The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary


Chapter 151

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Chapter 151

Translator: Lizz

Proofreader: Xemul

The party left Kapha city, and their journey so far was a little better than expected, though they didn’t manage to get far on the first day . All they did during the day was following the main road and exchanging greetings with the occasionally pa.s.sing travelers .

Since they couldn’t go farther than planned, they decided to set up a camp on the plain along the main road and called it a day .

“Is it just me, or we’re going a little slow?”

“No, everyone feels the same, except for one person . ”

“The reason is… surely that . ”

Lapis said, as she was looking at two exhausted donkeys . Everyone could see that they were a bit overloaded and, Gula, the reason of this increased baggage load, showed a weak, apologetic smile:

“Sorry . I eat a lot . ”

“It’s alright for us, but the donkeys are pitiful . Apologize to them . ”

“Sorry guys . I just eat a lot . ”

Gula said and repeatedly bowed to the donkeys . Tizona just smiled wryly but Lapis, who knew Gula’s true ident.i.ty, watched the unbelievable scene with a perplexed expression . Lapis didn’t know who called them Evil G.o.ds for the first time, but she wondered how that person would feel seeing such a being bowing to a pair of donkeys .

Lapis’ expression became even more perplexed when Loren stacked up the huge amount of branches he had cut and picked from their surroundings into a pile .

“Tizona, light these up . ”

Loren thought that as someone nicknamed ‘h.e.l.lfire Sword’, Tizona would be a master in using fire . But she protested with a merciless expression:

“Wait a minute, I’m not a tinderbox . Besides, there’s green wood mixed in this, isn’t there?”

“Can’t you dry them?”

“It’s not that I can’t, but… Well, you know my nickname, don’t you? Should my ability be used for things like this?”

Tizona asked with a rather pitiful expression . Surely this was a too lowly work to ask of a twice-named mercenary, wasn’t it?

Loren calmly replied:

“I don’t care . If you don’t want to do it, then buy firewood in the next town . Of course, this will be added to our expenses, and given that we will be camping a lot due to the round trip, you need to buy enough for future use . Alright?”

“…Just let me do it . ”

Buying firewood would further increase the expenses, and so Tizona reluctantly changed her mind . She then lifted her hand over the tottering pile of wood gathered by Loren .

“Can you dry the green wood?”

“It’s alright if I just heat them up and do not burn them, right? In the worst case, I can force them to burn . ”

“Isn’t that magic?”

Asked a priest of the G.o.d of Knowledge, who suddenly became curious about the process .

It didn’t look like Tizona intended to hide anything, so she answered while scowling at the pile of wood:

“It’s my blessing . Another one aside from <> . ”

“That’s really convenient, isn’t it? To be able to use magic to dry things…”

“I’m not sure, but it’s not supposed to be used like this . Rather, you should be more surprised about me having two blessings . ”

“Now that you mention it…”

Aside from Tizona, Lapis hadn’t met any other person with a blessing… except for a certain adventurer named Klaus . He had a blessing called <>, which allowed him to increase his own power and the power of those he touched . Klaus had never mentioned having another blessing, so Lapis wasn’t sure if he was hiding it or if Boost was the only one he had . However, judging by the way Tizona spoke, it seemed that for one person to receive two blessings was extremely rare .

“I have not only one, but two rare blessings . And now I’m using one of them to dry your firewood…”

“You’re using it for a peaceful purpose though?”

“Why does it sound like you are trying to give a n.o.ble purpose to my blessing here? Isn’t it strange?!”

“What blessing is it, by the way?”

“It’s called <> . I’m using it to dry firewood now, but this is what I used to burn our employer’s troops . And it’s where my nickname comes from . ”

Said Tizona and her left hand twitched by a small spark that immediately turned into the fire . As she clenched her hand into a fist, the fire started to grow and took a shape similar to a sword .

“This is how <> is originally used . ”

Tizona opened her left fist, and the sword disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared . There was no actual need to draw a sword, she simply wanted to show it to them .

Lapis exclaimed, truly impressed:

“You really don’t need a burner at all . ”

“You’re the first one ever to have that kind of reaction after seeing <> . ”

Tizona continued silently drying the firewood, but her shoulders now had slumped in disappointment .

After solving the issue with fire, Loren and Lapis managed to somehow prepare Gula’s dinner . But when Tizona checked the amount of wood left, she became utterly surprised:

“Wait, how could you use up almost all the firewood?”

Tizona dried up quite a lot of firewood, but the amount left was barely enough for a bonfire . She was even unsure if it could keep fire going throughout the night .

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To answer her astonishment, Loren wearily pointed at Gula:

“Why don’t you just let it go? The one whose pocket hurts the most is me, isn’t it?”

Gula hung her head at the poison secretly hidden behind those words .

Seeing that Lapis had no objections, Tizona took out an hourgla.s.s from her luggage:

“The sand will run out in exactly two hours . Since there are about eight hours left until morning, let’s take turns and keep watch for two hours each . ”

“Should we draw a lottery?”

“No, I proposed it, so I’ll go first . ”

And so the order of keeping watch was decided like this: Tizona ⇾ Gula ⇾ Loren ⇾ Lapis .

Hearing this, Gula energetically leapt at Loren as if her dejected expression earlier had been all a lie . Loren didn’t have any time to dodge her advance and ended up having her clinging tightly to his arm . He tried to shake her off, but she held on firmly with both arms, making it impossible for him to push her away .

“In that case, sleep with me, Loren . ”

“Why should I?”

“Cause our sleeping bags are the normal type, while yours are high-quality . It’ll surely feel different, right?”

It was true, but that didn’t mean he should comply with her wish . Gula embraced him in bed just recently, and the situation back then was really dangerous . If she did that within the tight confines of a sleeping bag, he would simply burst .

However, he didn’t think that Gula would accept a refusal . Thinking that he was just human, Loren proposed a compromise:

“You can use my sleeping bag then . The normal one is fine for me . ”

“But that’ll be meaningless . Two people will be warmer, right Loren? Right?”

Gula rubbed her body against Loren . At this very moment, Lapis approached her from behind and covered her from head to toe with her sleeping bag . She even neatly tied Gula up with a rope while Loren watched on in astonishment . Like this Gula wouldn’t be able to come out when her turn arrives . While Loren was wondering about such things, Lapis tossed a tightly-packed Gula into her tent and turned to look at him .


“You don’t feel regret or anything, do you?”

“Thank you for saving me . ”

Hearing his thanks Lapis looked relieved . She then bade Loren and Tizona goodnight and crawled into her own tent .

“Sorry, it’s quite a trouble but when it’s Gula’s turn, can you take her out of the sleeping bag? I think she won’t be able to get out on her own . ”

“I-I understand…”

“Well, I’ll leave it to you then . ”

Loren waved lightly at a nodding Tizona and slipped into his tent . A day of walking had worn him out, though not as much as the matter of Gula’s appet.i.te, and sleep came soon after he crawled into his own sleeping bag .

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