The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort


Chapter 23 part2

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Chapter 23: Reversal (Part II)

The girl quickly and obediently kowtowed to the officials sitting in the front. “This slave is deeply grateful for the help. This slave did not beat the drum for herself, but for Miss Jiang. This slave is a maidservant at Jiang family’s manor. This slave can vouch for Miss Jiang. It wasn’t Miss Jiang who killed Chun Ying, it was Chen Zhao!”


Then, the girl looked up to reveal a familiar face. It was Qiu Yan.

“Qiu Yan! You… what are you talking about?” Chen Zhao, after the initial surprise, now showed an expression of disbelief. In this case, Qiu Yan should have actually been on his side. There was no reason for her to support Jiang Ruan but now she had come out to testify against him. What could be the reason?

“This slave did not lie!” Qiu Yan didn’t look at Chen Zhao. “This slave and Chun Ying were first-rank maids at the residence, and thus, we also lived together. The day of the murder, this slave went out to buy something and after this slave's return, this slave heard something strange outside. Since it was a strange noise, this slave didn’t dare to show myself but peeped out from a small hole through a window. Chen Zhao was pushing Chun Ying to the ground. He covered her nose and mouth, restraining her, until she stopped struggling. This slave was terribly scared of being discovered by him and so, ran. Later, this slave didn’t dare mention this matter to anyone. Who knew that yesterday, the young lady would be imprisoned! Although this slave is afraid of dying, this slave could not watch an innocent person being tried and become a scapegoat. So this slave decided to come here after much thought to vouch for Miss Jiang.”

“d.a.m.n hussy, what are you saying?! Jiang Ruan must have given you many benefits to pour filthy water* on my son like this. Daren is just and fair and naturally knows who is lying and who is speaking the truth! Be careful, or you will be imprisoned! You little s.l.u.t, just wait and see if this old woman does not tear your mouth after you leave!” From within the crowd, this familiar high pitched voice came. It was none other than Zhang Lan. At first, without a doubt, Chen Zhao's stance was untouchable. However, after watching her and listening to Jiang Ruan’s speech, she had suddenly become anxious. And now, Qiu Yan had appeared to cause a stir. By this time, Zhang Lan had begun to realize the danger of the situation. Thus, without taking into account the place she was in, she began shouting abuses in public like a shrew.

* To cast a bucket of dirty water – to deflect and misdirect the culpability onto someone else.

After hearing such words used in front of him, Qian Wan Li was not happy. Seeing that Imperial Censor w.a.n.g was frowning, Qian Wan Li hit the gavel on the desk. “Silence!” When everyone became quiet, Qian Wan Li asked Qiu Yan. “What evidence do you have to support your claim?”

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Jiang Ruan smiled quietly. In the silent court, her smile was clear and unblemished, and in seeing that, people felt as if a soft breeze was blowing in their hearts. As everyone focused their eyes on her, Jiang Ruan slowly said, “Daren actually need not think that Qiu Yan would speak on my behalf. Everyone knows that in the entire residence, other than Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao, my two maids, I am not familiar with others.”

Suddenly, inside Chen Zhao's heart there was a flash of panic. He only felt that the other person had transformed from a charming woman to a terrible monster. His whole body shivered with uncertainty.

“This slave can also vouch for Miss Jiang! Miss Jiang is not the murderer!” Another voice shouted at the right time.

Translated by : SamAtrey

TLCed by : irisu-san

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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