Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Azumi Kei

Chapter 440: The beginning of the end

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Chapter 440: The beginning of the end

I waved my hand and saw off the guys who were heading off to the Golden Highway.

They could just return by teleporting. Just why did it end up with them wanting to walk in order to feel the vastness of the world?

It was natural that even Shiki, who likes looking after people, refused to accompany them with a smile on his face.

…Well, I am sure they will get on the teleport circle of the next city they arrive at.

“I give them until the next city.” (Makoto)

“Don’t think they will last till the second.” (Shiki)

“…Can’t make a bet like that.” (Lime)

“Even if they have gotten a bit of a dense experience here and got high from it, they should be calming down after walking for half a day.” (Makoto)

Shiki and Lime by my side were having a conversation that completely agreed with me.

After walking for around half a day, they will regret their own decision, but it would look uncool if they were to return here, so they will do their best until the next city, and get on the teleport circle there.

Yeah, that’s what I would do too!

“Then, Waka-sama, I will return to Rotsgard a step faster than them and receive them there. I have received reports that they have been doing well there, but there’s no a.s.surance that no problems will occur if there’s no executives in the area.” (Shiki)

“Yeah, thanks. Staying too much in Asora is one thing, but there’s the need for a bit of respite, okay? Keep the goings to Goutetsu moderate too.” (Makoto)

It depends on the lineup of things you eat, but the recent goings of Shiki to Goutetsu have completely become like junk food.

Stuff like the raw cream nabe and mayonnaise nabe, making those his staple daily diet is most likely bad.

“By the way, Jin was strangely on edge.” (Makoto)

“Aah, true. Since the time he was brought around by the boss Root, he has been acting weird.” (Lime)

“If anything, I would say the change of tune of Jin occurs every time he meets Sofia though… Hmm.” (Shiki)

“I don’t think even Root would go as far as putting a hand on Jin, but can you see after him just in case, Shiki?” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Shiki)

I don’t think the current Sofia and Jin will be able to progress their relationship.

Even so, I don’t think Root would try any s.e.xual approach on Jin.

Well, it seems everyone pa.s.sed their last day in their own way they liked. It is not like ‘that’ is the root of every single thing, huh.

He does have a variety of past crimes, but making him into the biggest suspect of anything that happens does make me feel bad.

“…So, what brings you here?” (Makoto)

Me, Shiki, and Lime were looking at the same place.

The two of them didn’t say anything, so I was the one who opened it up, but they have been watching us since a while now.

Even when seeing off the students, they were still looking at us, so their objective must be us.

The shadow that existed naturally on the building swelled abnormally, and then left the figure of a person, and scattered away.

Is that dark elemental magic?

“Excuse me. I am not hostile.”

“Who may you be…?” (Makoto)

If she were hostile, we would have already dealt with her a long while ago. If I remember correctly, she is…

“If it ain’t Risui. Even though lady Sif was here, why were you hiding?” (Lime)



The teacher of Sif’s magic had that name, I believe.

I remembered her face soon, but I certainly wasn’t clear on her name.

The other day, we really didn’t talk that much, and we also didn’t say our names.

But it is a bit weird if she was here to see Sif off while hidden.

She had already left, and there’s no need to direct her attention to us, right?

“Did you have some business with us?” (Makoto)

“…Hey, Raidou-dono, I wanted to talk with you for a bit.” (Risui)

Risui glanced at Shiki for a moment and then soon switched her gaze here.

“? Yeah, I don’t mind.” (Makoto)

She is an acquaintance of Sif, and a demon that stays all the time at the base.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn what kind of person she is.

“Thanks. Since I have already asked, I would like to ask for one more thing. Raidou-dono, can we please talk one on one?” (Risui)

“…Hoh?” (Makoto)

“Oi oi, Risui, that’s not a really good joke you made there.” (Lime)

One on one, huh.

So she is basically saying Shiki and Lime are not trustworthy.

Even though she should know Lime a lot longer than me by a lot. I don’t understand what this is about.

“Risui-san, you should be closer to Lime than me and there should be more trust there, right? And yet, you are proposing a one on one talk with only me?” (Raidou)

“…Can’t be too cautious. This is a talk that involves the heroes and the demons, and both heroes apparently have charm powers that are hard to go against. As you say, I trust Lime, but there’s no absolutes. But you are a different story. I myself am confident that there’s no abnormal status spell or skill that can affect you.” (Risui)


Heroes and demons.

Risui-san is a demon, but she is staying at a wasteland base. If I remember correctly, at a place called Rinkawa.

I don’t think she would get important information faster than us, but…I am interested in what she is going to be telling me.

It seems like Lime has an idea of what she is going to be saying, he was making a bitter face.

Did something happen on his side?

“…I see. By the way, is that the same reason why you are making Shiki leave too?” (Makoto)

“…I am older than I look, you see. There’s rarely any demon who would trust Larva with any fiber of their being.” (Risui)

So she straight out said Larva, huh.

That’s nostalgic. That’s the past name of Shiki.

I look at my side, and Shiki is making a troubled face at the name that reminds him of his past.

By the way, Risui-san looks like she is seriously scared here.

I am not aware of all the acts Shiki has done as Larva, but I know that he didn’t discriminate between demons or hyumans when it came to the things he did.


“Okay, got it. Then, you two, let’s separate here. Let’s see each other again at the company.” (Makoto)

“Is that okay?” (Shiki)

“I won’t be listening, but at least stay on standby somewhere close…” (Lime)

“No, I will talk with Risui-san alone.” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Shiki)


Shiki obediently stood back, and Lime lowered his head reluctantly.

“Then, let’s talk while walking around randomly. I will be in charge of making sure our talk doesn’t leak to the surroundings.” (Makoto)

It is not like being indoors will make it safe.

If it is just to create an environment where others can’t listen, I can do so just fine even while we are standing around and talking.

“…You are skilled. I thought you would be using a more powerful and rough spell.” (Risui)

“If this is enough for you, go ahead. If you are going to be requesting something, depending on the request, I might not be able to comply though.” (Makoto)

It is not like I am fine with anything.

She may have looked after Sif, but the words heroes and demons have shown up after all.

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“I am not good with long talks. Not good with gracious talks either.” (Risui)

I was surprised too that the demons were also improving on the thought transmissions, but…I see.

It is the result of someone having been worried about it in the long past and having started working on it, huh.

Demons are really a race of steady workers.

I respect them.

“The gears in that person’s brain were on another level after all. They were more suited for research than practical business which is a shame. But that made their successor Rona be more proficient in using them rather than developing them. She is reliable in her own way, but it is sometimes worrying that she doesn’t care about the means she uses.” (Risui)

“She is loyal to the success of her mission. Doesn’t that make her exemplary as a Demon General?” (Makoto)

“Accomplishing one’s mission is important. But there’s no point if that increases the enemies more. For example; like Larva.” (Risui)

“…It is Shiki.” (Makoto)

“Right, sorry. Shiki-san. He was a pretty problematic person even for us demons, so it just came out.” (Risui)

“Don’t mind it. And so, this matter about the transmission, does it have something to do with me?” (Makoto)

“…Yeah.” (Risui)

Risui-san cuts off her words with a face as if she says she finds it hard to understand this.

I don’t think Rona does things on just a pa.s.sing thought.

I don’t know the reason why she would go through the trouble of using an old transmission method to contact the former soldier Risui-san.

Judging from her way of speaking, Rona and Risui-san seem to be friends.

“‘I will be going there soon, so tell Raidou’ -she said.” (Risui)

“? Rona went through the trouble of telling you that?” (Makoto)

That’s impossible.

I don’t understand the reason for that.

She could just do a thought transmission directly to us.

Also, when exactly is ‘soon’?

It should be impossible.

She would have to slip through the eyes of the empire army all the way from the demon territory to Tsige, you know?

“To be precise…she said: ‘I will be going to your place soon. I am going to kill Raidou, so call him’.” (Risui)


By ‘your place’, does she mean Risui-san’s?


That Rona?

In a situation where the empire is going to attack the demons?

Against me who she knows she has no chance of winning against?

Has called me and is going to come to kill me?

“Uhm… Maybe there’s some sort of mistake in that transmission?” (Makoto)

“I want to believe that too, but there’s no mistake. Honestly speaking, I am probably more confused than you are in all of this, but that really is what the Demon General Rona said in her transmission.” (Risui)

“Well, uhm…” (Makoto)


“I understand that was of utmost importance. And so, would the place she is calling me to be around Ringa?” (Makoto)

“…Y-Yeah, that’s right.” (Risui)

“Haah, it is definitely going to be trouble. I know that plenty well. Just what is Rona thinking? If it is a stupid surprise, I am going to show her a bit of pain.” (Makoto)

Is it a prank?

A scheme of some sort?

The hero is rampaging in the demon lord territory, and Rona is coming to kill me, huh.

Whatever it is, even if the school trip is over, it looks like there’s still one more job left till I can take a break.

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