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Ten miles swords god - 十里劍神

Chapter 636 - Chapter 636: Meet an Old Friend

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Chapter 636: Meet an Old Friend

Chen Fan left Mount Yan once he finished teaching Ye Qincang the basics of Immortal Cultivation. He reckoned that the trip was worthwhile after all, since he had not only learned the secrets of the Deity Burial Valley and the Gate of Heaven, but he had also secured Ye Qincang’s help.

Ye Qincang was the symbol of the powerful Kunlun, so he was bound to be a useful ally.

The North Qiong Sect will be able to grow its feathers under Kunlun’s protection. In addition, Kunlun’s resourcefulness would make Chen Fan’s quest for Immortals much easier.

“I’ve heard that every time the Gate of Heaven opens, chaos ensues. The immortal cultivators from the Gate of Heaven seem to be much more powerful than their mortal counterparts and once they cross the gate, they usher in destruction to the world, annihilating even the most powerful sects. They are powerful Immortal State Warriors, well versed in the ways of Immortal Cultivation,” Chen Fan thought to himself.

The only Immortal Cultivator he had met ever since he was reincarnated was Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator and he had read his Sword Art of Nine Abandonments. Although the sword art was far from being advanced, it was an Immortal Cultivation art nonetheless.

Ye Qincang’s Dharma Cultivation stemmed from the primordial art of the Mixed-Essence Sect; it could not compare with the real Immortal Cultivation methods.

“That being said, however powerful they are, I will utterly destroy them if they mess with me,” Chen Fan said as his eyes glinted.

Although Chen Fan had learned the location of the Deity Burial Valley, he wasn’t planning on visiting it just yet.

He had just been engaged and thought that he should spend more time with Fang Qiong and travel around the world. Meanwhile, he would keep his eyes peeled for any opportunities to level up during his travels.

“Li Changsheng said that his Ancestral Master had recorded multiple possible locations for the Gate of Heaven. Any one of those locations could have a surprise waiting for me. Maybe my hope for leveling up again lies in one of those spots.”

As Chen Fan thought to himself, he suddenly realized that he had arrived at a university.

His eyes found the plaque hanging above the entrance.

“Yan Jin Film College”

“Why am I here? Ah! right, this is Xu Rongfei’s school. She should be in her fourth year now. I wanted to visit her ever since Xu Ao’s death, but other things kept on getting in the way,” Chen Fan thought to himself wistfully.

He still felt guilty for what had happened.

Both Auntie Tang and Xu Rongfei had been nice to him. Xu Ao had also been one of his most trusted confidants before his death. If not for him, the Hong Sect and Lin Tashan would have never killed Xu Ao.

“Since I am already here, I might as well visit my old friend.”

Without using his Divine Will, Chen Fan walked into the school with thumbs tucked in his pockets.

The Yan Jin Film College was the breeding ground for Chinese celebrities. It’s alumni included many renowned actors and directors. Any aspiring student could be a rising star in the future. To attend the school was also the dream of many teenagers in China.

Chen Fan was using the appearance of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. His long black hair flowed to his shoulders, contrasting with the clean white shirt he was wearing. His tall and handsome appearance had tugged the heartstrings of many girls around the campus.

“Uh? That stud looks familiar. He is even more handsome than Wu Lufeng.”

“Is he from our school? Maybe he is from the faculty of acting? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

“What do you think? Should I give him my number?”

Many attractive young girls wearing fashionable clothing and carefully made up faces giggled and whispered with each other, glancing at Chen Fan from time to time.

A handsome man was just as a luring sight to girls as a gorgeous bombsh.e.l.l to young men.

By then, Chen Fan had shed some of his youthful appearance, replacing it with a manly and imposing demeanor; it made his already perfect look sublime.

It wasn’t long before the girls started to approach him, trying to strike up a conversation.

However, Chen Fan’s impa.s.sive expression had deterred them from flirting with him.

Even as another girl was about to walk away with disappointment, Chen Fan spoke up and asked her in a warm voice, “Do you know where Xu Rongfei’s dorm is?”

The girl was elated by Chen Fan’s attention, however, she looked disheartened all over again as soon as she heard Xu Rongfei’s name.

“He is here for Xu Rongfei.”

“I bet he’s just one of Sister Xu’s pursuers. No wonder we’ve never seen him around here.”

“There goes my chance of dating a babe magnet.”

The group of girls looked disappointed and sad.

One of them quickly gathered herself and walked over to Chen Fan with a healthy dose of confidence. She was wearing glamorous makeup, a red sweater and black yoga pants with beige boots.

“Are you looking for Sister Xu? She’s been taking a lot of gigs recently but she is free now since it’s the winter break. She stays in dorm number five, I can take you there.”

“That would be wonderful.”

Chen Fan nodded as a pang of guilt rose inside of him.

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Home must have reminded Xu Rongfei of many tragedies, so she had decided to stay at school during the spring festival.

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