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Chapter 880 - Awakening Period

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Chapter 880: Awakening Period

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In the room, Tang Hao opened his eyes.

His expression was gloomy. He could still feel anger surging in his chest.

He could not swallow the anger no matter how hard he tried.

However, his opponents consisted of almost everyone in the entire Ninth Region. That was like fighting against the world. It was too difficult.

He sat quietly for a long time, but he could not calm himself down.

He would not be himself if he did not take revenge. He would try it, no matter how hard it might be.

“My cultivation base isn’t enough…”

Tang Hao thought and mumbled to himself.

The limit of the Void Realm’s first level was the peak period of the State of Foundation Establishment. Actually, there was a way around it, which was the awakening period.

That was the transitionary period between the peak of Foundation Establishment to Golden Core.

Not everyone had the transitionary period. Most cultivators would try to break through to the State of the Golden Core directly. However, some talented cultivators would try to unseal the chakras in their bodies to accommodate more qi.

At the same time, unsealing different chakras had different benefits that would increase a cultivator’s strength.

By channeling one’s qi through one’s chakras, the golden qi core formed would be stronger than other cultivators.

By unsealing one’s chakras, one could grow stronger in the first level.

Furthermore, that period was special. As long as one advanced to the State of the Golden Core, their powers would be diminished to the peak period in the first level no matter how many chakras they had unsealed.

That was why some Golden Core and Nascent Soul cultivators were no match for awakening period cultivators in the first level.

However, most cultivators in that period would cultivate hard in real life instead of going into the Void Realm. They were a rare sight.

Tang Hao did not know about unsealing chakras at first. He only heard about it after arriving in that world.

During his killing rampage earlier, he had sensed someone with a qi aura far greater than one in the peak period. That was his first encounter with awakening period cultivators.

Only the best of prodigies would be able to unseal three chakras.

One could be considered a monster if they unsealed six chakras.

One would be peerless if they could unseal all nine chakras.

Tang Hao’s goal was to unseal six or seven chakras. That way, he would be able to take his revenge in the Void Realm.

After pondering for a long time, he heaved a sigh of relief and temporarily put the matter aside.

Following that, he took out a slice of jade and carved on it the pill-making book that he had obtained.

It was called the Scripture of the Nine Cauldrons, and it came from an ancient pill-making sect called the Nine-Cauldrons Sect. It was very detailed, with chapters on the herbs used, the techniques employed, and many recipes.

After copying it, Tang Hao browsed through it once.

“Not bad, this is worth the shards!”

Tang Hao nodded to himself.

When he earned more shards in the future, he would exchange them for the other scriptures.

After making a few more copies, Tang Hao carefully read it.

There were pill-making techniques in his Kunlun heritage, and Tang Hao had studied them thoroughly. He could not say that either book was better, only that each had its own merits.

The recipes in the Kunlun heritage were more ancient, while the Nine Cauldrons heritage had more innovative recipes.

Furthermore, there were also many novel techniques that Tang Hao could learn from.

From the scripture, Tang Hao gained a deeper understanding of the pill-making arts of this world.

Before he knew it, the sky had turned dark.

Tang Hao stood up and made a trip to the city.

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Ritian Pavilion was located in the best part of the downtown area. It was seven stories tall and looked magnificent. One could spot it anywhere in Nanping City.

He had swallowed more than ten pills, but there was still no movement.

Tang Hao swallowed a few more. Finally, he could feel the barriers of the chakra loosen.

He swallowed a few more pills in one go and continued to attack the barrier.

The barrier continued to crumble, and finally, it was broken.

A beam of light suddenly burst out brilliantly from the Shenque chakra on Tang Hao’s abdomen.

In his body, the s.p.a.ce in his diaphragm doubled in size, and the qi in his body surged to fill it.

‘It worked!’

Tang Hao was overjoyed.

He opened his eyes and was stunned when he saw the beam of light on his abdomen.

“d.a.m.n! This is too pretentious!” He muttered.

The light was so dazzling it felt as though he had installed a spotlight on his body. It looked like it said, “Hey! I’ve unsealed a chakra!”

It was cool, but it would attract too much unwanted attention.

If he unsealed a few more chakras, his entire body would be shining, and that would be very cool.

“I have to be low-profile! I’d suffer from divine retribution if I show off too much!” Tang Hao muttered softly.

He experimented for a while and managed to turn the light off. Then, he swallowed all the remaining pills, turned them into qi, and stored them in the chakra.

If he could fill up the chakra, he would have double the qi of a cultivator with the same cultivation base.

In the next few days, Tang Hao continued to collect qi cores and unsealed another chakra.

The first two chakras were not difficult to unseal as long as one had enough resources. The third one was the first real challenge.

Similarly, the fourth and fifth chakras were relatively simple, but the sixth chakra was extremely difficult.

That was why cultivators in the awakening period unsealed their chakras in multiples of three.

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