The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort


Chapter 80.2

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Chapter 80.2

“What ‘born under a cursed star’?” Zhao Guang asked coldly .

“General doesn’t pay attention to the Jiang family’s matters and naturally does not know . However, I would find it hard to believe that even the City Defense Commander hadn’t heard of the uproar about Xu Kong dao zhang . ”

Zhao Yi looked at Jiang Ruan in surprise . He moved about outside all day, and had heard of the things between the Jiang family and Xu Kong dao zhang when drinking with his colleagues . At the time, he pitied that innocent Eldest Jiang Miss very much with a sigh and wring of his wrists, but had no idea that the young lady was his paternal aunt’s daughter, his biaomei .

“It’s preposterous!” Zhao Guang hit the table with a fist, feeling like his heart was dripping blood . He was wrong . As Jiang Ruan said, Mei’er’s had not lived a good life at all, but why hadn’t she sought help from home? Why did she drive away the people he had sent with harsh words? She was afraid of implicating the Zhao family! He regretted that he hadn’t accepted Zhao Mei when she first returned to their door as a bride . So what if the Jiang family tried to make use of the Zhao family’s influence? At least Jiang Quan wouldn’t dare to bully Mei’er like this, forcing her two children to these ends!

“My mother was forced to death by the Jiang family . Although I still am unable to find any evidence, someday it will definitely surface . ” Jiang Ruan continued, “My mother never hated the Zhao family and when I was very little, she would often tell me stories of the Zhao family . ”

Jiang Ruan looked at Zhao Guang . “I have an enmity with the Jiang family as deep as the sea, but for now, I only hope General can accept this deal and save dage . ”

In the end, she wasn’t certain exactly how deep the Zhao family’s feelings were for Zhao Mei . Speaking of this much was only to make Zhao Guang feel guilty – despite how advantageous the deal was for them- the Zhao family had always been known to be obstinate . If Zhao Guang felt any regret at all, he would agree to help . She swept a glance around the hall . The Zhao father and sons had resentment in their eyes, and evidently thanks to her, had their anger towards Jiang Quan aroused . Except for one… Jiang Ruan smiled faintly at Zhao Yuan Ping’s* inquiring gaze .

* T/N – The original text said ‘Zhao Yuan Feng’ which i think is proabably a mistake made by the author . It should be Zhao Yuan Ping instead because he is the most rational one among them .

Yes, it was like this . No matter how much the Zhao family loved Zhao Mei, she had pa.s.sed many years ago . Towards those long dead, moreover it was a person who had been disobedient and had cut ties to their parents, would their feelings not fade away?

Jiang Ruan did not know .

She could only rely on what she remembered of Zhao Mei’s words about the Zhao family to slowly win their hearts .

Amongst the Zhao father and sons, besides the somewhat visibly calm Zhao Yuan Ping, they all had bloodshot eyes . They were mostly people with emotionally honest temperaments, moreover, Jiang Ruan was talking about the Zhao family’s most treasured daughter, so it was natural for them to become embittered . Reflecting on Jiang Ruan’s words, although she talked about it lightly, how could her life at the rural residence have been comfortable with her stepmother seeking to harm her at every turn? Jiang Quan and his wife had dared to harm Zhao Mei and now even aimed to kill Jiang Xin Zhi . For Jiang Ruan to have survived until now, who knows how many dangerous obstacles she must have experienced?

Zhao Guang was extremely infuriated that his eyes were bloodshot .

Jiang Ruan calmly gazed at him . “General, this deal, do you accept or not?”

“What if we don’t accept?” Zhao Guang asked .

“Then, I will stop distributing congee . Since General has won His Majesty’s recognition yet refuses to compensate me, I could not possibly have given you such a convenient advantage for nothing . As for saving the City Defense Commander, saving one life is better than building a seven-story paG.o.da, but the City Defense Commander won’t be so lucky every day . ”

Zhao Guang looked at her for a while, then suddenly grinned . “Good!”

At first, he had felt that this girl had a cold presence . At such a young age she was unfathomable and her heart was definitely sly and full of paranoia . Now that he knew about Zhao Mei, he felt both regret and hatred, but also the suspicions he held against Jiang Ruan were all cleared away . Now he only considered her his granddaughter . The more he looked at her, the more he liked what he saw . She knew when to take action, was generous in her actions, and her intelligence was definitely one of the very best . A daughter of the Zhao family should have such a bearing like this!

“Why are you calling me General?” Zhao Guang asked expressionlessly . “Call me Maternal Grandfather . ”

Jiang Ruan raised an eyebrow, without a blink, obediently called: “Maternal Grandfather . ”

After Zhao Guang made such a statement, Zhao Yuan Feng jumped to his feet and walked to Jiang Ruan’s side . “You really are my niece . ” Saying so, he looked around before shaking his head . “It’s a pity… your looks are more outstanding than Mei’er, but your temperament isn’t as cute . ”

Zhao Mei was gentle, but Jiang Ruan wasn’t a gentle person .

Zhao Yuan Jia and Zhao Yi were naturally happy too . Only Zhao Yuan Ping sat without moving, gazing at Jiang Ruan .

As they were talking, several voices floated over from behind the hall .

“Yulong, slow down . ”

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“Even Father is unable to guess which n.o.bleman is visiting today, I want to take a look . Mother, Zumu, don’t follow me . ”

Jiang Ruan nodded .

Su-shi did not know what to say for a long time as she stared at her, only patting her hand . “Good, you’re as beautiful as your mother; you’ve already grown into a fine young lady . ”

Zhao Feizhou stood beside his mother and looked at Jiang Ruan curiously .

“All these years, I thought I would never get the chance to see you . Ruan’er, does your father know about you coming here?” Su-shi asked .

Just as the Zhao family did not like the Jiang family, nor did the Jiang family like the Zhao family either . Su-shi was afraid Jiang Ruan would incur Jiang Quan’s wrath by suddenly visiting her maternal family .

Jiang Ruan looked at this gentle madam, this maternal grandmother of hers? There wasn’t a hint of ill-feelings towards her . Smiling, she replied, “I have my ways of handling it . ”

Seeing her calm temperament and with a befitting comportment similar to an adult’s from head to toe, Su-shi was both moved and gratified . “Your mother has taught you well, taught you very well . ”

Hearing this, Zhao Guang and his sons all had gloomy expressions .

“Ruan’er, why the sudden visit? Do you forgive your maternal grandmother? In the past it was all maternal grandmother’s fault for not caring about you and your mother . Have you suffered any grievances?”

It seemed like Su-shi was someone the Zhao family had protected very well and so she didn’t know about the treachery of the outside world . Jiang Ruan thought for a moment, then smiled . “Why does Maternal Grandmother say so? It was I who was unfilial, not visiting Maternal Grandmother for so many years . My life has been very good . The Jiang fu doesn’t lack food or clothing, and no one wrongs me . ”

Grievances? Naturally, she would patiently take revenge for everything herself .

Seeing Jiang Ruan cover up all the Jiang family’s actions, Zhao Guang and his sons felt moved . Su-shi had been depressed for many years ever since Zhao Mei’s death . If she knew of Jiang Ruan and her brother’s sufferings, she would agonize over it a thousand times . Yet Jiang Ruan did not mention it, to the very end, she had been considerate of Su-shi’s feelings .

She smiled thinly . “I especially came here to visit my maternal family . ”

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