The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary


Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

“Guess I’m not getting out of this easily!”

There was nowhere to run, being pincered in by the two groups .

As Loren decided that the only way out was to cut through them, he heard Oxy finish chanting her spell .

“Scatter the sands, bring upon slumber! ”

Based on Oxy’s movements and line of sight, Loren saw that she was using on the goblins in front and was irritated at her decision .

He knew that she was trying to help Sarfe and Naron, but if they were to successfully retreat, it was better to use it on the goblins behind them .

But Oxy was too focused on them and didn’t seem like she noticed the goblins behind them .

Loren changed his mind and thought that they still had a chance if they could at least get through the goblins in front, and waited for Oxy’s spell to take effect . But he narrowed his eyes, seeing a strange light coming from the goblin mage’s necklace .

At the same time for an unknown reason, Lapis, who Loren was still holding her by the collar, became limp .

As her knees buckled, Loren immediately let go of her and before her knees could hit the floor, he managed to catch her and lend her his shoulder .

“Hey! What’s wrong?”

“This is…”

He didn’t have time to check what was wrong with Lapis, who looked dumbfounded, because he heard Oxy’s panicked voice .

“What? How!?”

Loren soon found out why .

Although the spell had been used, there was no sign of any of the goblins going to sleep . The goblins then rushed at Sarfe and Naron at once .

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Get away from me!”

“S…stop! Let go of me!”

There was no way Sarfe could get up and fight with an injured shoulder and leg .

Naron, who injured her flank, was unable to go against them either and they pushed her to the ground .

“Hey! Get away from her!”

The goblins showed no mercy, bringing their weapons down on Sarfe .

As dull swords chipped away at his flesh and the clubs struck bone after bone, Sarfe screamed in pain .

Naron shrieked as the goblins started to rip her clothes off .

Oxy became pale at the sight and before she could do anything, the goblins tackled her from behind and covered her, not even letting her scream .

Loren knew that he couldn’t save them .

He then started to take steps forward .

For a second,the thought of leaving Lapis here crossed his mind .

Lapis couldn’t move her limbs, much less grab onto Loren’s shoulder, and was getting carried by Loren . To him, she was dead weight .

If he left her, he would be able to move around quicker and the goblins would be focused on new prey, letting him run away with little to no problems .

The only problem was dealing with the guilt later, but considering the pros, he thought it wasn’t a bad choice .

Lapis looked up at Loren, who was still trying to decide, and gave out a small sigh .

“It can’t be helped, just leave me . ”

It was a completely different tone than until now .

Loren was more surprised that she told him to leave her here than the change in the way she talked .

“I’m in the way, correct? They won’t kill a woman that easily, but they will kill you for sure . Don’t mind me and just go . ”

He sensed a feeling of defeat in her voice .

But what struck his heart was that she was saying all this just for him .

So what Loren did was silently grip the sword in his left hand tighter and put Lapis under his right arm .


“Shut up, you might bite your tongue . ”

After getting a better grip on her, he gritted his teeth and took a step forward, then suddenly started das.h.i.+ng toward the exit .

All the screaming from behind him and weird moaning sounds coming from Lapis didn’t reach his ears anymore .

He swung his left arm in a wide arc right at the base of a goblin’s neck .

The goblin’s body tore into two pieces and Loren kicked them away, then bashed the forehead of another goblin who jumped at him .

The blade lodged into its head and broke off .

Loren, as soon as he felt it break, hurled the rest of the sword at another goblin, then picked up a club and continued to speed up .

He rushed past Sarfe, who was getting hacked to pieces in a pool of blood, and Naron, who was stripped naked and held down on the ground, and went straight toward the archers .

A few arrows were fired at close range .

No matter how bad they were at using bows, Loren was close enough that it was almost impossible to miss .

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But to the goblins’ surprise, not even one of them managed to hit Loren, and before they could even act confused, they got a knee to the face and flew away .

But back when he was a mercenary, he learned how to figure out his surroundings by using the reflections of sounds that he made .

It was a technique mostly used during times where they couldn’t use a light, such as during an ambush, and although it helped, it wasn’t the most accurate . If he lost focus there was a chance of tripping over uneven ground or cras.h.i.+ng into a wall, so he didn’t have any time to spare talking to Lapis .

“Getting carried around like a sack gets pretty boring . ”

“I don’t have time for that . It’s a matter of life and death so please be quiet . ”

“That’s true, but how about this . ”

As soon as Lapis said that a soft white light s.h.i.+ned, illuminating their surroundings .

Loren squinted and realized that the light was coming from his chest and guessed that Lapis had something to do with it . He slowed down slightly and looked down at the girl .

“Can you see now? I won’t ask you to carry me like a princess, but can you at least carry me on your back?”

Lapis asked him with her limbs still dangling .

He could’ve ignored her, but he felt an eerie tone from her voice and gently let her down from under her arm and proceeded to put her on his back .

“Ah, that’s better . Now that that’s out of the way, Loren, thank you for saving me back there . ”

As soon as she got on his back, she started talking politely again .

Loren wondered what the change in her way of talking meant as he continued deeper into the tunnel, now illuminated by the light .

“But why did you decide to save me? You left everyone else to die back there . ”

Loren didn’t flinch at the fact that she said he left Sarfe and the rest to die .

He knew that she was simply just asking him what she was thinking, so he answered her in a daunting manner .

“I just felt like it, you were lucky, I still owe you money . Just choose one . I’m sure one of them is the answer . ”

“Is it okay if I take it that Loren is a kind person?”

“If that were true I wouldn’t have left the others . ”

He told Lapis with a wry smile and a teasing tone, but she didn’t seem to be offended at all and quietly leaned onto his back .

“But you still saved me so I’ll think of it as that . ”

“Think of it as you want to then . ”

It didn’t matter to Loren about how Lapis thought about him .

When Loren told her to do as she liked, she told him she would with a smile on her face .


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