The Sacred Ruins

Chen Dong - 辰东

805 The Son, The Creditor

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Blood-colored and green lightning were interweaving against each other in the sky. Down below, Chu Feng staggered and twisted his ankle as he fell to the ground. He let out the first blood-curdling screech after experiencing the heaven tribulation.He was submerged in lightning because in that instant a moment ago, his mind wandered and he was thoroughly startled. After that, he was buried in blood-colored lightning before he could even steady himself.

From some sense of the word, the little Daoist wasn't just a Death Catalyst Talisman in name only, but also in reality since the lightning almost got rid of Chu Feng when the little Daoist called him "father".

Chu Feng was severely shocked from the bottom of his heart as one climax followed the other. He truly couldn't calm his heart down. For no reason, how was it that he had a son? This really made the sight before his eyes go dark.


A vast expanse of blood-colored lightning hung from the sky like a waterfall. He stifled a groan as the scarlet yet sparkling and translucent lightning poured over his soul light, causing wisps of green smoke to emit from within.

Chu Feng was horrified and he meditated in a hurry with rapt attention. If he continued to be so absent-minded, the lightning really was going to strike him to death. At present, he seemed to be able to smell the scent of a scorching soul.


He circulated his Dao Induction breathing technique in a split second and stood up with much difficulty. His soul light was pulsing while his whole body was covered in blood-colored lightning. Lightning flickered following the breathing of his soul; it released glaring blood light as it curled around him.

At this moment, the Martial G.o.d's special technique was useless. He still had to rely on his most powerful breathing technique during such a crucial moment to withstand this blood-colored lightning.


The ground exploded into pieces and the mountains collapsed. The ancient tree that reached high into the sky turned into dust and even the small lake adjacent to this place completely evaporated under the blood-coloured lightning.

Where did this child come from? Qin Luoyin gave birth to it? Chu Feng looked into the distance and the sight before his eyes really turned dark. He didn't even have a wife, but a child was born?

This… who should take responsibility for who? He wanted to cry as he silently asked the firmament.


A bolt of glaring lightning fell and struck the top of his head. Chu Feng staggered and there was smoke coming out of the seven apertures of his head as he continuously suffered through the lightning strikes.

Ying Zhexian and Qin Luoyin were currently looking at each other in the distance. It really was a peculiar atmosphere, and it was fairly strange since they were actually meeting one another under such circ.u.mstances.

They were women who were favored by the heavens and were people who were on the level of G.o.ddesses. They were the focus of everyone's attention wherever they went and were regarded as one of the few most beautiful and powerful women in the universe.

Now, they actually had karma with the same man.

Most of all, they were considered to be close female friends. At their level, there really weren't many people from their generation who were on equal footing with them. Therefore, they became one of the few countable female friends both parties had.

It really was odd for them to meet under such circ.u.mstances.

To Ying Zhexian, her heart was truly shaking incessantly after that little Daoist shouted out the word "father". It was seriously outrageous; not only did the proud and arrogant Qin Luoyin have a child, but it was Chu Feng's too?

To Ying Zhexian, this shock wasn't ordinarily great. One had to bear in mind that Qin Luoyin and Chu Feng were as incompatible as fire and water in the past. They would want to separate who would live and who would die when they met.

Additionally, Dameng Pure Land sent out numerous golden invitations to all parts of the universe, but they left Chu Feng out and didn't send him one.

Now, the duo actually had a child between them. It was so sudden that even the quiet, elegant, tranquil, and abstruse Ying Zhexian was speechless as she stood there in a daze.

Qin Luoyin was extremely beautiful; she had a slender physique, a very small and slim waist, bright eyes, and white teeth. There was a young soul light in the ball of light beside her.

At this moment, her shock and amazement was not second to Ying Zhexian's, but rather it was even more intense.

It was as though she was struck by lightning when Ying Xiaoxiao called Chu Feng her Elder Brother-in-law. She simply didn't dare to believe it. In her eyes, Ying Zhexian was cold and pure, graceful to the point of being otherworldly. It really was as though she was the reincarnation of an immortal that was banished from heaven and kept away from the world of mortals. But now… she had relations to Chu Feng and had become Dao companions?!

To her, the shock of such news was relatively great. She felt that this was something that was unfathomable and incredulous.

That was especially the case since Qin Luoyin had a "heavenly baby" along with her. She really didn't know how to greet Ying Zhexian for a moment since she didn't only have a child by her side and the other party had seen it too, but she had also heard that kind of appellation.

But generally speaking, her heart still ached slightly. Irrespective as to whether she was antagonistic towars Chu Feng or viewed him as the enemy or even if it was fate, she and Chu Feng had a child anyhow. Yet to her surprise, she found out that he had become Dao companions with her close female friend when she came here and was she rather shocked by that.

Previously, she had never thought of becoming Dao companions with Chu Feng and simply didn't think of it at all nor would she accept it. It was already pretty good if she didn't fight him to the death when she met him in person.

But now, Qin Luoyin's heart felt a little empty when she came across such a scene.

On the other hand, the silver haired little lolita was currently blinking with her large eyes as she looked at Qin Luoyin and the child within the ball of light by her side not too far away. After that, she looked at her own older sister and felt that this world… was very messy.

"Elder Sister, your rival in love is very impressive and she's not inferior to you. The most crucial thing is that she already has a child," she quietly said.


At this moment, she suffered a flick of a finger on her white-l.u.s.ter forehead. It was so painful that tears almost flowed out.

Chu Feng was withstanding the heaven tribulation in the distance while paying attention to what was going on this end. This really gave him a headache. What was going on? He even had a child. He felt as though the sky had fallen and the earth was sinking in.

The little Daoist had a strange expression. It seemed as though he had only returned to his senses at this moment. He sized Ying Zhexian up and said, "That biological father of mine really is impressive. This means that you're… definitely my legendary Second Mother."


Not too far off, Chu Feng staggered once more out of shock from what the little Daoist said and the blood-colored lightning buried him as it turned him over again.



When the little Daoist wasn't here and wasn't speaking, Chu Feng didn't sustain injuries at all. But ever since that little Daoist started speaking, Chu Feng would be out of luck as the lightning would strike him to the point where smoke came out of his whole body and he almost met with danger.

That was because what the d.a.m.ned child said really made him unsteady and he was seriously distracted.

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In reality, Ying Zhexian and Qin Luoyin were a mess at this moment. How was this kid speaking? He really dared to say anything.

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