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Chapter 362 - Pastry Chef

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Chapter 362: Chapter 362 Pastry Chef

Zhou Yu had difficulty communicating with adults. However, he was very good at talking with kids. Coupled with the fact that he was Renjia’s regular, so he was already familiar with the daughter of the shop owner. The little girl seemed to be a little angry. After seeing Zhou Yu, she ran to him very quickly: “Brother Yu, my father said that he will close this shop, I can’t play with you in the future.”

Close the shop? Did they violate any rules that were set by uncle Fu? Otherwise, why would they want to move out of the park? If so, then Zhou Yu didn’t plan to do anything. After all, he came here to buy desserts almost every day. So if there was something wrong with the food, he would also be the one that ate the problematic food.

Slightly embarra.s.sed, the little girl’s father came over, “h.e.l.lo, Boss Zhou.”

Zhou Yu looked around, but there were no guests. So he asked directly, “Your daughter said that you are going to close the shop. What happened?”

After the explanation, Zhou Yu finally understood the reason. They didn’t violate any rules that were set by Zhou Fu, it was just that the business of the shop wasn’t always very good. So they didn’t make much profit. Recently, the amus.e.m.e.nt park has become more popular and the rent has been rising slowly, which made it impossible for them to keep running their shop.

When Zhou Yu heard this, he also blushed. After all, he was the landlord. Although increasing the rent was not his decision, he was responsible for it.

Since there was no problem with their products, then Zhou Yu felt that he needed to do something for them. After all, he was used to buying desserts from this shop, and he quite liked their desserts. It would really be a shame if this shop really closed down. So Zhou Yu stroked the little girl’s head and promised her that he would not kick them out of the park.

After all, he was the landlord of the park, and the gourmet street was also created by him, so he believed that he could ask Uncle Fu to give them some discount and lower their rent a little.

However, Zhou Fu flatly refused.

“Boy Yu, it’s not my decision to raise the rent of the gourmet street. As the park becomes more and more popular with more and more visitors, there are naturally businesses willing to pay higher prices to get in. If you give someone a special price, what about other stores? Even if we give them a discount now, what about next time? That shop couldn’t keep up with the pace of the amus.e.m.e.nt park, so it will be eliminated sooner or later.”

Zhou Fu had the right to operate the amus.e.m.e.nt park. But it was not that he was doing this to them on purpose. After all, it was the same price for everyone. There were even businesses that wanted to pay higher prices to get in. It was true that the rule of the survival of the fittest also applied to the business world, so Zhou Yu didn’t know what to say.

From the management’s point of view, Zhou Fu was not wrong. The bustling area should have the price of the bustling area, if you make an expectation, it will not be fair to other businesses. Otherwise, the reputation that they work so hard to build would be ruined by him.

But is there any other way to help the shop? After all, he has already promised the little girl. If they kicked them out in the end, he would be ashamed to see the little girl in the future. How about he invested in their business and became their boss? After all, many of his businesses in the real world didn’t make enough profits.

Unexpectedly, Uncle Fu went on, “I know you like that shop’s product, so I told him that you want to buy out their shop and hire them to work for the park, so they don’t have to worry about the revenue. But he did not agree. He said that the skill was pa.s.sed down onto him in his family for generations, he cannot just sell it to other people. So I can’t do anything.”

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Uncle Fu was indeed a competent man. He has thought of everything. However, the owner of that shop was really a stubborn man, and he declined Uncle Fu’s offer. But it was also impossible to ask uncle Fu to reduce the rent, so in the end, their only choice was to close the shop.

He also needed to find a way to make the stubborn owner of the shop agree to the renovation of the shop.

In terms of the design of the new shop, it was very simple. Zhou Yu just needed to let the three craftsman brothers go here and design a new look for them. In terms of the money, this was a bit tricky. After all, that stubborn shop owner definitely would not take his money. So there was only one method left.

“What, boss Zhou you want to work in my shop?”

The owner of Renjia was completely stunned by what Zhou Yu said. You’re a big, rich boss who owns an amus.e.m.e.nt park and can live on the rent of the gourmet street, but you want to work in a small shop? What kind of international joke are you pulling? In idol dramas, it was very often to see rich second generation chase beautiful girls using this method. However, he was clearly a rich first generation. Moreover, their daughter was only seven years old. Was he a pedophile?

The mind of the shop owner was full of wild thoughts, while Zhou yu slowly explained: “Actually, I have been bored recently and want to experience what it’s like to open a dessert shop. I am not working for you, I just want to use one section of your shop to display my product. Of course, I will pay for the section I used.”

Zhou Yu’s statement was very consistent with his personality. Everyone knew that Boss Zhou was a very casual person, and he would always do things on a whim. So it was not impossible that he suddenly wanted to be a pastry chef. Besides, renting out a small section of the shop would not affect their business much, and the rent he collected from Zhou Yu would also reduce the rent that he gave to the park, so it was actually quite good for them.

The owner of Renjia thought for a while and finally nodded his head and agreed to the win-win proposal.

So Zhou Yu’s career as a pastry chef has officially begun.

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