The Mightiest Little Peasant

Watermelonian - 西瓜星人

Chapter 881 - Another Treasure Light

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Chapter 881: Another Treasure Light

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The air rippled in the Kunlun underground palace.

A figure walked out. It was Tang Hao.

He took off his wig and rubbed his face, restoring his original appearance. Then, he took off his clothes, changed into a shirt and jeans, and he was once again a modern man.

“Hey! You’re back!”

Tian Xuanzi came out from the corner.

Tang Hao grunted a reply, took out a bag, and threw it at him.

“What’s this?”

Tian Xuanzi opened it and saw a few jade pieces inside.

“It’s a pill-making scripture. I got it from the Void Realm,” Tang Hao said.

Tian Xuanzi’s eyes lit up. “It’s a treasure!”

Then, he looked at Tang Hao. “Where did you get so many shards? Didn’t you already exchange for a technique last time? That was a good one.”

“Oh, I managed to trick a lot of people, and the loot was enough for me to exchange for another book,” Tang Hao said.

Tian Xuanzi rolled his eyes. “I knew it. You’re a natural trickster, but… I like it. Keep up the good work.”

He chuckled obscenely.

Then, he floated over and stared at Tang Hao with sparkling eyes. He rubbed his hands and said, “What did you bring this time? Quickly show me!”

Tang Hao rolled his eyes at him and started retrieving things from his pocket dimension. The boxes and chests piled into a small hill.

“Wow! That’s the jackpot!”

Tian Xuanzi pounced and rolled on the small hill. He was so happy that he could faint.

Tang Hao was speechless. He turned around and prepared to leave.

“Hey! Don’t go just yet, kid. I have something for you,” Tian Xuanzi stopped him.

Then, he threw something over.

Tang Hao took it and looked carefully. It was a thin and transparent mask that felt like rubber.

“What’s this?”

“This is a good thing. It’s called a faceless mask. You can change your appearance and qi aura with it. No one would be able to see through it unless they know the True Sight technique.

“Didn’t you say that you were worried about being discovered? I made this for you. Kunlun might not be good at other things, but we’re master Artifact crafters,” Tian Xuanzi said smugly.

“This is amazing!” Tang Hao blurted.

“Isn’t that so! It’s perfect for tricking people!”

“Thank you!”

“Heh! Don’t be a stranger. You don’t have to thank me, just put that thing to good use and trick more people!”

After leaving Kunlun, Tang Hao boarded the military plane and returned to the Capital.

Then, he flew back to Provincial City.

Tang Hao’s time was fully occupied every time he went back to Earth. He could not stay for too long, and he had too many things to deal with.

He had to go to the university and the company. He also had to accompany Qin Xiangyi and keep in contact with Zhao Qingxue and the others. He was almost always doing something in the eight days he was back on Earth.

After he was done, Tang Hao returned to Kunlun. He took the medicine that the Taoist masters had sent over and returned to the other side.

“You’re finally back, Brother Tang! Have you heard about the news?” Zhao Liu greeted him when he saw him.

“What happened?”

Tang Hao was stunned.

“You don’t know?” Zhao Liu said in surprise, “It’s quite big news, and I thought you knew about it. It’s another treasure light. A huge beam shot up right after dawn…

“When I opened the door of the store, I saw another beam of treasure light in the distant sky. It wasn’t as exaggerated as the previous beam, but it was almost the same.”

Tang Hao’s expression changed when he heard that.

The previous beam was his trick.

“Oh, treasure light? Some great treasure must have resurfaced!” Tang Hao coughed lightly and said.

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“Well… it’s hard to say. Everyone is wondering if it’s another one of Bro’s tricks again. They’ve become wary after they were tricked the last time.”

Knowing that Bro was not behind the treasure light, they were once again excited.

Tang Hao remembered some of those people. He had sold medicine to them the last time.

After drinking a few jars of liquor, those people set off into the mountains.

Tang Hao also drank some before he set off. He blended amid the crowd and went into the mountains.

He had already put on the faceless mask and changed his appearance and qi aura.

After running for a while, he suddenly stopped.

“There are too many people. It’s not easy to s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure! What if I can’t s.n.a.t.c.h it? Wouldn’t that make this a wasted trip? That won’t do. I’ll have to make sure that I’m at least compensated for my effort.”

Tang Hao rubbed his chin and pondered.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he chuckled.

He put on black clothes, took out a big club, and hid himself.

After a while, someone came closer.

“I’m coming, treasure!”

A burly man rushed over with an excited expression.

His eyes were sparkling as he looked into the depths of the mountain as if a naked woman was waiting for him there.

In his mind, he was already fantasizing about his life after obtaining the treasure. He would become an invincible master and marry a rich and beautiful woman.

Suddenly, he felt a gust of wind from behind his head.

Thud! The world started spinning.

His eyes glazed over and he fell straight down.

Tang Hao searched him and took out a bag of holding.

“d.a.m.n! Only a few thousand crystals? You’re too poor. Fine, I’ll leave ten crystals, so you still have some money to buy a drink!”

Tang Hao mumbled disdainfully. He took out everything, then placed ten crystals in front of him.

He stood up, dusted his hands, picked up the club, and walked away coolly.

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