The Queen of Everything

Gu Mu Shuang

Chapter 1037 - Taking Money

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Chapter 1037: Taking Money

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“Father, why were they here?”

After they left, Su Cha looked at Zong Yanxiu.

Zong Yanxiu looked a little embarra.s.sed. He obviously did not expect Su Cha to come back directly. He said, “Aren’t you very busy recently?”

“Can’t I come back for a brief visit?”

Su Cha sighed. “If I hadn’t come back today, how would I have found out about this? Tell me, why were they here?”

Zong Yanxiu knew Su Cha’s personality. She was already on the verge of getting angry, so he told her the reason honestly.

As Su Cha had expected, Su Mingzhe did not come here for anything good.

Zong Yanxiu had some resentment towards Su Mingzhe because Su Cha did not receive good care from him as Zong Yanxiu had expected.

However, he was unconscious at that time. His father had only told him some things, so he did not know much.

After learning that Su Cha did not have a good impression of Su Mingzhe, he did not contact his old friend.

Su Cha was now famous. It was impossible for Su Mingzhe not to know it. Zong Yanxiu was satisfied that he had not appeared, and so he did nothing to Su Mingzhe.

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Unexpectedly, something happened to Su Mingzhe.

He knew that Su Cha had acknowledged the Zong family, so Zong Yanxiu must have woken up.

He knew Zong Yanxiu’s temper. He also found out that Su Cha had been filming recently and was not in the Imperial Capital, so he brought Gu Yanfang to the Imperial Capital to look for Zong Yanxiu.

He had seen him. Zong Yanxiu did not want to bother with him, but they were friends after all. Su Mingzhe was old and crying. Zong Yanxiu could not stand it. Gu Yanfang took the opportunity to tell him about how Su Cha had been many years ago. At least Su Cha had grown up safely.

It was because of this that Zong Yanxiu’s heart softened.

Su Mingzhe stayed in the Imperial Capital for a while. Zong Yanxiu only agreed to give him a sum of money after he promised that he would not hinder Su Cha in the future.

But he did not pay all of it. He only paid half of the compensation. He had to put pressure on Su Mingzhe and not let him have nothing to worry about.

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