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Stupa Demon

Chapter 1531 - You Are My Moonlight

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Chapter 1531: You Are My Moonlight

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Zheng Yan anxiously reached out her hand to push him at his chest area, but he held her wrist and raised it over her head.

This undeniably deepened their kiss.

It was as if the monster which had been tamed for some time had been completely awakened and was eagerly waiting to devour her.

“Mo Yongheng…” Zheng Yan had actually wanted to push him down just a second ago, but when she was actually pushed down onto the bed by him, she could not help but started to feel slightly weak.

Especially because of the fact that she had no experience at all.

And did not know what she had to do. When every single piece of her clothing had been taken off by Mo Yongheng, the panic finally sank in and she started to curl backward slightly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Mo Yongheng stopped his every movement and the distinct facial features on his face were covered in sweat as his restraint had reached its peak.

But, out of fear that he would scare her, he still stopped.

He used his hand to gently hold onto her chin to make her open her eyes to look at him.

“Zheng Yan, do you trust me?”

“I do… but…” Zheng Yan’s lips were pursed together anxiously and because of his attempts at arousing her, her whole body was starting to feel rather numb and sensitive, very much unlike her usual self.

Feeling rather strange and scared of this experience, she even wondered whether to make him stop.

But, facing his deep and dark endless gaze, she instantly forgot what she had wanted to say.

Mo Yongheng spoke for her immediately, “You want me to stop?”

Zheng Yan instinctively tried to nod her head but realized that she could not even do so because he was holding onto her chin.

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She simply stared at him with huge eyes. Mo Yongheng’s gaze, on the other hand, turned exceptionally sinister and a devilish smile curled up on his face.

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