The Phoenix Arises


Chapter 23.1

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Chapter 120: Difference of Trust There was a sound, but it wasn't just the dull sound of flesh hitting flesh. Instead, it sounded like water.

Chanyul's jaw dropped.


It was out of his expectations. He had been prepared since Double posed the risk of taking great damage.


The kick struck him wasn't just a strike.

[Flawless Cut (Lv.21)]

That option allowed Dohyuk to make his kick more like a slice. He had not digested an item in search of this option after he arrived at Busan, but after his repeated digestion of many blades, the option that was most common in all bladed weapons increased constantly.

Chanyul's flesh was cut open and blood poured out.

And it wasn't over.

From Chanyul's right, Dohyuk's other leg came down onto the arm, not like a kick, but more of a grab. Dohyuk grasped Chanyul and pulled his arm down. Chanyul was pulled down, and with that, the Dohyuk on the left used the slice kick again.

It was critical. Starting from the nose, the attack reached Chanyul's right eye.


Pain and frustration twisted Chanyul as he swung aimlessly with his left fist. Left Dohyuk barely dodged it, but it made him fall onto the ground instead. Then Chanyul used all his might to swing his right arm that the other Dohyuk was holding onto. Right Dohyuk then was thrown away. As Chanyul freed his right arm, he immediately swung his chakram down at left Dohyuk.

But the left Dohyuk didn't even try to dodge. Instead, he spoke.

“You don't…”

Before he finished, he disappeared.

“…learn, do you?”

The voice came from behind, which was Chanyul's right, just up until a moment ago. Chanyul turned while swinging his chakram, but he was too late. He no longer had his right eye to see Dohyuk while he turned to the right. On the blind side, he just felt coldness.

The blade, or Dohyuk's foot, sliced his neck open.

Chanyul clutched his neck, his blood pouring like a fountain.


The blood did not stop. The cut was severe enough to kill any normal man instantly, but his thousands of stats should allow him to withstand it. But it didn't work either.

[Bleed (Lv.19)]

It was similar to [Flawless Cut], and a very common option in bladed weapons.

With 19 levels, the option that wasn't very useful worked perfectly on an enemy with thousands of stats.

“B-b.a.s.t.a.r.d… what trick…”

Was it the blood loss? Or frustration? Chanyul's voice shook. Through his functioning left eye, he looked at Dohyuk who was standing at a distance.

He was panting with a bit of a pale face that was full of sweat, but that was it.

“…Is it not coming?” he smiled. “The blood loss is a bit much.”

It was as he said. Along with the blood, Chanyul was losing power at an incredible speed. He was also losing blood from his other wounds. He needed to move now.

< G.o.d:="" ba'dense="" is="" disappointed="" by="" you.="">>

< G.o.d:="" ba'dense="" is="" disappointed="" by="" you.="">>

< G.o.d:="" ba'dense="" is="" disappointed="" by="" you.="">>

Not only that, he could hear Ba'dense's angry voice in his ears. But then… he couldn't imagine himself succeeding in defeating Dohyuk even if he had higher stats.

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‘No… I have… better…'

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