Cute Beast Store No. 138

Dǎ JiāngShī

Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Everything has its vanquisher

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although JinYu felt a little reluctant and lamented after selling the wolf pup, but just like what BaoZi had roared, they were all on the same planet and it was not like they would never meet again, there was really no need to be so sad . What’s more, that little wolf pup was too young . He believed that not too far in the future, that fella LanZi’s would come to his door crying for help when the rebellious periods, p.u.b.erty and all kinds of messy things arrived .

All in all, JinYu was still in a good mood since it was his first successful sale .

However, when he saw all the messy pile of disabled beasts in the cart, his original good mood turned into a roller coaster . It exerted all its strength to slide down but there was insufficient momentum when it was time to go up and it got jammed . The mood surrounding him was as low as it could be .

Besides JinYu, Big Boss Qi was also ferociously releasing an equally gloomy aura . Once Boss saw all these disabled beasts, he thought of the Chaotic Primordial Qi that should have belonged to him being used by JinYu to heal the beasts . b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, even if the Chaotic Primordial Qi could be recovered, with so many injured beasts in a short while, it would be at least half a month later when it’s my turn!!

Thus, the gloomy and depressed Boss Qi turned his head and glared darkly at Cheng Liang and the Big-Tailed Wolf behind him . If it weren’t for you guys, why would Lao Zi be fighting with these low-cla.s.s beasts over the Chaotic Primordial Qi?!

Cheng Liang and the Big-Tailed Wolf immediately sensed Qi QingLin’s gloominess and killing intent . They shivered from head to toe . Then Cheng Liang decisively pulled up Li Xiao, who had not yet understood the situation, and stood up to say goodbye,

Advertis.e.m.e.nt“That, Jin-zi! See, today your business’s success and your store has opened . You’ll probably be very busy now . Xiao Xiao (1) and I will not disturb you anymore . We’ll make a move first and treat you to a meal a few days later when we’ve completed the mission!” Cheng Liang and the Big-Tailed Wolf called out as they ran off at the speed of light . As Little Green was more sensitive to Big Boss’s unhappiness than his own owner, he also carried Li Xiao and ran as fast as he could . Thus, there was only the group of four – Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding – left in the shop .

As Big Boss Qi’s most devoted subordinates, Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding collectively stated at this moment that they were under great pressure . If possible, they also wanted to scram off like those two guys! d.a.m.n it! But if they ran away, their own lives would not be enough to bear the consequences . So the four of them did not run . Not only were they unable to escape, they also had to think of a way to pacify their master’s fury .

“Uh… Master…,” DingBai just opened his mouth to say something and he immediately received a swift and fierce glare from Qi QingLin . Then he bitterly shut his mouth and wiped it! Now Master’s unhappiness is at Level A ah! Under normal conditions, he would only be able to vent his anger by biting a Level A beast to death…

“What are you doing? If you’re free, come and help . There are about forty of these beasts . Tch, there are some seriously injured ones . I don’t know if they can be saved . ” JinYu was not releasing a gloomy aura at this time . After all, he was willing to treat and cure these disabled beasts . His previous depression was just because he was in a bad mood to see so many abandoned and injured beasts . Naturally, he should rush to cure them after being upset .

But this time, there seemed to be a rather headache-inducing existence among the forty three beasts . It was a wolf dog that looked rather like a big husky at first glance . However, there was a slight difference as there was a black horn growing from the forehead of this fellow . The existence of this black horn turned this husky that was originally cla.s.sified as a ‘absolute dunce’ into a fairly fierce and tough beast in JinYu’s heart . In addition, this horn that should have been an offensive weapon with rather high attack power was now broken, and there was even pus and blood dripping from the wound . With this fella’s growling and teeth-bearing appearance, en, it seemed hard to get close to it .

“Let me think for a moment . XiaoBai! Go and bring my Great Encyclopedia of Beasts over . I’m absolutely clueless about the species of this fella . I need to understand what it is first . ”

As soon as JinYu’s words were heard, Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding nearly collapsed at once . You can’t be serious! You don’t even know of this extremely famous Level A beast? What are you even opening a shop for?!

However, JinYu had no sense of shame at all . In any case, he was considered as half a foreigner and it was still a foreign country even if this was the country he was born in! One should not demand for the knowledge and common sense of a native from him . Otherwise, they’d certainly be disappointed, and in the worst case, they might fall into despair, oh . Kiss .

A picture of the husky with the broken horn, crouching in the corner, was taken with the Great Encyclopedia of Beasts that XiaoBai carried over . In the next moment, the Great Encyclopedia of Beasts automatically turned to a page—

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