The Mightiest Little Peasant

Watermelonian - 西瓜星人

Chapter 1033 - Let's Go Fishing

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Chapter 1033: Let’s Go Fishing

The next week pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

Because of the monument, Divine Herbalist Valley’s reputation became more and more famous. Every day, there would be medicine farmers coming over to join them.

Divine Herbalist Valley could be considered to have established its footing. It was a big organization that all the forces in East End Nation recognized.

Under the management of w.a.n.g Er and the others, Divine Herbalist Valley continued to expand. They claimed more mountains to grow herbs.

Most of the pill-making clans in East End Nation had cooperated with Divine Herbalist Valley. They would directly purchase herbs from them.

Tang Hao was not involved in farming anymore. Apart from occasionally curing herbs, he would cultivate and comprehend cultivation techniques.

The epiphany tree in the magatama pocket world had long matured after using a lot of origin crystals.

However, it was all worth it.

The epiphany tree was an extremely rare treasure. The tree that belonged to Treasure Trove Mountain was the only one in the Ninth Continent.

The epiphany tree made it very easy to comprehend cultivation techniques. Tang Hao had exchanged for wood-type, water-type, metal-type, and wind-type techniques in the Void Realm, and he had comprehended two of them in twenty days. He could already gather wood and water-type nascent qi.

It was miraculous to comprehend one cultivation technique in ten days.

He absorbed all his income during that period and successfully gathered two streams of nascent qi of wood and water.

At this point, he had five streams of nascent qi.

“It’s still not enough…”

Tang Hao felt that it would not be enough even if he gathered two more streams of nascent qi of metal and wind. He had to overwhelm the other eternal monsters in terms of quant.i.ty.

In any case, he would gather as many streaks as he could. The more, the better.

He had a lot of money and the epiphany tree. It was not a problem.

“Won’t it be cool if I have ten or even twenty streaks? That’ll probably scare them away even before fighting!”

Just thinking about it made Tang Hao a little excited.

Then, he took out the voidstone and went into the Void Realm.

“Show yourself and fight, Nameless Qin!”

“Nameless Qin, I’m going to kill you and avenge G.o.ddess Feng!”

He could not help but be surprised when he heard people shouting as soon as he entered the town.

He looked around and saw a group of young men gathered at the plaza, yelling and cursing his name. They looked as if they had some deep hatred for Tang Hao.

The more they shouted, the more excited they became.

“Are you… looking for me?”

Tang Hao flashed an eerie grin.

There was not even a Path-Chosen among those people. In his eyes, they were only a bunch of trash.

In an instant, the yelling and cursing came to an abrupt stop.

The people were stunned. Then, their faces turned deathly pale, and their bodies began to tremble.


Why did the supervillain really come? They were only yelling for fun to show off their bravery.

“The… the supervillain is here!”

A young man screamed. His face was filled with fear.


Those people who were full of fighting spirit just a moment ago were all scared out of their wits and fled in panic.

Tang Hao sneered, rushed forward, and slapped them to death.

He went to the Void Realm to collect shards. Those people happened to be his first victims.

After killing the young men, he dashed in a straight line and killed all the people he saw. After that, he looted the shards.

“Oh my G.o.d! The supervillain is killing! Run!”

“We can’t stop him. Hurry up and inform the three other monsters!”

The town immediately fell into chaos.

The atmosphere of panic spread throughout the entire First Region.

Everyone was in a state of panic. They packed up their belongings and fled.

When the people in the taverns heard the news, they were so frightened that they jumped up from their seats and began to run.

All the people, young and old, were running for their lives.

They could not help but feel deeply aggrieved.

The dignified First Region, the strongest of the nineteen regions, had been turned into a mess by that young kid.

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“I’ll find that brat in the real world and kill him!” Many people cursed.

“Haha! That kid ran away!”

“Hah! How can you call him an eternal monster? He’s just a coward!”

Everyone laughed and mocked him when they saw that.

“All hail Young Master Jiang!”

Cheers came from all directions.

“Hmph! The next time I meet you, it’ll be your time to die!”

Tang Hao stood in front of the exit and sneered at Jiang Tianwu.

“Haha! How shameless!”

Everyone burst into laughter again.

“I’ll wait for you!”

Jiang Tianwu came close and stood in the air, towering above Tang Hao arrogantly.

His tone was full of confidence.

He might not be able to defeat the other two at the moment, but it was too easy to deal with that Void-Chosen from another region.

Tang Hao glanced at him coldly and stepped into the exit.

Returning to the real world, he began to cultivate.

This time, it only took him six days to comprehend the metal-type cultivation technique and gather nascent qi. Now, he had six streaks.

The next step was to reach seven streaks.

On that day, he sat under the epiphany tree and comprehended the wind-type technique when he suddenly heard the bell at the foot of the mountain ring.

When he went down the mountain, he saw w.a.n.g Er and the others.

What surprised him was that they were holding fishing rods in their hands.

“Hey! Valley Master, do you want to go fishing?”

“Aren’t you bored staying on the mountain all day? Let’s go fishing! We might get lucky!”

They waved at Tang Hao and shouted.


Tang Hao was surprised.

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