The Queen of Everything

Gu Mu Shuang

Chapter 930 - Actually, She Doesn't Know

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Chapter 930: Actually, She Doesn’t Know

“It was a coincidence that Qi He found out that Lian Chi harbored thoughts for Greya. Lian Chi wanted to attack her, so I helped him.”

After Bo Muyi finished speaking, he smiled gently. “I can only say that he’s not very lucky.”

After all, he was from the Killing Alliance. Su Cha would not say anything if Bo Muyi made a move. She was just surprised. “Are you sure Greya will not suspect you?”

“She won’t. Lian Chi won’t come off clean. Didn’t you say it yourself? No matter what, Lian Chi has to bear the responsibility. Greya will attack him sooner or later, but he’s already wanted. It doesn’t matter if Greya attacks him or not.”

Even if Greya had not taken action, Lian Chi would be thrown into jail.

According to Su Cha, the worm could only let Lian Chi live for a few more years.

Su Cha sighed. “I didn’t expect this to happen.”

In just one night, the Star Alliance had only lost some forces, but the Killing Alliance had landed in a huge mess.

“I’ve found some interesting information about the recent poaching of the Killing Alliance.”

Bo Muyi curled his lips and a.n.a.lyzed something for Su Cha. “Greya’s reasons for returning to the Killing Alliance might not be so simple. In the end, I found out that the person who gave her the drug injection experiment when she was 12 years old was actually the previous Alliance Master of the Killing Alliance. He was a famous pharmacist. Before Greya became the Alliance Master of the Killing Alliance, her parents died at the hands of this pharmacist. It was just that she was too young at that time and did not have any memories. Of course, maybe she found out later. So it was obvious that she did not come back to help the Killing Alliance deal with the Star Alliance. She wanted to destroy the Killing Alliance.”

“Destroy the Killing Alliance?”

Su Cha was deep in thought. “How did you deduce it?”

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“She did not partic.i.p.ate in all the operations of the Killing Alliance and restrained the operations of its members. She also personally killed many people in the Killing Alliance. If she did not succeed in destroying the Killing Alliance, the hatred in her heart would not be appeased. It’s just that the previous Alliance Master died too quickly. Moreover, I suspect that she was the one who’d killed him. Of course, I don’t have any evidence. The only thing that can be proved right now is that Lian Chi wants to kill her. He knows that Greya wants to destroy the Killing Alliance, so he wants to get rid of Greya and take her position himself. However, he can no longer do that now. If I hadn’t targeted him, his plan might have succeeded.”

“Yes. We know his whereabouts. He can’t escape.”

Hearing this result, Su Cha felt relieved.

Actually, this was a good result. There was no need to do anything. She had added bricks and tiles to Lian Chi’s death, but she would not kill him personally.

There was no better way to take revenge than to let him slowly suffer for the rest of his life.

In fact, at this point, she could not tell how much she hated Lian Chi. The only thing she knew was that she no longer had any kind feelings for him.

Why did it become like this?

Actually, she did not know.

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