The S-Classes That I Raised

근서 - Geunseo

Chapter 150

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Chapter 141: A Shard Within (3)

Of course, Hyunjae Sung did not say that he will trust me. He responded with a gaze filled with suspicion and curiosity about what my plan was.

“I have a psychological skill that I want to use to return your memory. However, since my stats are low, I cannot use it without your consent.”

“You’re telling me to accept a psychological skill.”


Hyunjae Sung’s expression was expectably sour since who would like to have his or her head dug up? A hunter with violent tendencies might start swinging a sword to open up my head first.

“How soft was I on you for you to say that kind of nonsense without hesitation?”

“I’m trying to help you out of goodwill with some risks on my part. I’m quite expensive, Sesung Guild Leader.”

“Even for me?”

“Not if you gave me the Sesung Guild. Give up.”

“You’re confident.”

“Stop avoiding the subject.” I cut into the chase. “If you don’t like my proposal, go on living like now.”

I needed some things from him, including immediate cooperation, but the Hyunjae Sung in front of me did not know that. So, I went in strong.

Hyunjae Sung’s eyes narrowed at my provocation, and I felt chills run down my spine. The house was cold enough for me to have gooseb.u.mps on my arm. I should make an appeal that he has to keep me alive about now.

“Please calm down and look at this.”

I pushed my phone to him that displayed an article about me. It included details about the farm facilities, riding beasts, and Myungwoo. Hyunjae Sung picked up the phone and scrolled down the article without speaking.

“This is the Comet Soyoung was talking about.”

“It’s a cute dragon with useful skills that have not been revealed yet, like my skill of doubling the effect on offensive skills.”

“That’s not very useful for a low-grade hunter.”

“This skill can be shared. I told you that we hunted a SS cla.s.s monster together, right? It was quite effective there.”

“Then why did I leave you alone?”

Hyunjae Sung tilted his neck as he returned my phone.

“I would have tamed and tied you up.”

“I have an L cla.s.s curse resistance skill, so that might be difficult.”

“An L cla.s.s?”

His pale eyes looked surprised. A Hyunjae Sung, who does not know anything about me, was amusing in his responses.

“I also have high-cla.s.s poison resistance. I nullified your contract with that lizard. Check if you want.”

“I wondered when you spoke about an arm and a leg.”

“I lent you a hand. I have nothing to lose if I go back and will live well in peace. You, however, need me.”

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“You’re aggressive for someone who does not have a problem.”

“I apologize for surprising you since this was beyond my estimations.”

“I was not surprised, but I was almost killed.”

“I see that I had been impolite.”

“It was nothing. I was dragged by a chain and went up the stairs with my body, and almost drowned in an aquarium.”

“I’m ashamed of my actions. You came to my home, and I only served water.”

Do you call that serving? I did drink a lot though.

“So, what happened? Can you get out again?”

“I began to feel that something was wrong from about two months ago.”

Hyunjae Sung slanted his neck and started speaking. Two months meant that he had felt the effects of my regression.

“At first I sensed minor differences, but I remembered something concrete at dawn that my abilities to handle magnetic forces in range and intensity were still weak.”

Deep golden eyes looked at me. Taewon Song did not know that Hyunjae Sung could use magnetism, and it was because he was unable to wield it.

‘His range and intensity were powerful.’

If he could use magnetism that well, he had to have used it on a smaller scale a few times beforehand. Controlling properties perfectly like that was impossible despite it being a property innate in a hunter.

“I also vaguely remembered things I forgot, but they scattered like sand. I tried to go after them, and that’s why I’m in this situation.”

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