The Silly Alchemist

Blue-collar Xiao Xiao Sheng - 蓝领笑笑生

Chapter 297

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House of Confusion (2)Gulp gulp gulp… Sigh…

Ye Lang chugged down the juice, then sighed a long sigh.

“It's been a while since I've eaten your cooking, I have to eat quickly,” smiled Ye Lang, as if he wasn't satisfied yet. The dessert in his hand had disappeared already- he'd eaten it, of course.

“You can eat later, you haven't answered my question yet!” Zhen Xiaoyan asked again.

“I gave your food to other people,” said Ye Lang with a chuckle. He was prepared to be scolded by Zhen Xiaoyan. He was very certain she was going to scold him.

“What?! You gave my food away?? Hmmph, don't even think about eating my food now, give me my juice back!!” huffed Zhen Xiaoyan unhappily. She attempted to s.n.a.t.c.h her juice back but failed.

“I had no choice, they were starving to death! If I didn't give them my food, they would've died…” Ye Lang stared at Zhen Xiaoyan, looking very innocent.

“Ah… Really? Why didn't you say earlier?” Zhen Xiaoyan immediately forgave Ye Lang. She wasn't an unreasonable person, of course, he should give them his food if he was saving their lives.

“Can you cook now then? I want a full-course meal…” Ye Lang looked at her with antic.i.p.ation. A table full of Zhen Xiaoyan's cooking was what he craved most, even if they were only simple dishes. He wouldn't mind if they were not simple though.

“I know, I know. You're so much trouble. Where's the kitchen?” said Zhen Xiaoyan, annoyed. She asked where her 'battlefield' was, as if she was preparing for 'battle'.

To Zhen Xiaoyan, the best way to help Ye Lan right now was to make a full meal for him!

She was a born cook, this was what she was meant to do!

“Uh, what's his name? Please bring this lady to the kitchen, and ask everyone in the kitchen to listen to her instructions,” Ye Lang immediately called for a Light Rider because there were already many of them in the area.


Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were speechless as they watched the Light Rider obediently do what was meant for a common guard to do.

They were shocked that the Light Rider was willing to listen to him, even more astonished that Ye Lang had the power to order them around. He was literally treating the Light Riders like common guards, he didn't care about their status at all.

Ye Lang had always been like this, it would have been odd if he cared about someone's status.

“Brother, what happened to you recently? How did you become so powerful here, so powerful a Light Rider is doing your bidding like your personal bodyguard… And why are you earning money now? Gave up on being a prodigal son?” asked Ye Lanyu. She had many questions, but these were the most pressing ones.

The fact that Ye Lang was earning money was the most unbelievable thing to them. They would believe the sky had fallen before they would believe this.

“Nothing much, I saved some people from an epidemic- and there were Sheng City folks among them. Also, these Light Riders are not my bodyguards, they're here to protect the doctors from Sheng City. Since they're here, I sometimes ask them to help me with some little errands, it really isn't a problem,” Ye Lang waved casually.


Ye Lanyu and seventh princess now understood that they were here to protect other people, not this dumb kid. However, regular people would never dare give orders to Light Riders, only he would do something like that.

“As for why I'm suddenly earning money, why I'm no longer prodigal… It's because I've spent all my money. I have not a single penny on me so I had to earn some so I can be prodigal later!”

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“...” The girls went speechless again.

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