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Chapter 1243 - Forbade Mo Bai From Climbing the Windows

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Chapter 1243: Forbade Mo Bai From Climbing the Windows

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Feng Tianlan squinted her eyes as she watched Su Xue leave. She was an advanced G.o.d supreme, and she was so beautiful. In the end, she was even somewhat similar to her?

She thought about it carefully. The back view of that woman in the United Mercenary Regiment seemed to be able to completely merge with Su Xue.

However, Su Xue was unafraid of the existence of the peonies. Was it because she had nothing to do with this matter, or was she too arrogant? Even if she was discovered, it wouldn’t matter?

“Sister?” Feng Yunsheng saw her looking at Su Xue’s back for a long time and called out in puzzlement.

Feng Tianlan retracted her gaze and looked at Feng Yunsheng and answered, “When you have finished eating, go to the courtyard and take a look. If you need anything, tell the maid.”

“Thank you, Sister,” Feng Yunsheng narrowed her crescent-shaped eyes and a sweet and satisfied smile appeared on her face.

Feng Tianlan felt that this smile was a little harsh on her eyes. After all, Feng Yunsheng had pretended to be her, tried to get close to Mo Bai, and even wanting to kill her. Her actions lead people to have a bad impression of her.

After a few days, she got along with Feng Yunsheng calmly, as if she was just as simple as she appeared on the surface. She had also never seen the peony flower on her wrist. Perhaps it was because the night of the full moon had not arrived yet.

The news of Si Mobai and Su Jingfeng, the two masters of the two major alliances, were getting married soon spread out. Moreover, they were getting married one after another. Naturally, it caused a commotion and soon spread across the Xuantian Continent, everyone was discussing the beauty of the bride or the grand wedding.

Si Mobai came to the Shen residence early and saw that Feng Tianlan was meditating to cultivate. He did not disturb her and just waited quietly by the side. She had said that Lapis Lazuli was injured and needed to cultivate her Spiritual force. Therefore, the more Spiritual force she absorbed, the faster Lapis Lazuli would recover.

An hour later, Feng Tianlan opened her eyes and looked at Si Mobai who was waiting quietly. She smiled and said, “Why are you so early?”

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“I’ve been busy with the wedding recently and didn’t make breakfast for you. I was a little free last night, so I made some medicinal porridge for you to replenish your body,” Si Mobai took out a food box from his s.p.a.ce and took out a bowl of warm medicinal porridge and placed it on the table, he looked at her with a smile and said. “Otherwise, with your small body, you won’t be able to withstand a night of torment.”

She just wanted to beat him up a little. He was probably too impatient to wait for the wedding. However, he seemed to be very confident and even wanted to spend the whole night?

Si Mobai chuckled again, “I’m afraid that you’ll tire yourself out.”

Feng Tianlan looked at him coquettishly and ate her porridge elegantly. When she was listening to him talking about the preparations for the wedding, he was extremely meticulous. However, as she listened, she could hear a sigh.

“Sigh, poor me. I haven’t had a beauty in my arms for the past few days. It’s hard for me to fall asleep.”

Hearing Si Mobai’s complaints, Feng Tianlan raised her eyes, “It has only been a few days and you couldn’t fall asleep?”

As she was getting married, she wanted to spend more time with her mother, so she stayed in the Shen residence and strictly forbade Mo Bai from climbing out of the window and climbing into her bed!

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