The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort


Chapter 22 part1

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And the trial begins…..

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Chapter 22: Simply Mediocre (Part I)

Today, East Street was exceptionally lively. This was due to an ongoing trial of a judicial case by the prefectural magistrate. It was said that a young lady, who had been banished to the county estate, murdered a maid of the estate and disposed of the body inside a dried up well. Also, the witness to the crime was the son of the steward. This matter had both human testimony and material evidence. There was much discussion among many people about what a vicious heart the murderous young lady possessed. Somehow, that maid must have unknowingly offended her. Some a.s.serted that the young lady abased her status, to even contend with a maid in such a manner. To not even spare a person's life, who knew which family's young lady could be this arrogant.

At this moment, in the prefectural magistrate's office, a paunchy middle-aged man sat in the central seat. Wearing a lake green silk brocade chang pao[1], the jade girdle at his waist was a little strained because it was unable to cover his portly build. Wearing a gilded jade ornamental ring on his thumb, this fair, yet chubby, person was the prefectural magistrate, Qian Wan Li.

[1] Cháng páo ( 长袍 ) – traditional Chinese men’s long robe.

Chang Pao

At the left side of the central seat, the person sitting there did not appear to be as wealthy and influential as Qian Wan Li. On the contrary, he was dressed in clothing made of such simple and unadorned material that it could even be considered somewhat coa.r.s.e. Portraying an appearance of poverty from head to toe, he was an incongruous fit in a hall filled with moneyed aristocracy.

Still, Qian Wan Li was extremely deferential to this plainly dressed guest, to an extent that it could even be termed as effusive flattery. Instructing his subordinates to pour a cup of hot tea for his esteemed guest, Qian Wan Li gave a smile, "w.a.n.g Daren, please take a look at the current judicial case…"

Official w.a.n.g glanced at him and declared indifferently, "You may investigate, I will just watch over."

"Yes, yes." Furtively fishing out a handkerchief from his vest, Qian Wan Li wiped away his sweat. Looking at the crowd of people, he slammed down the wooden gavel[2], "Bring in the accused!"

[2] Jīng táng mù ( 惊堂木 ) - It has many different appellations in Chinese, but essentially, it is used in the same way as a gavel. However, the Chinese wooden gavel is crafted into a rectangular thick block.

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Wooden gavel (Jīng táng mù)

With a lowered head, Jiang Ruan quietly knelt. Then, raising her head, she revealed a clean, graceful young face and asked in puzzlement, "I am unaware, Daren, what crime did this citizen[3] commit?"

[3] Nǚfàn ( 女犯 ) – female offender in olden times in imperial China. Here it depicts Jiang Ruan humbling herself in her speech in front of the magistrate.

As she spoke, her facial expression remained unchanged, moreover, her voice seemed extremely soft and melodious. All at once, it seemed as if she were a beautiful painting, her each and every little move causing people to admire her.

Translated by : irisu-san

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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