Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Yosei Ichigo - 妖精壱号

Chapter 278

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Tondemo Skill - 278 - Trading Day... is Postponed

After the party members of [Ark] and [Shadow Warriors] (and Elland-san) left yesterday, I was able to spend a nice time relaxing.

Aside from making dinner for my familiars (and Elland-san), there was nothing much to do.

Thankfully, when dinner time came my hangover was nothing more than a bad memory. So, time to have meat! [5]

I still have quite a few meat skewers and sausages left. Since the people last night were more interested in drinking, I still have quite a lot of food leftover.

[8] I got my BBQ stove out and got to grilling. [5] Enjoying a barbecue slowly without having to worry about guests was pretty great. It was fun to have people other than my familiars around but this way was more relaxing.

[8] The next morning, my familiars (and Elland-san) clamoured for barbecue again. Considering my familiars’ appet.i.te (and Elland-san) I decided to make hotdogs with the grilled sausages. [6] While the sausages were sizzling on the BBQ stove, I quickly bought some hotdog buns off [Net Super], sliced and b.u.t.tered them and toasted them lightly on the grill.

I had just had served my familiars (and Elland-san) platefuls of hotdogs when my door opened and in walked Nadia-san the Guild Master.

“Sorry for showing up so early in the morning. I knocked but no one answered,” she said. “The door wasn’t locked so I let myself in.”

“Ah, good morning, Nadia-san. Did something happen?” I said as I moved the bread to the side of the barbecue to prevent them from burning. “I did plan to visit the Guild after breakfast.”

“Ah, it’s about that. If you don’t mind, I’d like to postpone our meeting until the day after tomorrow.”

[6] “Oh?”

[4] “Well, thanks to your party, the dungeon’s back to normal now. We had just issued the notice two days ago and, ugh, there’s a sudden influx of application to challenge the dungeon.”

[6] “Ah, apologies…”

[4] “No, no, it’s a good thing really. I’m just swamped in paperwork, which isn’t really a problem but it also means I don’t have time to look over your list of Drop items.”

[6] “I see, I see,”

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“Also, our budget is, well… I’ve consulted with the Vice Guild Master but we can’t seem to agree over what item to priorities,” Nadia-san flopped into a chair and leaned back with her eyes closed.

Elland-san nodded sympathetically on the side. He patted Nadia-san on the shoulder, “I totally understand.”

“Nadia-san, have you had breakfast yet?” I asked.

“Nah, I was too busy,”

[8] I immediately stuffed a sausage into a hotdog bun, squeeze some sauce on it and handed it to her. “Sounds like you’ll need a lot of strength to face the day, so please have this?”

“Oh? Well, if you don’t mind,” Nadia-san picked up the hotdog with her hand and took a large, unhesitating bite. “Woah, this is good.”

“There’s more so please don’t hold back,” I said cheerfully while pouring a mug of orange juice from a jug. My familiars (and Elland-san) were having Cola, but I think that's a step too weird for Nadia-san.

Nadia-san quickly ate the hotdog and washed it down with the orange juice. “Anyway, back to our topic. Since budget is one of our issues, we decided to let the Merchant’s Guild partake in the purchase.”

[6] “You contacted the Merchant’s Guild?” I asked, a little incredulous since Adventurer’s Guild don’t usually have a good relationship with Merchant’s Guild

[4] “No way, those people have ears everywhere and a representative arrived yesterday evening with a very politely worded request.”

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[8] “Ah, as expected of the Merchant’s Guild,” I said, nodding to show my sympathies. Privately though, I really admired these merchants.

“Hmm? Oh, of course,”

Alright, since Elland-san has agreed so wholeheartedly, let’s take full advantage of his experience and squeeze whatever knowledge I can out of him.

After all, I feed him three times a day. He should at least repay me this much.

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