The Strongest Hokage


Chapter 320: Orochimaru And Anko

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This gloomy atmosphere didn't have an effect on Naito. He directly entered the building and came to Orochimaru's Lab.However, before he reaches the door, he saw a girl who was a few years younger carrying some things, coming out from the room.

The moment she saw him, she panicked, then she instantly recognized his ident.i.ty, and couldn't help but exclaim.

“Yuu… Yuu Naito!”

Everyone in Konoha respected and admired Naito, and this girl wasn't any different.

Seeing Naito so suddenly in front of her, made her heartbeats raise quickly, and out of her shock, the things that she was carrying fell off.

Not good!

This happened so sudden, yet she quickly wanted to catch those things, but the more she was panic, the more the chaos, this time she didn't only exclaim weirdly, but she also was about to break some bottles and cans on the ground.

Noticing these bottles and jars in the air made Naito's brows raise, then he flashed several times and put back all of these lab materials back on the plat that the girl was holding.

Originally, the girl was looking at the ground with a pale face waiting for the bottles to hit the ground, but she got more surprised when she found out that they got back on the plate.

“Thank you… Thank you, Yuu Naito…”

The girl didn't expect Naito to help her, and she was somewhat flattered by that. She greeted him with a lovely blush on her cheeks.

Naito looked at her strangely. From the first moment he saw her coming out of the lab, he felt that she was somehow familiar, so he asked casually.

“You're Mitarashi Anko, right?”

Hearing Naito saying her name made her really surprised. She never expected a high ranked like Naito to know her name. That would let her heart pounce and jump even by the thought of it. Which made her unable to respond.

She was Orochimaru's disciple, and also his a.s.sistant. And the most admired person in her heart, after her master, Orochimaru, was Yuu Naito.

Looking at her reaction, made Naito look surprised. He just guessed, he didn't expect it to be true.

Speaking of it, Kakashi, Kurenai Yuhi, Gai, and Anko, this generation has all grown up.

The most talented ninja, in this generation, Hatake Kakashi, seems that he had just become a Jonin a little time ago.

Perhaps because didn't die like in the Original, Kakashi had his father's guidance, and Minato as his teacher, which improved his strength even faster than the original, and at the age of eleven, he became a Jonin.

However, Gai is not far away from opening the Fifth Gate. When he does, he won't be inferior to Kakashi. And once he opens the Sixth, he will reach the Kage-Level.

“I didn't expect Yuu Naito to know my disciple. This should be a great honor for her.”

Orochimaru came out of the lab and looked surprised to see Naito and Anko together.

During this period, Anko admired and respected Orochimaru as her master and mentor, which made her somehow embarra.s.sed that she made Orochimaru stop his work and leave his lab.

“Nothing is broken, you can go.”

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Orochimaru waved with his hand at Anko, then looked at Naito and said: “Because I needed an a.s.sistant, I've picked her. However, this new generation is really a lost cause.”

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