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White Jade Of Sunset Mountain - 夕山白石

Chapter 991 - Volume 10 – Chapter 16: Recruitment (Part 1)

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Chapter 991 Volume 10 – Chapter 16: Recruitment (Part 1)

The shot rich middle-aged man’s ident.i.ty was quickly confirmed. The unfortunate soul had a good reputation in the local area.

The deceased turned out to be one of the senators of this country. He seemed to have the opportunity to grow his political career further. It was fair to say that he was a prominent figure in this country’s government.

At this time, people discovered that there were escort cars on both the front and back of the victim, aside from the senator’s special car that crashed into the shop.

However, now the target under protection was dead. Their existence had become ridiculous.

“Did you the senator in the street? It is frightening.” Luo Qiu did not get the gla.s.s of aperitif wine that Song Haoran had poured but looked at the panicked crowd on the street outside the window.

Song Haoran said calmly at this time, “Go to the neighboring slum to live for some time. It doesn’t take much, but just a few days. You will find that this kind of thing is common. Of course, I suggest you hire a local as a tour guide. That will make you safer. But, you don’t seem to panic.”

Song Haoran’s gaze changed slightly.

Luo Qiu whispered at this time, “Maybe it has something to do with my family. My father is a policeman. I have been exposed to this since childhood. So I’m not too afraid of this kind of thing.”

“I see.” Song Haoran nodded.

As for whether he believed in this explanation, only he probably knew it.

Song Haoran himself didn’t think that the young couple had deliberately approached him. After all, at the very beginning, he took the initiative to walk into the flower shop. Also, he was the one who invited the couple to have lunch on a whim.

Maybe they are just ordinary people who come to travel? Unfortunately, Song Haoran didn’t intend to find out more about it at this time… Maybe there will be opportunities in the future.

Thinking of this, Song Haoran stood up suddenly, showing an apologetic expression, “I think, after this happened, there is no way to have a good lunch next. It’s a pity. It should have been a pleasant lunch. Finally, a little suggestion, it’s best to leave this place as soon as possible before the local police arrive… If you don’t want to face the local police investigation.”

“Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it.” Luo Qiu also stood up, but just as a farewell.

Song Haoran smiled, reached out his hand to pick up a cherry from the table, and put it in his mouth to chew. Before leaving, he blinked and said, “I hope it doesn’t affect your mood for vacation. If there is a chance, I will invite you to have authentic Spanish food.”

“Sure, if there is a chance.” Boss Luo smiled and nodded.

Probably Luo Qiu could act more like a normal person. For example, he could show the panic that an ordinary person should have when facing this event, and the maid would definitely cooperate well.

However, Luo Qiu had long lost interest in this disguise. Mainly, it was much easier for the boss to erase Song Haoran’s memory than him putting on an act.

The maid moved the vase on the table back to its original place and carefully fiddled with the fake flowers and leaves on it. Then she smiled and said, “It seems that there should be more casualties in the next few days. I don’t know what ‘Iris’ purpose is.”

Luo Qiu looked at the unsettled crowd outside the window and suddenly asked, “What do you think about my cousin?”

“Talkative.” You Ye responded softly.

“Talkative?” Boss Luo smiled and didn’t comment on it further. He suggested, “It is probably too late to go back and prepare lunch. Let’s go elsewhere and see if there are other special cuisines. Our harvest today is nice. We should reward ourselves.”

The maid… You Ye naturally listened to the master.

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Before the police arrived, Song Haoran got in a red off-road vehicle at the traffic light on the next street corner where the restaurant was located. The one who drove in the front seat was a woman with long red hair and white skin, aged twenty-six. There was another man in the pa.s.senger seat.

He suddenly chuckled, “By the way, how about I tell you the story of my adventure in the Amazon jungle?”

Lluvia indicated that she was willing to listen and even turned the volume of the car’s stereo to the minimum. O’Neill had a horrified expression on his face. He said in an exaggerated expression, “Oh! My G.o.d, Lluvia! The military advisor is going to tell his adventure story about duping pretty girls again!”

“Hahaha.” Song Haoran smiled happily, then opened the car window. His fingers grasped on the pa.s.sing wind outside the window. He then smelled the air and revealed a beautiful smile.

The weather in South America was still summer, but it was frigid winter in China.

Perhaps it was because the weather was too cold, there were fewer pedestrians on the street.

However, there was rigorous training taking place at the underground training ground of a particular veterinary hospital. Three figures collided with each other at a horrifying speed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sun Xiaosheng, the Elysium Bar’s owner, gave his full dedication to training the two temporary students.

“Windchaser, can you be faster? Is this what you call G.o.dspeed? It’s just a little bit faster than the tortoise crawling on the floor. Xiaofei, did you fap too much last night? How come you look weak? In this case, you can’t even tickle me!”

Not long after, Windchaser and Mo Xiaofei were already exhausted on the underground training ground. They collapsed directly on the yellow mud, sweating profusely.

Sun Xiaosheng stopped suddenly, squatting between the two, looking at them casually, “Is that your limit?”

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