Fan was fine with it. It would be boring if the two Mages were just standing on both sides, tossing spells at one another like a turn-based RPG game.

The Super Level Curse Magic was an eye-opener for Mo Fan. He was more interested in the duel now!

Mo Fan always learned new ideas from his enemies, so he preferred to fight different types of opponents.

“It seems like you aren’t as disappointing as I thought. I like to practice against punching bags that can fight back!” Mo Fan added.

“You’re still being so arrogant when you’re about to die!?” Zu Xiangtian lifted two dark blue flowers in his hands. He placed his palms together and turned the flowers into a long and poisonous whip.

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The whip was encapsulated by the flames. It had spikes on every section, which moved on their own making a piercing noises, even when the whip remained still.

The crowd felt their blood running cold when they heard the Elder of the Shadow Tribe’s laugh. It was standing behind Mo Fan, yet its outline had stacked perfectly on top of Mo Fan.

“Isn’t that the creature which drove away the Ruler-level sea monster?” asked Deng Yongchuan, who had come from Jimei University to watch the duel.

“It’s an Elder of the Shadow Tribe!”

“A rare species of the Darkness Creatures!”

The Elder of the Shadow Tribe had a strange Aura. It was not particularly outstanding, yet it was on par with the Underworld Ghost Ruler, with a very intimidating appearance.

Mo Fan knew the Elder of the Shadow Tribe was a lot stronger than Zu Xiangtian’s Underworld Ghost Ruler, but it could not stay in the living plane for too long. It was only temporarily free from its restrictions in the area Mo Fan had set up.

It had to defeat its opponent as quickly as possible!

Mo Fan was only using his Shadow Magic, and was able to float around like a phantom in the darkness.

To Mo Fan’s surprise, the Elder of the Shadow Tribe did not lunge at its enemy impatiently like it usually did, remaining attached to Mo Fan’s back. It eventually turned into a demon saber floating behind Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was surprised at first, then drew the saber from behind him.

The Shadow Magic wrapped around Mo Fan’s arm as he held the saber firmly, and spread rapidly across its body. It was no longer just a saber. It even wrapped around Mo Fan like a cloak.

A black outfit, a black demon saber, and a black mantle. Mo Fan was now fully encapsulated by the darkness. He looked like a dark knight with an eerie Aura to the crowd!

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