The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort


Chapter 22 part2

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Look at JR lawyering up…Bravo girl! Teach them a lesson.

When you read this chapter, you will be in awe…but then suddenly the realisation hits, she is still just a girl…..and then that wild image of a young defenseless girl defending herself in the court…waaaaaa

But mwahahaha ….Chen Zhao you fool… your end is near! Guys you’re gonna love the trial from here on. ?

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Chapter 22: Simply Mediocre (Part II)

Knitting his brows, Qian Wan Li slammed down the gavel. "Silence! Suspect Jiang Ruan, you are accused of killing a maid, Chun Ying, and disposing of her corpse inside a dried-up well. There is testimony and evidence against you; I would like to see how you will deny this crime!" Then, he yelled, "Bring in the witness!"

Sitting in the seat beside him, a glint of dissatisfaction flashed through the eyes of w.a.n.g Daren. In this manner of investigating a case, it seemed as though one was practically seizing through forceful means, with no room for a word in the defendant's defence. Honestly, it seemed as though the purpose of this investigation was to convict the girl hastily, as if he was impatient to establish her crime.

The 'witness' was swiftly brought in. Today, Chen Zhao wore a set of white clothes to put on an appearance of being extremely neat. Upon entering the main hall, he immediately made his salutations to Qian Wan Li.

Qian Wan Li questioned, "Chen Zhao, did you indeed personally witness Jiang Ruan commit murder?"

"Yes, Daren, that's right," Chen Zhao replied, glancing at Jiang Ruan, "I attest to witnessing Miss Jiang murder Chun Ying and pushing her into the well."

The crowd immediately burst into a chaotic discussion. With such conclusive testimony, it seemed almost definite that Jiang Ruan had really committed murder.

Jiang Ruan looked towards Chen Zhao, "I have a few questions, Daren, would you please permit me to ask him?"

Qian Wan Li chanced a look towards Official w.a.n.g sitting at the side, and when he gave a wave of his hand, Qian Wan Li then responded, "You may ask."

Jiang Ruan gave a slight smile, "Thank you, Daren. I would like to ask Chen Zhao, are you sure that you witnessed me commit murder?"

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"Yes." Chen Zhao responded, "At the time, I was in the courtyard and saw with my own eyes when Miss killed Chun Ying in the residence."

"You're lying," Jiang Ruan shook her head, "Chen Zhao, before beginning your lies, perhaps you should have first pondered this: Chun Ying and I had a stark contrast in height, not to mention, I do not possess that much physical strength. Comparatively, Chun Ying was larger in size, had more strength, and her reflexes were also nimble. How could I possibly hold a knife and stab her in the heart?

"What knife? She was strangled!" Chen Zhao bellowed.

With a shadow of a smile, Jiang Ruan glanced at him, "Oh, is that so? It has not been revealed how she died, how did you know that she was suffocated. Didn't you say that when you saw her, she was already dead?"

Chen Zhao began to sweat profusely and Qian Wan Li followed the lead as well, becoming as white as a sheet. With such a weak testimony that was full of flaws, the truth of the matter had immediately become evident to the crowd. Nonchalantly, Jiang Ruan fiddled with her hair, "Daren, is there still a need for a further investigation?"

Translated by : irisu-san

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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