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Ten miles swords god - 十里劍神

Chapter 638 - Please Forgive Us!

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Chapter 638: Please Forgive Us!

Wu Zhicheng was also there during the battle on Mount Yan. Even though he stood far away because of the lower status of the Wu family, how could he not recognize Chen Fan?

He was Chen Beixuan, the most powerful person in the world!

The starlet next to him said, “Brother Cheng, I think you should punish her a bit!”

Xu Rongfei’s career had been thriving over the last two years and many people in the industry were envious of her fame.


Wu Zhicheng slapped the starlet.

“Brother Cheng, why did you do this to me?”

The starlet was startled.

“If you say something bad about Xu Rongfei again, I will kill you, believe it or not!” What Wu Zhicheng said frightened the starlet, but he didn’t know that his legs were also trembling.

He would have never thought that…

Xu Rongfei’s boyfriend would be Chen Fan!

Although Chen Fan had already gotten engaged on North Mountain a few days back, it was normal for a big cheese like him to have more than one woman, so Wu Zhicheng would certainly misunderstand it. After all, he had also never heard of anyone in his social circle who only had one partner.

“I didn’t know such a powerful person had her back! Fortunately, I didn’t force her to sleep with me. If not, the Wu family would have been exterminated by Chen Beixuan.”

Wu Zhicheng was terrified.

Xu Rongfei had been rising to fame after playing several leading roles and was regarded as the “G.o.ddess of the People.” However, the seniors of Tian He Entertainment thought that Xu Rongfei was too arrogant because she wouldn’t comply with the unspoken rules. The other female stars were willing to perform in different events or drink and sleep with the seniors of the company, but she didn’t even want to dine with them, as if she were a princess.

“She’s indeed making a lot of money for our company, and Li Xinru and Zhifan adore her. If not, I would have cut all her jobs long before.”

This was exactly what Wu Zhicheng’s father said.

He realized then that Xu Rongfei wasn’t arrogant. She was truly superior!

“Why didn’t she just tell us she’s Chen Beixuan’s girlfriend?” Wu Zhicheng said as he suddenly thought about his brother, Wu Zhifan, and he called someone immediately.

“What? He’s heading to the Yan Jin Film Academy? Stop him quickly and ask him not to provoke Xu Rongfei!”

Wu Zhicheng hung up and rushed out of the door right away.

At the same time, the Internet had been chaotic.

Such earth-shattering news instantly aroused people’s pa.s.sion for gossiping.

Many said with pity, “What a shame! Xu Rongfei should stay away from any dating rumors and maintain her image. Having a boyfriend now would hit her career hard.”

“Yeah, I heard that she has quite a bad relationship with her company. After this incident, the seniors might restrict her activities.”

Xu Rongfei’s manager, Sister Li, immediately called her.

“Fei Fei, are the photos on the Internet real?”

“What photos? I’m eating with Brother Chen Fan.” Xu Rongfei widened her eyes and wondered.

“You… Ah, what should I do with you?”

Sister Li was enraged.

She had no idea why Xu Rongfei still had the mood to eat right then.

“Fine, just don’t make any more trouble. Remain silent when the paparazzi show up to question you. I’ll deal with it.”

Sister Li started calling each website to ask them to delete everything about the incident and found someone to send out messages on behalf of Xu Rongfei’s studio, saying that those photos were fake.

Xu Rongfei hung up, looking confused.

In the meantime, they were in a restaurant near the academy. It was small, but the private room was beautifully decorated and the food was also delicious.

Xu Rongfei’s roommate, Ningxin, was also there with them.

She opened her eyes wide and glanced at Chen Fan and Xu Rongfei like a curious baby.

Ningxin was looking really cute in a sleeveless mini dress with a yellow down jacket and a white pompom hat.

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Fan smiled gently.

Ningxin rolled her eyes and said, “Your photos have been circulating across the Internet and the incident has become the most-searched topic on Weibo. I guess everyone knows that Xu Rongfei has a boyfriend now.”

“Huh? Will you be alright, Brother Chen Fan? I don’t want Sister Fang to misunderstand us.”

Xu Rongfei was worried.

She knew that with Chen Fan’s current status, such an incident would cause a great furor once it was exposed.

“Who’s Sister Fang?” Ningxin wondered.

“You knew about our engagement?” Chen Fan was surprised.


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Xu Rongfei lowered her head, looking a bit sad.

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