The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary


Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

Ch . 78: Concluding After Ambush

Loren never hesitated once he put his mind to doing something .

But he never attacked over two hundred enemies alone before when he was a mercenary .

It wasn’t that he believed Lapis, who said it would be fine .

He acted because he knew the enemy wasn’t ready for battle and was either excited about the success of the raid or about to go to sleep and thought that he could manage to cut down a few of them .

Of course, he had no idea what would happen after the first few, and if there wasn’t a plan, he would soon be surrounded and killed, but he guessed that things would be fine .

Letting things develop as they go wasn’t a very good way to do things, but for jobs such as mercenaries, they often found themselves in such situations, and only those who could do something about it could live longer .

“W-who are…Gahh!?”

Loren, who closed the distance between him and the enemy with Lapis’ light behind him, swung his great sword in the direction of the voice .

The under swing, with the force of momentum behind its weight, caught the body of the enemy, who was s.h.i.+elding his eyes from the blinding light, ate into it diagonally, and went through the other side without any resistance .

With the sound of wet fibers snapping and bones cracking ringing out, the upper body of the bandit that Loren cut through spun into the air, while the lower body fell and spurted blood and flesh everywhere .

After counting one, Loren continued without breaking momentum .

Because the first one died without even being able to scream, he managed to leap towards one of the archers, who had no idea what was going on, and swung his great sword to the right and then to the left, hoping it would hit something .

As one got caught from under his jaw and fell on his back, screaming as his face was split in half and another got caught on the shoulder and got his arm ripped off, the light Lapis had conjured had faded and the area returned to darkness, with only the light from the bonfires left .

Among the bandits who lost their sight, some swinging their weapons around blindly and others shooting their bows without aiming, Loren continued to find ones who were injured and kill them .

“Attack! Attack!”

“d.a.m.n it! Who the h.e.l.l!?”

Lapis’ light and the screams of the bandits that Loren injured alerted the whole camp of an attack .

Of course, that was to be expected, so Loren calmly counted the bodies rolling around on the ground and turned his focus to Shayna, who was inside him .

“That’s a few of them!”

‘Leave it to me . ”

The No Life King inside Loren activated her powers .

A black mist, so black that it was noticeable even in the darkness, erupted from the ground and covered the area around the dead bodies .

As Loren looked on, wondering what she was doing, as the bodies were nothing but pieces of flesh, the black mist covered the bodies, and with crunching sounds coming from within, they started to gather them into a single lump .

Maybe she couldn’t make useful undead with bodies that were destroyed into pieces .

But that thought was overturned by the black mist that gathered the bodies into one large piece .

‘Onii-san, I can’t make much since there aren’t enough bodies, but is that okay?’

“I don’t mind so hurry!”

Since Loren was just a single person that attacked a whole camp, there was only so much panic he could cause, and he was starting to panic as he continued to cut down bandits around him .

‘Come to me! Undead Knight!’

What emerged from the black mist was something’s thick left arm .

Although it looked like a human’s arm, it was a few times thicker than one, and spread fear among those who saw it, as it was shriveled up like a mummy’s arm .

What emerged next was the head, a giant skull .

Its body was one of giant human well, with shriveled skin hanging on bone, with a rusted breastplate equipped onto it .

It’s lower body and legs then emerged, along with a rusted waist pads and armored boots, and lastly, emerged its right arm, wielding a halberd with red rust covering it .

Loren had quite the large body, but even he had to look up at the thing that emerged from the mist, which was an undead that Shayna had summoned called an undead knight .

While the bandits froze at the pressure from the giant halberd, the summoned undead knight roared into the night sky, and suddenly swept it across sideways .

The rusted blade didn’t seem like it could cut through much, but the strength and speed behind the swing tore through the bandits that were in its path, and the bodies flew into the air .

It was done very casually, as if it were cutting gra.s.s, but several bandits losing their lives every time the halberd was swung was a complete nightmare, as even Loren couldn’t help but stop attacking and stare at the sight .

“That’s not much?”

‘It’s not much at all . Onii-san could defeat it, you know?’

“I’d like to avoid fighting that if I could…”

The bandits started retaliating, as the undead knight swung its halberd around with brute force, not caring to dodge or defend itself .

Arrows were shot from a distance, and those with heavy equipment swung their weapons onto its body .

The attacks weren’t completely meaningless, as the arrows pierced it and the weapons cut into its body and created cuts, but the undead knight showed no sign of caring, as it continued to swing its halberd around with unchanging momentum .

Undead didn’t feel pain or fatigue in the first place .

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They were beings that continued displaying the same performance until they were destroyed or exorcised .

Shayna told Loren in a hurry when she heard his vacant words .

Thinking that it might be too late, Loren looked around at the gruesome picture of h.e.l.l around him, with bonfires being knocked down, the tents on fire, undead knights turning humans into lumps of meat on one side, and zombie dogs tearing into screaming bandits on the other .

All he did was kill around a dozen bandits, and after that things just kept on getting bigger .

On top of that, their plan was to scatter them into smaller groups so they would be easier to deal with, but currently, out of the close to two hundred bandits, most of them fell prey to the halberds or the dogs, and it was hard to tell if any of them were lucky enough to have escaped .

“What is this? How did this happen?”

“It’s a plan limited to night time, only applicable to those outside the law, after all . ”

As Loren turned towards Lapis, who had walked up next to him unnoticed, with frightened eyes, she looked at him with a slightly offended face and said with an annoyed voice .

“You’re mean, looking at a person like she’s some ghost or something . ”

“I don’t think I’ll be seeing anything but ghosts in a situation like this . ”

To Loren, the time since the ambush started to the time everything was destroyed was an instant .

The large scale group of bandits that seemed impossible to deal with without an army just a little while ago was nowhere to be seen, with the bandits running around blindly, being cut down, dragged onto the ground and being bitten all over, screaming, and calling for help as they died .

“They reaped what they sowed . There’s no room for sympathy . ”

“I want to feel a little bit of sympathy for them…”

What the bandits did wasn’t something that could be accepted .

If they were caught and judged under the law, Loren would’ve thought that they reaped what they sowed and felt no sympathy towards them .

But when he wondered if what they did was enough to be attacked by undead and become their prey, he couldn’t completely say so .

“Be reborn as good kids in the next life, okay? So, Loren, once this settles down and you release the undead, a fun time of looting will await us . ”

“I think the evil inside your stomach will put on a good match against them . ”

“What are you talking about? What part of my smooth, white stomach is evil…Loren? Don’t turn your back on me and look, see?”

“Shut up! Don’t lift up your clothes in a place like this! Stop pressing it against me! Let me go!”

Although cries of help and death cries continued to ring out around them, the two of them ignored them all and started messing around with each other, as Lapis tried to take hold of Loren’s head, and Loren tried to escape her clutches .

Although she wasn’t out of the loop, Shayna realized that she was forgotten at the moment, so after ordering the undead to continue to search and destroy, she went back inside Loren’s astral to rest until they remembered her .


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