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304 Wei, Let's Get Marry! Part-1

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"Lee Chang-You, you don't have much time left. Come here quickly. Otherwise…" w.a.n.g Hong Wei didn't continue further and hung up."You…" Lee Chang-You shivered in anger.

There were many people who thought that she and Zhang Wei were husband and wife but there was quite a few number of close people who actually knew that she and Zhang Wei hadn't married yet.

Since many people always misunderstand things, Lee Chang-You and Zhang Wei came to an understanding that they would not clarify people's misunderstanding as it was not their cup of tea.

However, now if many people knew about this fact, what would they think about them?

Lee Chang-You had made this restaurant through her sweat and blood, and now if because of her, this restaurant's business would affect, then she didn't know what to do next.

Aroma'S was like a child to her just like Lee Xuiye.

After going through years of hardship, rays of happiness had arrived in her life, she didn't want them to get ruined. 

But, now she was in a complete dilemma as she didn't know what to do.

If she did as w.a.n.g Hong Wei wanted then Mo Lingtan's words wouldn't hold any value. Although she didn't ask Mo Lingtan about the w.a.n.g Family's situation, she believed that he and Lee Xuiye had their own plan which she didn't want to ruin.

Moreover, what if this step of hers ruins Mo Lingtan and Lee Xuiye's relationship. It was very difficult for them to be together happily, as a mother, Lee Chang-You didn't want to ruin her daughter's life.


What about Aroma'S???


She had to think about something!

Lee Chang-You immediately called Lee Xuiye as now only she could help her.

"The number you are trying to call is currently switched off. Please try again after some time."

Switched off!

Lee Chang-You worriedly called Mo Lingtan and found the same answer, his phone was also switched off. 

Then she called their house's phone and the servant said that both Mo Lingtan and Lee Xuiye had left early in the morning.

"Chang, what happened? Why are you looking so worried?" Zhang Wei entered the storeroom while holding grocery bags while Lee Chang-You was already standing there.

Lee Chang-You looked at Zhang Wei and cried out "Wei…"

Afterward, she told him everything what w.a.n.g Hong Wei had threatened. 

"That Bast*rd!"

"Wei, what should we do now? I am very worried about it."

Zhang Wei seemed to be a loss as he didn't know what to do as well.

After a while of brainstorming, a thought came into his mind but he was hesitant to share with her "Chang, there is one way through which we could solve this problem but…."

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"Wei, what are you trying to say?"

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