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Chapter 1405 - Tianlan's Strange Advancement 2

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Chapter 1405: Tianlan’s Strange Advancement 2

Mei’er wanted to take revenge herself, so she needed a powerful spiritual force, thus, helping her advance to G.o.d supreme was the most important thing now.

“Oh right, I remember that about two months ago, your Shen Manor’s treasure was glowing, according to my feeling, it was a legendary artifact,” Lapis Lazuli quickly said, after hearing what Miss had said, she almost forgot about this matter.

With another legendary artifact by her side, the Young Miss would be able to do more.

Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows slightly and held the treasure of the Shen Manor in her hand, it was dim and even a little cracked, she flipped it in her hand and frowned slightly. “Is This It?”

“Yes, this is it, the jade-green light appeared about two months ago. I was in the Pill Scroll Realm, and the time did not synchronize with the outside world, but presumably, it should be about that time,” Lapis Lazuli nodded and said with certainty.

“Uh-huh.” Feng Tianlan nodded and looked at the pearl over and over again, and she thought of Lapis Lazuli’s words and frowned deeply. “What does it look like when it s.h.i.+nes?”

Two months ago, she was still in the Heaven Soul PaG.o.da and wanted to see her previous life, in the end, she was a pearl.

“Please wait a moment.” Lapis Lazuli directly drew the scene she saw that day in her palm, she was a pill scroll, so it was easy for her to draw it, soon, a jade-green pearl appeared in her palm.

Feng Tianlan looked at Lapis Lazuli’s palm, she saw the jade-green pearl that was a little light green, she frowned deeply and felt that it was a little familiar.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with this pearl?” Lapis lazuli asked worriedly when she saw Feng Tianlan’s expression.

Feng Tianlan shook her head lightly. “This looks like the Biling Pearl.” It was the same size, but as for the color, it was different.

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“The Biling Pearl belongs to Master.”

“The past life I saw in the heart mirror was a pearl.” Feng Tianlan saw that Lapis Lazuli wanted to say something, she smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, as long as the person he loves is me.”

She believed that Mobai would not stop loving her just because she was a pearl, this was her trust in him.

As long as nothing happened, she would not have any doubts, her trust in him was as solid as a rock.

Seeing her like this, Lapis Lazuli did not say anything else. “Then I would investigate on how to use this Biling Pearl.”

Hearing Lapis Lazuli’s words, Feng Tianlan could not help but laugh out loud. “Are you asking me to use myself?”

“I have no such intention.” Lapis Lazuli blushed.

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