The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary


Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Conversation and Pursuit

“Hey Lapis . What happened to the anti-evil ritual?”

“It’s just for warding off evil . It doesn’t make the building stronger or anything like that . ”

Loren looked at the part of the clinic that was blown away and asked Lapis in a scornful manner, but she replied in a flat tone .

The ritual that Lapis performed was impenetrable against the undead from outside, but that was just for keeping the undead away, and didn’t affect the building itself at all .

“Also, it keeps things from coming it, but it doesn’t have any effect on something that is trying to get out . ”

“Not as useful as I thought it would be . ”

“The same thing has been protecting you this whole time, you know?”

As Lapis replied to Loren’s disappointment with a scornful gaze, Loren immediately looked away and played dumb .

Klaus shouted loudly at their exchange, continuing to mow down zombies after zombies that continued to flock towards him .

“The clinic’s defenses have been breached, you know? Panic a bit, will you guys!?”

“Even if you say that…”

Loren’s gaze was still focused on the rubble of the demolished part of the clinic .

His eyes were glued onto the shadow that stood above it all .

“Seeing something like that just takes it around and doesn’t even make me want panic . ”

The figure that Loren mentioned was indeed humanoid but displayed a form that was far from a human .

It definitely looked like a person .

The figure wearing normal women’s clothing looked like someone that you wouldn’t even take a second glance if you walked past her on the street .

But the large difference was the yellowish mist that was being emitted from her entire body into her surroundings .

The figure wearing the mist that sent a chill down the spine and gave off a bad vibe just by looking at it, had an unconscious Shayna in her arms and stared at Loren with eyes the same shade of yellow as the mist .

“You’ve changed quite a bit, haven’t you Shutel?”

At Loren’s call, the figure, whose brown hair floating around her, bent her lips into a smile .

“I knew you were suspicious, but I didn’t think you had quit being human . ”

He didn’t have any evidence, but the uncomfortable vibe that he got just by looking at her and the eerie yellow mist around her, made it seem obvious that Shutel wasn’t anything close to a human being .

That was exactly why Shutel slowly walked down from the rubble and onto the street, right in the middle of all the zombies .

If she were a normal human, the zombies would’ve flocked to her and started tearing at her flesh, but they just stood where they were, paying no attention to her .

“What are you going to do with Shayna?”

When Lapis threw a question at her as Shutel turned her back towards them and started to walk away, Shutel stopped and answered without even looking back .

“It is none of your concern . This girl is the one that he has put his hands on, and has granted the treasure upon her body . He has pa . s . sed on, but I have the responsibility to complete what he had started . ”

“She actually spoke . ”

Although zombies used to be human, they were unable to speak human tongue .

Even revenants, which were known to have some intelligence, did spout things that sounded like words, but it is known that they couldn’t have a meaningful conversation at all .

Loren didn’t actually know all this, but since he had believed that undead were unable to talk with humans, he couldn’t hide his surprise because he thought that Shutel was some sort of undead, due to the fact that the zombies didn’t attack her .

“That’s probably a Wight . They’re undead that are a bit smarter than revenants . ”

“So undead have different names based on how smart they are…”

“no, not exactly…”

Suddenly the yellow mist erupted from Shutel’s body and covered the area, interrupting Lapis .

Loren tensed as he expected it to block their sight, but it was far from a smokescreen, something more atrocious than that .

“Wights are users of powerful energy drains . If the yellow mist touches you it steals your mana and life energy . ”

“I don’t have any business with you lot . Become prey for the zombies, is what I would like to say, but…”

Shutel finally turned towards Loren and Lapis, with a quizzical look .

“An ordinary human would immediately be unable to move a finger, but why are you two not affected?”

“Of course, that’s because we have means to deal with it . ”

Lapis said proudly, but Loren wasn’t sure if there was much meaning at all taking such an att . i . tude against an undead .

Shutel continued to look at Loren and Lapis, but after a while she turned around once again .

“Whatever . In any case, you wouldn’t last long dealing with all these zombies and revenants, anyway . Even if you did, once I complete what he started, there’s no way the living could resist it . ”

“Hey, wait!”

Loren tried to stop Shutel from leaving, but at that moment the zombies stood in his way, blocking her from view .

“This isn’t looking too good . ”

Even though Shutel left, the yellow mist did not disappear, and was still surrounding the area .

As she looked at it, her words contained a bit of panic inside them .

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“Klaus and I are fine . I won’t succ . u . mb to an energy drain of this degree, and Klaus has the protection of his Gift . ”

During that time, if Klaus had to continually deal with the undead all by himself, the undead would infiltrate the clinic through the hole that Shutel had made .

Once that happens, it wasn’t hard to imagine what would happen to the people inside .

“It’s for my friends . Leave it to me . Is what I would like to say, but this is going to be pretty hard, even for me . So it would be helpful if you guys… the two of you could defeat the wight and come back as soon as possible . ”

When they heard those words, Loren and Lapis glanced at each other and said to Klaus in harmony .

“‘That way of talking is pretty disgusting'”

“I-I can be sorry for things, okay!? I owe you one for saving Ange as well . ”

The second half got quieter and was hard to make out, but Klaus immediately recovered and looked back at Loren and Lapis, and said clearly .

“So leave this to me, please . ”

“Well, since it looks like you’ve made up your mind, I guess we could leave it to you . ”

If it was Klaus when Loren first met him, he would’ve scoffed and would’ve told him not to be so full of himself, but to Loren it seemed he could trust the Klaus he was seeing right now .

That’s why when Loren replied to him like that, he thumped his chest with his fist and undertook it .

“I promise that I’ll protect this place until you two get back . ”

“Buy me a drink when it’s all over . ”

“…Shouldn’t that be I’ll buy you a drink when it’s all over?”

“I don’t have the money to even if I wanted to . I’ve become an adventurer because I was a broke mercenary, after all . ”

As Loren said something quite pathetic, Lapis grabbed his hand and started pulling on it .

“We’ve got no time to lose . I’ll track Shutel so let’s go . ”

“Got it . Alright Klaus, you’d better not die . ”

As Loren said that to motivate him, Klaus held up his longsword and replied .

“Unfortunately, until I have a household with Ange, have a lot of children, a lot of grandchildren, and have them see me off, I won’t feel like dying . ”

“That’s a pretty luxurious dream you’ve got there…”

“Roll and Layla will be my concubines . ”

Klaus said something completely unexpected with s.h.i.+ning eyes .

“Isn’t it better if we have him die here?”

Loren was being quite serious as he asked Lapis, but she didn’t answer . Instead, after sending an ice cold glare resembling a blizzard in the far lands of the north, she started running after Shutel, still holding onto Loren’s hand .

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