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Chapter 868 - Are They Really That Important to You?

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Chapter 868: Are They Really That Important to You?

The top ten of the Bailan Alliance’s bodyguards soon appeared. Looking at the messy place, they knelt behind Si Mobai and greeted him, saying, “Master.”

Si Mobai fed Da Da the Quick Healing Pill and then picked up Feng Tianlan. He told her, “They are fine now. I have fed them Quick Healing Pills and sent for ten bodyguards to watch over them.”

Feng Tianlan, who had been struggling to breathe and was in a semi-conscious state, did not even utter a sound when she heard those words. She simply relaxed and lost consciousness. Her hands still tightly grasped Si Mobai’s clothes as if it were the only way she could feel secure.

“Protect them well and send men to rebuild the Mercenary Regiment. Also, the Bailan Alliance will take care of the damage to the surrounding houses.” He did not want anyone to say anything against Lan’er.

The ten bodyguards looked at the surrounding chaos and were dumbfounded once again. They always felt that they, the top ten bodyguards, had to be well-rounded and take care of everything. Now they even had to repair houses. But it was much better than having to go food shopping like the last time.

Si Mobai carried Feng Tianlan back to Si Feng Pavilion and placed her on the bed. He gave her body a check-up and found that her arm was fractured. She was still bleeding, and her body’s meridian channels were cut off. However, there were faint signs of revitalization and restoration at this time.

He knew that it was her Vine that was helping her repair her body. But even so, he was deeply anxious. Why had she fought so hard? Even when she was hurt this badly, she still refused to let go. She had to make sure they were all right before she could set her mind at ease and lose consciousness.

“Silly Lan’er. Are they really that important to you?” Si Mobai held a handkerchief to help wipe the perspiration from her face. He tidied himself and, as for his question, he could only give a long sigh in the end.

He did not have friends. He did not understand feelings. He just could not comprehend. But he could safeguard them for her. Perhaps one day, he would come to understand what feelings were.

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Feng Tianlan was once again unconscious for three days. When she woke up, her body was not in too much discomfort. But the emptiness in her Dantian made her body feel weak. Moreover, her meridian channels were still recovering. They were much stronger than before.

Feng Tianlan sighed gently. Mobai had said they were all right, so they must really be fine.

Si Mobai tightly embraced her. He let go of the worry in his heart and soon fell asleep.

The two of them slept in each other’s arms! They cherished every moment together.

Feng Tianlan woke up again and the sky was already dark. A luminous pearl was put in the room, giving off a hazy shine. She watched as Si Mobai pushed the door open and entered the room with a bowl in his hand.

“You’re awake. Get up and have some snow hare stewed with red flowers. It’s the best for helping the body recover.” Si Mobai put the bowl down and then went over to Feng Tianlan. He saw her looking at him foolishly and the little anger he had in his heart suddenly dissipated. He only felt resigned and indulgent. He said, “Come on and get up. I won’t blame you.”

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