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Chapter 361 - The Gourmet Street

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Chapter 361: Chapter 361 The Gourmet Street

Zhou Yu doesn’t think that he is a good person. In his view, good people always take the initiative to do good deeds, but he would only lend a helping hand when something happened in front of him. For example, the thing about fulfilling the wish of a park’s visitor, firstly, it was a quest, secondly, since it happened before him, and he could do it at the same time when doing the quest, so he might as well help the guy.

However, he was the boss of an amus.e.m.e.nt park after all. So no matter what he did, it would always be exaggerated by other people. Originally, it should be a small matter, and after he did it, he almost forgot about it. Especially recently, Zhou Yu has always been focusing on looking for more visitors to the park that could give out quests in the real world. Because he noticed that the reward of this kind of quest was much better than the quest in the ACG world.

After giving the miniature model of the Zen villa to the young man, the holy light that was emitted by the mini nun sitting on the Buddha bead bracelet became brighter. This was also the reason why Zhou Yu left hurriedly. Because, if he believed that if he stayed a bit longer, his eyes would definitely be blinded by the holy light.

However, before Zhou Yu was able to leave, the Buddha beads necklace hanging around the mini nun’s neck slowly rose into the air, and then one of the beads fell down and flew directly into Zhou Yu’s hands. Then the lower-left corner of his showed that he had received the reward of the quest from the host of the mini nun: a Soul Seed.

Although he didn’t know what a soul seed was, as long as it was a seed, Zhou Yu believed that it was a good thing.

For this reward, Zhou Yu was very satisfied, so he didn’t think much about the young man after he gave out the miniature zen villa model. After all, they both didn’t owe each other anything now. However, because of a thank-you post that the young man made online, the amus.e.m.e.nt park once again became a popular topic online. Although it was a good thing, it also gave him a lot of headaches.

In this thank you post, the girl named Yuanyuan appeared. She looked at the miniature model of the Zen Villa with surprise and a rare smile on her pale face.

Below the picture, was the description of the magical encounter that the young man had that day. He won the prize for no reason and was given the gift of the Zen Villa model that his critically ill girlfriend wanted most. And Zhou Yu’s words made him understand that he was helping him on purpose, although he did not know how Zhou Yu knew about his girlfriend and his information.

Such great publicity, of course, Zhou Fu kindly accepted it with a smiley face.

No wonder Boy Yu insisted on giving the young man a big prize. Originally, he thought that he just did it on a whim, but he didn’t expect that there was a story behind it. Since the amus.e.m.e.nt park has already gotten rid of the t.i.tle of a “rural amus.e.m.e.nt park”, and was now focused on doing the ACG world themed park, and its main target audience was kids and young people, so of course, they needed more of such warm stories.

Zhou Fu, who couldn’t get rid of the businessman’s nature, naturally would want to seize this opportunity and add some mysterious elements to the park while promoting it. However, what he did gave Zhou Yu a lot of trouble. Originally, visitors would not pay much attention to Zhou Yu, and he would often be able to wander around the park in a relaxed manner like he was walking in his own home.

However, after the incident was widely reported, Zhou Yu became extremely popular like a strange old man getting into people’s chimneys on Christmas Day. That’s right. He was like Santa Claus to everyone, and everyone often stared at him with their ardent eyes, hoping to receive a gift from him.

As soon as he walked outside, there were always some fans who came to ask for a group photo, and he always didn’t know how to refuse other people’s requests directly, so he could only take two pictures and then fled in panic. In the past, he could fish quietly. At most, some visitors to the park would take some photos from far away. But now, there were even people showing up in the park with their own fishing rods and fishing with him.

h.e.l.lo! Are you coming to the amus.e.m.e.nt park to have fun or are you coming to the park to fish?

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Zhou Yu felt very helpless. He couldn’t just tell that unless they were the regulars of the park, they would not be able to produce any ACG people. Therefore, they would not be able to give him any quests.

However, since it was a quest, Zhou Yu couldn’t say anything to Zhou Fu.

So without any new stories coming out of the park, after some time, the story about Zhou Yu was a secret Santa Claus became less popular. But at this time, Zhou Yu discovered that he received another strange quest. Moreover, this quest was not from the villagers or visitors of the park, but a dessert shop that he often went to.

The amus.e.m.e.nt park’s gourmet street has become quite famous, attracting many good businesses to move in. For this reason, Zhou Fu has set very strict rules and anyone that violated those rules would be kicked out of the gourmet street. With such rules, and under the survival of the fittest environment, those shops that were still able to survive in the gourmet street all had their unique selling points.

Among these shops, Zhou Yu’s favorite was a small shop called ‘Renjia’. Every time before going fishing, he would buy a bunch of little desserts, and then sit by the water and eat while fishing.

The reason why he liked this shop, not only because the desserts they made were delicious, but also because the storefront was relatively quaint, unlike the gorgeous decoration in other places. Therefore, there were fewer customers in this shop than in other places.

What pleased Zhou Yu the most was that the owner’s little daughter often helped her father in the shop. For Zhou Yu, it was also a pleasure to eat the desserts made by the little girl.

But just as he was about to buy some desserts today, he found this adorable little girl had an exclamation mark on top of her head.

You also got a quest?

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