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Chapter 363 - Popular Stall

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Chapter 363: Chapter 363 Popular Stall

Zhou Yu became a pastry chef. The news was first spread out in Qin Zhuan studio.

Everyone knew that their boss could cook. Every once in a while, he would show up in the camping area during weekends to demonstrate his incredible skill. To put it bluntly, with the cooking skill alone, he would be able to capture the hearts of many girls. It was a shame that he was not interested in girls. But they have never seen their boss make any desserts before. Could he really do it?

Then, Zhou Fu also knew about this news.

Although he knew that Boy Yu liked that shop, he didn’t expect that he would work this hard. He even changed his profession and became a Pastry chef. Hmm. Actually, Zhou Yu didn’t have any profession before, so saying that he changed his profession was a bit far-fetched. But still, if he wanted to do something, he could make miniature models. Those things would make much more money than selling desserts.

However, this reason would not work for Zhou Yu. because, in his mind, there was no concept of making money. He would do anything that made him happy, even if it was absurd. Helplessly, Zhou Fu could only silently agree to what Zhou Yu was doing. At most, he would remind him not to forget that making animation and games should be his primary focus.

The dessert shop Renjia recently added a new corner stall. Every day at noon, Zhou Yu would come here with the prepared desserts, put them on display for a while, and then close the stall in less than two hours. Whether the dessert would be sold out or not, the rest would be given as gifts to employees or to children visiting the amus.e.m.e.nt park.

These desserts were made under the guidance of Kaka.

Originally, Zhou Yu wanted to use the product produced by the little farm and little pasture to make desserts. In that way, the desserts would be even tastier. But because the little farm production was too small, plus he also needed to keep some for his family and relatives, so it was not enough to use them to make the desserts that were for sale.

The shop owner looked at the corner of the store that would be Zhou Yu little stall and sighed. It’s almost noon and he hasn’t come yet. Rich people really didn’t know that time was precious. Until 2 o ‘clock, he finally saw Zhou Yu and bodyguard Zhou Yi pushing a small food cart each toward them, and they were also followed by a group of onlookers.

“Boss, show us your work quickly.”

The ice cream cart that Zhu Yi pushed was covered by a tablecloth, so no one could see the desserts inside. The food cart Zhou Yu pushed also had a fridge, inside it, people could see ice cream in various colors and various fruits.

“What’s the hurry? We’ll be there soon. This is the first day I open my stall, I will give you a discount.”

The group quickly attracted pedestrians in the gourmet street. Many people could recognize that the man in the chef’s costume was the amus.e.m.e.nt park owner Zhou Yu, so they couldn’t help but be very curious. What was this famous person doing here?

Out of curiosity, more and more people followed him.

With such a group following them, there was even no need to advertise his stall.

The dessert shop Renjia probably never had so many customers before. However, the shop owner’s face was covered with a bitter smile. Because those people were not here for their shop, but for the two people that were currently busy inside The Emperor’s Dessert Stall. Oh actually, there was another person as well. It was his daughter, who dressed like a little maid, and was going to be the waitress of the stall.

After a while, the arrangement was finally completed. At Zhou Yu’s nod, Zhou Yi removed the table cloth, revealing the desserts inside the ice cream cart.

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Upon seeing the desserts, everyone instantly knew that only the emperor Zhou Yu would be able to create something like this.

Director Jing Ning and his good friend screenwriter Hao Jing were really impressed by how versatile their boss was. They were not surprised that their boss could make desserts. But making dessert this way? Probably only their boss would be able to do something like this.

“No matter how you flattered me, you can’t get more than 20% off. Okay, anyone wants to buy the finished product, please queue up before the little maid, whoever wants to customize their ice cream please come to my side, and don’t push each other! Those who only want to take pictures, please give some s.p.a.ces to other people.”

Zhou Yu’s words were quite effective, and the crowd soon became orderly. With such interesting looks, those strange desserts definitely could not be seen anywhere else. Moreover, it was said that those desserts were personally made by the emperor Zhou Yu, so how could they not buy them.

The reason why the staff of Qin Zhuan studio here was to buy those desserts. Each themed cake was worth several hundred Chinese Yuan. Unless it was a birthday, there was no need to buy them. However, they could still buy smaller desserts. Or they could also go to Zhou Yu’s section to order a fruit ice cream that was personally made by Zhou Yu. Then they could find a seat in the shop and then enjoy the cold desserts in the hot summer, which was a wonderful thing.

But those in the back were not so lucky, as the seats in the shop filled up quickly. Although there were rows of umbrellas and tables and chairs on the gourmet street, there was no air conditioning. In this already hot weather, eating desserts outside the shop was not a good idea at all.

“One dragon’s treasure!”

A shout surprised many customers, and then it was followed by a round of involuntary claps. .

It turns out that the first group that bought the themed cake was a couple, and today just happened to be the girl’s birthday, so the boy brought his girlfriend to the amus.e.m.e.nt park to play. After seeing this strange cake, his girlfriend couldn’t move anymore, so as the boyfriend, he naturally wanted to make her happy.

After the first person bought the first themed cake, no one could hold it back anymore.

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