The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary


Chapter 109

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Chapter 109

The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary 109

Preparing to Intercept

Loren and the others started to walk again, and time moved along without anything happening during the day .

As for those that might try to disturb them, their forces mainly consisted of undead, and so they would not go out of their way to attack during the day, when their powers were weakest . So aside from the attack at the campsite, the company didn’t even feel their presence at all .

As they were off the main road, they didn’t pa.s.s by travelers either . As for other towns, Dia made sure to use routes that avoided them, so they were never even close .

Loren had then wondered about the possibility of being attacked by wild monsters, but this too had been dismissed early on .

After all, the person who was leading them, while she looked like a young girl, she was a vampire that was over 500-years-old .

Dia did not want her ident.i.ty to be known while they were in town, but she had told Loren and the others when they were alone . So there was no longer any need to hide it . And her presence could be felt from far away .

If you had even the slightest ability to be able to detect it, then you would know that she was too dangerous an enemy to get near to . And so that was also keeping monsters away .

Even Loren had seen a few monsters in the distance and they had run frantically away when noticing Dia’s presence . And so it was clear that not even a starving beast would attack them as long as Dia was nearby .

“Should we stop here?”

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And so they had traveled a good distance without any trouble . Dia saw that they would reach their destination soon enough, and so Loren and the others decided that they would camp here and get some rest .

They said as Loren began to take their stuff off of the donkey .

Dia had a.s.sumed they would start with preparing the tent, and so she narrowed her eyebrows when she saw what Loren took out first .

“What are you doing?”

What Loren had taken out was not the tent .

It was a single shovel .

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