Versatile Mage

Chapter 2101 - Body-Borrowing Curse Art

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Chapter 2101: Body-Borrowing Curse Art

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“It’s only one of my Armor’s abilities! A b.a.s.t.a.r.d who can’t differentiate between humans and dogs like you is no match against me, a Judicator of the Sacred City!” Zu Xiangtian had turned the humiliation he had received into anger.

He was no longer charging at Mo Fan. He soared into the sky while emitting the same blood-red light.

A huge cloud was covering the sky above the Feiniao Headquarters City. Rays of sunlight were penetrating the clouds above the sea in the distance and sprinkling down upon the water. As Zu Xiangtian soared into the sky, the clouds were dyed red. Even the sunlight sprinkling down on the sea had a different color too. The sea had turned bright red under Zu Xiangtian’s rage!

A deafening cry came down from the sky. The crowd looked up and saw a bright red bull plummeting from the cloud. Its bright color resembled a meteorite falling from s.p.a.ce to the ground!

The force it was carrying was strong enough to raze a mountain to the ground. Even the sky had changed color because of it! Zu Xiangtian would only be satisfied once he trampled Mo Fan into mud!


Mo Fan noticed how powerful the charge was. Only a defensive Mage like Zhao Manyan would be able to withstand the impact.

Mo Fan faded into the darkness. He did not vanish, but remained on the same place, wavering like a phantom. A mighty force struck the ground with a ma.s.sive impact of the blood-red light!

The Floating Reefs Battleground was surrounded by buildings that ranged from a dozen to thirty floors high. They all looked like half-finished structures without any windows, with only floors and pillars. These buildings provided cover for Mages during the battles against the sea monsters. When the ferocious bull landed on the ground, a huge shockwave spread out in a circle and razed the buildings to the ground!

The buildings began to collapse, down from thirty floors to ten floors, and eventually they all fell to the ground. The water at the ground level turned into white steam as the impact left a huge pit in the maritime fortress!

The crowd was astounded!

These buildings were supposed to be st.u.r.dy, able to withstand the attacks of sea monsters when a battle took place, thus allowing Mages to hide in them and slowly wear out the invaders. However, it felt like there was nowhere to hide from Zu Xiangtian’s crus.h.i.+ng charge. They would simply turn into dust and disappear together with the buildings!

He was too strong!

Zu Xiangtian’s strength had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Most people a.s.sumed he would probe his opponent with Intermediate and Advanced Spells first and slowly find opportunities to use his Super Spells. To their surprise, Zu Xiangtian had used such terrifying abilities at the start of the duel, and they seemed even stronger than ordinary Super Spells!

“Young Master Fang, I think that Zu Xiangtian is almost as strong as you, who are the strongest Mage in Yangcheng!” a student fawned upon the man beside him.

“Bullsh**, I’m not r.e.t.a.r.ded. That impact alone could have killed me a hundred times. I know my own limits too!” the young man whom the student called Young Master Fang answered.

They were not blind. That destructive power alone could easily outmatch those who were considered the strongest in their schools and cities. They were obviously not on the same level. If Zu Xiangtian was the Bull Demon King, they were only the ashes that were produced when his underlings were burning a cauldron!

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“I think that Mo Fan is dead for sure. Those who boast about their strength are usually good for nothing.”

“You better think of your last words from now on. You don’t have much time left!” Zu Xiangtian whirled around. His Armor was releasing blood-red steam, like a huge piece of machinery that was cooling down.

“It’s not like you can keep using the same ability,” Mo Fan was very close to Zu Xiangtian, but he was not afraid at all.

Zu Xiangtian’s powerful Armor was able to transform him into a demon bull, but it could only store a limited amount of energy. Zu Xiangtian had to replenish its energy through a complicated method to use its power again.

“It’s only one of my weakest pieces of magic Equipment,” Zu Xiangtian grinned. A dark blue flame soon engulfed him!

The blue flame was coming out of his body, and his skin was cracking in the heat. Strange Runes soon appeared on his body.

“It seems like you have no idea why the Zu Clan was able to establish a strong foothold at the international level, nor did you bother investigating my capabilities. We are known for our Curse Element… the Blood of the Cursed Beast runs in our blood! Magic Equipment? You are too naive if you think I was only relying on my magic Equipment!” Zu Xiangtian proclaimed.

The blue flames burned fiercer as he finished the sentence, and Zu Xiangtian floated into the air. His feet were no longer touching the ground.

Zu Xiangtian was hovering without relying on Wing magical Equipment or flying magic. His body was fully covered in the strange flames, and his skin had turned dark blue. Even his face became twisted and ghastly, as if he was possessed by a demon.

The flames were not releasing heat. Mo Fan was actually feeling a cold aura from them.

Mo Fan had never seen anything like the,. However, he was sensing a greater danger from Zu Xiangtian than when he was in his demon bull form!

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