Thousand Autumns

Meng Xi Shi - 梦溪石

Chapter 49 Part2

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Chapter 49 (part 2) Fan Yuanbai, Zhou Yexue, and other disciples were injured heavily. They were exhausted. The appearance of Zhao Chiying had encouraged them. Lu Feng was so angry that he turned the sword to Zhao Chiying!

Zhao Chiying's hands moved forward, and took out the marks of Taiji. Her long fingers changed a lot. It was pretty. Lu Feng was shocked, because he could not move his long sword, which was stirred by Zhao Chiying and was broken and exploded!

“Ah!” He screamed, and he flew back involuntarily, hitting the wall behind him, and the vital points of his body was attacked.

Shen Qiao also defeated Ruan Hailou under the sword, the arm of the latter hand was cut off, sitting on the ground gray, and Shen Qiao's sword was placed on his neck.

The outcome was a foregone conclusion.

Once Lu Feng, Ruan Hailou, and Pu Anmi were defeated, the rest of them were not a concern. The remaining disciples of Bi Xia Sect were led to stabilize the situation. People of Dongzhou school were captured. But seeing the blood and corpses everywhere, no one has the joy of victory, only heavy mood and tiredness.

Zhao Chiying looked at Lu Feng and said, “Elder Lu, I know that you had a good relationship with Ruan Hailou in the past. But just because of this, can you be ruthless and ignore the lives of our disciples, to collude with outsiders and destroy Bi Xia Sect?”

Lu Feng sneered: “You haven't asked about the affairs of the sect for many years, and you have been practicing in seclusion. Are you a competent master? How can you blame me! Yue Kunchi was not good at Kong Fu and management. Bi Xia Sect was no longer famous now. It has become a second and third cla.s.s sect. If we don't reform, we are afraid that the sect will disappear from the world within a few years! Shixiong Ruan was originally a disciple of our sect, and now he was the son-in-law of King Goguryeo. Why can't he be the master of Bi Xia Sect?! You are so clever that when the battle was nearly to be finished, you showed up to clean up the mess. No wonder you are the master. I've lost and I had nothing to say! ”

Zhao Chiying shook her head and said nothing. She only asked Fan Yuanbai and others to take him away and said to Ruan Hailou: “Ruan Hailou, I will kill you for what you've done today. What do you want to say?”

Ruan Hailou stared at Zhao Chiying: “Hui Leshen had said something about me before he died.”

Zhao Chiying: “Yes, before he died, he told us everything.”

Ruan Hailou said coldly, “What did he say, I was so greedy that I let him down?”

Zhao Chiying shook his head and said slowly, “Master said that among all the brothers, he had the best relationship with you. At that time, a new generation of talents came out of Bi Xia Sect. Everyone thought that the set would be rejuvenated by you. Among them, master and you were the best. The ancestor has been hesitant, and he don't know how to choose. ”

“The compet.i.tion between the heads was extremely fierce, and many test set by the ancestor and others have been resolved by you one by one. It is said that one of the a.s.sessments was to rush to Changan from different places. The first comer was the winner. At that time, there were warfare everywhere, the journey was very difficult and dangerous. My master fell ill in Yizhou, and you happened to be in Yizhou. In order to take care of the my master, you delayed the trip. At last, the winner was not you, but another disciple.”

On hearing her words, Ruan Hailou seemed to be caught in the memories of the past: “Yes, he was stubborn from an early age and refused to accept defeat. If he was not ill at the time, he would not be delayed, I can't leave him alone. ”

Zhao Chiying: “My master said that he was very compet.i.tive since he was young. He was very persistent in winning. You are always tolerant of him. He has never had a chance to thank you.”

Ruan Hailou sneered: “I don't need his grat.i.tude! He pretended to be a good person in front of you and he must lie to you on what he has done!”

Zhao Chiying ignored his tone of resentment and said: “The compet.i.tion and test for the position of master was becoming more and more fierce, and the master devoted himself to victory and played some ticks on the process.

Yue Kunchi couldn't help but yelled, “Sister!”

Zhao Chiying calmly said, “These are what Master said to us before he died. You heard it at the time, and I just tell the truth.”

Yue Kunchi: “But…”

He had great respect for his Master that he couldn't say anything bad about him.

Zhao Chiying: “The truth will not disappear with the time goes by. It will always be there. The mistakes made by Master that indirectly led to the thing happened in Bi Xia Sect today. As disciples, we should accept the consequence as he wish. ”

Fan Yuanbai and the others were stunned.

This secret and little-known thing ended in that chaotic night. Zhao Chiying and Yue Kunchi were just young disciples. They couldn't know the details, let alone Fan Yuanbai and others.

She said to Ruan Hailou: “Master said to you that you were better than him and you should take the position of Master. He would no longer join in the compet.i.tion. You have no doubt about him. You drunk with Master and got drunk. When you woke up, you found that the little daughter of the ancestor was next to you. The ancestor thought that you had s.e.x with his daughter. You wanted my master to prove it for you, but he didn't help you. Later, the master said at the end of his life that he knew that the ancestor's daughter admired you, so he cooperated with her and to planned to perform a play. They lain to the ancestor and others. He didn't excepted that you quarreled with the ancestor and left out of anger… ”

Ruan Hailou said with a hard smile: “Yes, I will never forget it. The person I trust the most did such a thing to me!”

Zhao Chiying: “Because of this, the hearts of the people in the sect gradually separated. Soon after you left, uncle Zhu also left. The sect became more and more weak. The ancestor appointed him as the Master. My Master was worried about it all the time. Before dying, he told us the truth and told us that if you come back in the future, we must tell you that he owed you half of his life. ”

Ruan Hailou's face was pale, with a weird smile: “Owe me? If he owes me, why he doesn't show up and why he wants you to say it! ”

His expression turned to be fierce: “Isn't he alive! In fact, he has been hiding in the dark and spying, right? Call him out, call Hui Leshan out! ”

There was a touch of imperceptible pity in Zhao Chiying's eyes, and she said: “Because of this, Master was regretted all the time, and he died so early.”

Ruan Hailou shook his head and said: “Impossible, how can such a devious person die so early!”

Zhao Chiying sighed: “I am afraid that even Master did not expect that he owed you in his early years would bring the death of so many disciples of Bi Xia Sect. I will let you to pay for it too. ”

Ruan Hailou said, “I don't believe he is dead. Where is his tomb?”

Yue Kunchi couldn't stand anymore and said: “After the death of the masters of the Bi Xia Sect, the bodies were burned to ashes, and were sprayed into Mount Tai, and only the tablets were enshrined in the ancestral hall. Did you forget it?”

Ruan Hailou slowly closed his eyes, and for a short while, two lines of tears burst out of his eyes.

Zhao Chiying said to Fan Yuanbai and others: “You make the bandage first, then look around to see if any disciples are still alive, and then seize these people separately, and then dispose of them on another day.”

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Fan Yuanbai and others nodded.

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