The Male Lead's Substitute Wife

只只不醉 - Zhǐ Zhǐ Bù Zuì

Chapter 355

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Chapter 355

At the beginning, Shen Xiuqi and Su Yaya got married by agreement. When they got married, they had already drawn up a divorce agreement, and now it's time to end things.

Shen Xiuqi went and took out the divorce agreement and asked Su Yaya to sign it.

But Su Yaya didn’t want to. She cried and screamed for him to not file for a divorce, and begged Shen Xiuqi for forgiveness. She promised that she would not do so again and would not find someone to tail and investigate him.

However, Shen Xiuqi was already extremely disappointed in her. It’s not like he didn’t give her a chance, he actually gave her many chances, but she didn’t cherish any of them. She even asked someone to follow and investigate him, she stepped on his bottom line, along with An Yutong’s incident, he really couldn’t live with her anymore.

He said softly: "Let's get a divorce."

Su Yaya shook her head and cried, "No, I don't want a divorce, I don't want a divorce!"

Shen Xiuqi looked at her quietly for a while, took out a pen and signed the divorce paper, before leaving the house.

Seeing Shen Xiuqi leave with no hint of hesitation, Su Yaya was so furious that she felt that something was up with Shen Xiuqi, so she continued to track and investigate Shen Xiuqi. This time, she found out about what had happened between Shen Xiuqi and An Yutong that night.

Su Yaya was furious. When she started to be by Shen Xiuqi’s side, she knew that Shen Xiuqi had an unforgettable ex lover who he once really really liked, and that person was An Yutong. When she saw pictures of An Yutong and Shen Xiuqi together as they talked and laughed, she immediately lost all her sanity and like a madman, she sent people over to mess up An Yutong’s life.

An Yutong got injured on the way to her audition. After Shen Xiuqi knew about this, he sent An Yutong to the hospital and arranged for her to be admitted into the best ward there.

When she knew about this, Su Yaya became even more angry, and again and again brought trouble to An Yutong’s life, making An Yutong feel both unlucky and wronged.

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Shen Xiuqi realized that something was wrong, so he asked someone to find out what was going on. His underlings quickly found out that Su Yaya was the one behind all this.

Su Yaya looked at his figure from the back as he left, she couldn't just let him off the hook that easily. She immediately asked someone to kidnap An Yutong.

The kidnapper, who kidnapped An Yutong, was not too clever, and was quickly discovered by Shen Xiuqi. The people he sent out did not even take much effort to rescue An Yutong.

An Yutong, who got kidnapped, was frightened. When she saw Shen Xiuqi, she cried and threw herself into his arms, her whole body trembled violently, as she said in a grieved and pitiful way: "Xiuqi, I'm so scared, I thought I could never see you ever again, wuwuwu…..."

Hearing An Yutong cry in such a sad manner, Shen Xiuqi’s brows furrowed.

This time, he won’t go easy on Su Yaya. He didn’t even bother to show up, he just sent some people to force Su Yaya to sign on the divorce agreement, then he kicked her out of the villa unapologetically and ordered her to leave the capital and never come back again, otherwise he’ll really show her his true colour.

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