Unrivaled Medicine God

Feng Yise - 风一色

Chapter 2145 - : Breakthrough Changes, Emergency Situation

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Chapter 2145: Breakthrough Changes, Emergency Situation

What Ye Yuan wanted to break through to was naturally not the Empyrean Realm.

As for what kind of realm it was, he himself could not say for sure either.

But Ye Yuan had a feeling that his next realm would definitely be extraordinary.

It had been close to a year in a twinkle. Ye Yuan had killed many Empyrean level abyss monsters by working together with Long Xiaochun, obtaining quite a few tarnished black devil crystals at the Empyrean level

The devilish energy contained inside those tarnished black devil crystals was extremely pure, more than a hundred times purer compared to True G.o.d Realm.

With these tarnished black devil crystals, Ye Yuan could start to a.s.sault the next realm.

Inside a stone chamber in the camp, Ye Yuan sat cross-legged. His mind was in confusion.

“My essence, energy, and spirit have all already reached the peak of Origin Pill Realm and formed a resonance. The Origin Pill inside the divine sea is already compressed to the limit too. Wonder what kind of unusual change will occur if I continue pouring in large quant.i.ties of chaos divine essence?”

Inside Ye Yuan’s divine sea, the Origin Pill was already compressed until it was just the size of a pea. But the power contained inside was extremely horrifying.

Around the Origin Pill, Dao marks revolved around, akin to a sea of lightning.

“It’s time to begin!”

Ye Yuan flipped his palm, several pieces of tarnished black devil crystals flew up, suspending around him.

The Chaos Heavenspan Canon revolved. Ye Yuan started to absorb the devilish energy inside the tarnished black devil crystals frenziedly, pouring it into the Origin Pill.

Empyrean level tarnished black devil crystals had immense reserves and were also extremely pure.

Ye Yuan absorbing them was like a vast ocean flooding in, causing a huge impact on Ye Yuan’s divine sea.

His Origin Pill was already being compressed to the extreme. Currently, the Chaos Heavenspan Canon continued to push chaos divine essence into the Origin Pill.

All of a sudden, the Origin Pill started vibrating fiercely.

An intense pain came from his abdomen area, Ye Yuan’s forehead broke out in cold sweat.

However, this was just the beginning!

The Chaos Heavenspan Canon completely did not care about whether the Origin Pill could withstand it or not, squeezing chaos divine essence in non-stop.

The originally stable Origin Pill also became more and more unstable.

This way, the pain that Ye Yuan suffered was also tremendous.

“What powerful aura undulations! Is … Is this really breaking through to the Empyrean Realm?”

Outside the stone chamber, Long Xiaochun and the rest were currently standing guard for Ye Yuan.

Sensing such intense undulations, Long Xiaochun also felt alarmed.

She herself had broken through to the Empyrean Realm before and naturally knew what kind of concept was breaking through to the Empyrean Realm.

But Ye Yuan only just started and the commotion was already even bigger than hers.

“His Excellency’s commotion here is also too big! If it provokes a powerful abyss monster when the time comes, we can’t block it!” Long Xun said speechlessly.

Before breaking through, Ye Yuan already joined hands with Long Xiaochun, cleaning up the abyss monsters in a radius of several hundred miles.

But looking at it now, it was completely insufficient!

Just the current commotion, the devilish energy in a radius of ten thousand miles already gathered over crazily.

Such a huge commotion, to say that those powerful abyss monsters would not react, that would be seeing ghosts.

One piece of tarnished black devil crystal after another was being absorbed. Ye Yuan’s aura became stronger and stronger. The Origin Pill in his abdomen became more and more unstable.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan’s expression changed wildly and said, “d.a.m.n it! Why at this time? This way, the tarnished black devil crystals that I prepared probably aren’t enough anymore!”

It turned out that the Origin pill absorbing chaos divine essence crazily actually affected the fleshy body.

At this time, his fleshy body actually started breaking through too, and he was going to transcend the tribulation!

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Rank seven nirvanic tribulation!

“In this world, who isn’t extremely cautious like treading on thin ice when breaking through to the Empyrean Realm? But His Excellency is actually transcending two tribulations simultaneously! This really broadens our horizons!” Long Zhaotian also said with a look of worship.

“Heh heh, no wonder His Excellency’s dragon race martial technique is so strong! It turns out that he’s of the perfect sixth transformation golden body! To be able to transcend rank six nirvanic tribulation is already rarely seen in this world. Now, if he were to transcend the rank seven nirvanic tribulation, I’m afraid that the moment he enters the Empyrean Realm, he’ll be able to contend with Second Firmament Empyreans,” Long Xun’s two eyes shone as he said.

“Heh, more than that! Don’t you forget, His Excellency still has the Chaos Essence One Breath Sword!” Long Zhaotian said with a chuckle.

The two people chimed in one after another, practically lauding Ye Yuan up to the heavens. But Ye Yuan knew his own suffering. The two tribulations already reached a very critical period, the tarnished black devil crystals almost could not sustain his needs anymore!

Suddenly, Long Xiaochun’s face changed and she said, “Not good! There are Empyrean level abyss monsters that came!”

Everyone’s faces changed, one powerful aura after another closed in from all directions.

This huge commotion provoked powerful Empyrean level abyss monsters in the end.

“This … What to do?” The expressions of Long Xun and the rest changed wildly as they were in shock.

In front of these Empyrean level abyss monsters, they did not even have the qualifications to be cannon fodders.

An abyss monster casually puffing out a breath would eradicate them!

Long Xiaochun’s expression became incomparably solemn, and she gritted her teeth and said, “If really can’t, I can only cry!”

Long Xun revealed a smile that was uglier than crying as he said, “My grandaunt, already at this time, you’re still in the mood to crack jokes? If crying can resolve problems, then I’ll cry for three days and three nights right now.”

But Long Xiaochun said seriously, “I’m not joking with you, when I cry, even I myself am scared. It’s just that I’m afraid that … Ye Yuan probably can’t withstand it!”

“Hahaha … Ignorant human to actually cause such a huge commotion when breaking through, really courting death!”

“That’s right, that’s right! This human is very strong. He must taste very good!”

“At that time, each depends on their own ability! See who can get him!”

… …

Each and every one of the abyss monsters revealed amused looks, all staring at Ye Yuan like hungry wolves.

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